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I’m having problems with the plugin. When using checkboxes, if an option that is not the default is selected before unchecking the default, the option does not come through in the cart and the order.

Please try updating to the latest version of the plugin which is version 4.140.

Hi. I purchased this plugin (from an old account a while back) and I have now had a problem appear. I had options for a lot of products set up, then I was trying to position the options in the best place, I tried using the 1-70 setting, but it made all the options, on all my products disappear and I cannot get them back.

I have tried setting that 1-170 back to 0, 1, 2, 3, etc but nothing seems to work. Even setting the display option in the individual settings doesn’t work

Please advise!

Unfortunately support requests should be made from the account that purchased the plugin.


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Please help me understand how to use this addon to add text fields to products in woocommerce. I have Visual Composer installed on my site, but I don’t see how to use that to add the options as you describe in your documentation.

If you would like to use Visual Composer to edit products, you should also buy Visual Composer WooCommerce Add-On: https://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-woocommerce-addon/19045163

I managed to get back my old account.

I had options for a lot of products set up, then I was trying to position the options in the best place, I tried using the 1-70 setting, but it made all the options, on all my products disappear and I cannot get them back.

I have tried setting that 1-170 back to 0, 1, 2, 3, etc but nothing seems to work. Even setting the display option in the individual settings doesn’t work

aaa526da-81f4-4701-9aa4-bbbae6beb0ff licence

Please advise!

Unfortunately you did not purchase the plugin in the last 6 months so you do not have support.


I am using Divi theme and I would like to put the options on the shop page with an add to cart button whereas you do not need to go to the product page to add to cart.

I can’t guarantee compatibility with third party themes and plugins but I’ll have a look if you send wp-admin, ftp login details and a link to a product with options using the contact form on my profile page.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Your comment has been deleted because it contained login details.

The product page that you linked to contains a variable product but no product options.

I’ve updated to the most recent version of the plugin and all my options have disappeared & I can’t seem to get them back! Please help.

Unfortunately you do not have support for this plugin.


I cannot add the variable size and flavour to my shop page with an add to cart button so i have tried all I can see, the tutorials are not clear and there is no in-depth video on this plugin. Please, i need a refund.

I have changed the variations into options for the product that you emailed me. This plugin does not seem to be compatible with your theme. You did not send ftp details so I am unable to see if I can make this plugin compatible with your theme. Please use the contact form on this page https://codecanyon.net/user/wpshowcase/ to send login details.


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Hello, I’ve installed the plugin in my webshop, and it looks nice. But there are some things that don’t seem to work on my installation: Whenever I click on the text of an item other then the first, the checkbox of the option on the first item is selected. You can check the working on my site http://order.pizzaiololuigi.nl


Buda2bala Purchased

That sound’s great! I’ll be waiting for it. thanks!

If you send a message using the contact form on my profile page, I’ll email you the updated plugin.

Or you can now download it from your downloads page :-).


I have answered your other comment.

I also see my refund request has been removed, please can you just refund me as it is not working on my theme. The South African consumer act has a very clear law that anything sold in South Africa and you are not happy with it or it is not working the way it is supposed to maybe refunded in that first week. I asked you for a refund the very next day after purchasing this plugin due to it not working for me. I gave you the full permission to enter the back end of my WordPress admin to see if you could find the problem, You could have seen to any problems that are not making the plugin work. Now you ask for an FTP login in which I do not know what login this is. Please, i ask for a refund I am a one-man developer and $20 dollars means a lot to me, unlike a huge company which is just losing the sale, not a physical product that affects their stockholding. Losing a sale and giving me the refund can bring me back to buy, on the other hand battling for the refund or not getting the refund you will loose me forever.

I have no plans to award you a refund.

Thank you very much for that answer but you have lost a customer forever.

Have a nice day :-).

Hello I installed the plugin and everything worked until I got to the cart page. Once I clicked the cart page I got a white screen. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance

Thank you :-). You can also give the plugin a 5* rating on your downloads page if you like.


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Hello there,

The plugin works for my cases now, some minor things are still in there, but I will send you an personal email about those things after I’m fully done testing. Thanks for the fast and great support so far!!

Great. I look forward to your email. (Please either use the contact form on my profile page or include your username in the email if you send it to info@wpshowcase.net).


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Hi I’ve been using this plug in without any issues until today, when I’ve noticed that any product options created for a product are no longer carried over if that product is duplicated. I have so many products that have almost 50 colour variations, and it’s been a breeze as I only had to keep duplicating. Now it seems I have to add these colours every time I duplicate a product. Any idea why this should suddenly change? Thanks Chris

What precisely do you mean?


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above, you said you would have a look and update the plugin. then you asked me to contact you using your contact form, but I’ve had no response to that

The plugin will be updated. I usually make updates available within 24 hours but it will take longer in this case.

Hello I have a presale question about the plugin. I need a plugin for the webshop. The client want an option like this link: https://www.i-kozijn.nl/offerte-aanvragen/kunststof-kozijnen#

About the option. If the client select an option they will be changed on the same picture. Our client sales ceilings. He want let the client select the color of profiles, the type plate and the lights. But every select must change on the same picture. Is this available on this plugin?

This is not possible at the moment with this plugin.


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Hello! I just purchased your plugin and realized it does not support stock management. I want to add an option that takes 50€ off the price of the item chosen but is only available for 4 persons, how can I do that? Thank you! Ambre

Hi Ambre, You can add the price of the option as -50. I’ll add stock management to the plugin and let you know when it has been added. Thanks, WPShowCase