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Hello, Dear friend. Your Plugin really does not work like on a demo. You did not answer to my first letter to you. Please answer and help with it to work strictly like on demo – i alrady gave you password – If you not answer again i will have to write a letter to codecanyon administration to get mo money back.

You did not wait for me to reply. I have responded to your previous comment.

Hello, friend. I made a video from screen of problem with plugin and big differences with Demo. That is a link to my video. https://yadi.sk/i/_dKsCwt23K2yxM

I’ve answered your other comment.

Hello, I have a presale question.

We need a solution to have a delivery and pick up date calendar shown only on the cart page. (need both – so the option for the customer to choose primarly on dates)

We rent out products and the prices are shown for 1-5 days. It is possible to get rental for more days, but then we need to give a message that the prices might change.

1. Can this plugin have one calendar for delivery and one calendar for pickup only shown on the cart page? 2. Is it possible to show a message if the customer choose more than five days in the rental period? 3. Is it possible to give the customer a possibliity to write a comment?

Thank you!


This functionality is not possible with this plugin.

Thanks, WPShowCase


amigamod Purchased


I have a big problem with your plugin, I set up a product group option which is delivery method with 2 values (download = value = 0 OR physical = value = 20 Euros). Physical is the default value and I set this group options for all the products of my store. I also set the option to be mandatory.

When I get to a product page, it automatically adds the Physical value with the 20 additionnal euros is costs. But when I add the item to the cart, it does not att the 20 Euros ! it just adds the basic price of the item without the Physical delivery option of 20 Euros. If I choose no default option value but keep the group option as mandatory when I add the product to the cart, I don’t have any error message asking for at least one delivery method value (Download or Physical shipment).

Any help would be greatly appreciated as for the moment I can’t sell products due to this problem. THanks for your support ASAP.

Please update to the latest version.

Does this plugin allow for digital download urls to be added per option?

That is not a feature of this plugin.


simonehow Purchased

Hi, I can’t get the options chosen to be added in the product totals in the cart – what are some things I might be doing wrong. Thanks

Unfortunately you do not have support for this plugin.

i want demo copy of plugin befor purchasing can you provide so if it is usefull for me then i can buy.

Unfortunately there is currently no demo copy of this plugin.


starfox221 Purchased

I’ve bought this before but may need to buy support again…

1) I am using this for a ticketing website. We need to be able to set the product fees (convenience fees) per product variation. So one ticket will cost $5.00 base and we want to add either a fixed fee to just that ticket or a percentage based fee to just that ticket.

2)This fee would show up on the checkout page once they select their ticket and would be calculated in final total

3) I need to be able to export a report detailing all fees per selected products.

Can this do this?

It’s not possible to add product options to variations.