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Does this module allow to add gift option? also do you have demo fro gift option front office demo ? product with additional gift product for free?

At the bottom of http://www.wpshowcase.net/product/ring/, there is an option called “Gift card options will be shown when you check this box”.

I just bought this plugin and added it my new theme and I have a problem where the correct price only shows after I refresh my browser.

My product has options through a drop down adding an increased price each time

When I add items to the cart, it only does it through the base price until I refresh my browser.

Please send a link to a product, wp-admin and ftp login details using the contact form on my profile page.

Hello, I would like to know if there is any option to adjust the size of the images attributes. I’ve been looking at the screenshots and the documentation and I have not found information about it.

The product has a page not found error.


We want to know if there are possibilities to enlarge the images or zoom in on them

You can enlarge the image options using CSS. It is not possible to zoom in on them.


I want to purchase this plugin but i have some queries regarding my requirement.

I want to get different dropdown option for selecting different item with different price on product detail page. I need 5 dropdown option & each should have multiple item with respective price.

For Example:

First Dropdown: 37 item with respective price. Second Dropdown: 15 item with respective price. Third Dropdown: 8 item with respective price. Fourth Dropdown: 12 item with respective price. Fifth Dropdown: 20 item with respective price.

Please tell me, will this plugin fulfill my requirement.

I’m waiting for your reply. Hope to here from you soon.

Thank You Kamlesh

Hi Kamlesh,

Please have a look at the demo (http://wpshowcase.net/product/ring) to see how the plugin works.

Thanks, WPShowCase


I’m wondering if it is possible to manage the options through the attributes or if the plugin is totally independent from this Woocommerce feature?

Thanks for answering, have a nice day. Philippe

Hi Philippe,

It’s not possible to manage the options through the attributes.

Have a nice day too.

Thanks, WPShowCase


Philos41 Purchased

Thanks for the reply. Regards, Philippe


I try to make Group Option but I don’t understand how to display it on the product I want.

For example, I would like to display the group option only on product page of category “tokaido” and category “kimonos-karate”. I try to do it with “products satisfying this query” but it doesn’t work. I try lot of different query like :

post_type=product&category_name=tokaido&category_name=kimonos-karate Or post_type=product&category_name=tokaido&category_name=kimonos-karate&query_type_marque=and

I am not an expert and I think that it made mistake but I don’t understand where.

Could you help me please.

My website is https://karate-gi.fr/

Thanking you

Best regards

You can select multiple categories holding down the ctrl or shift key when you select a category.

Ok but it does not work as I would like. I explain myself : if I select 2 categories, the option is affected to the two category in full. But I do not want that; I want that the option appears only on products wich are in the 2 categories. If one product is in a category but not in the other, I do not want that the option appear. Thanking you

I don’t know of a query that searches for products that are in one category and in another category.

amazing plugin. but i try to add new field in properties . but when i add new product i did not see that in product view https://imgur.com/a/6EJH44f

Support requests should be made from the account that purchased the plugin.

Hi. I’ve been using this plugin very successfully for years. I use a checkbox to add a frame and additional cost to a piece of artwork. Up until very recently (not sure when it stopped working but we had a successfully placed order with a frame placed yesterday), the additional $150 would be added immediately to the product cost and also be reflected in the cart. Now the add’l amount is not added. I’ve put the site in maintenance mode, but I can send you my login credentials and license code through a secure channel so you can the problem. We’re about to do a Mother’s Day promo so it’s critical I get the function working again.

Please send wp-admin and ftp login details using the contact form on my profile page.

Trying to upgrade plugin and getting this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WooCommerce_Product_Options in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/yyyyyyyy.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-options/woocommerce-product-options.php on line 33

That is not correct. I deactivated then deleted the old version. When I upload and activate this new version I get this:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

I purchased a new support package. How can I get you to look at this and help me solve it?

Please send wp-admin and ftp login details using the contact form on my profile page.

Thank you for your message with the login details. The plugin was successfully activated on the plugins page.

PRESALE QUESTIONS: Hi there, hope you are doing well. I noticed on the demo that the price calculates at the bottom of the options, which is great, however…

1 – I was wondering if the base price can show above everything, where WooCommerce would have the base price by default.

2 – The titles that show on the demo ‘Gem Color ($100.00)’, ‘Diamond Weight ($250.00)’ etc. are these optional to show/hide?

Thank you kindly for your time

1. You could use this plugin with Page Builder and Page Builder WooCommerce Add-On if you would like to move the location of the price on the page.

2. You could hide these titles by adding this CSS to your theme:
.product-option-title {

Hello. I bought your plugin, but I thought we could create a predefined form for the user who created the products. My goal is to allow him to offer additional options to a product. Your plugin implies that he must choose which field to use … This does not really correspond to my expectations. Hard to get an opinion without a demo admin access.

Site administrators can add additional options to products on the Edit Product page.

But i wanted to create a predefined form (like ACF) where the administrator can complete the following in the administration, for a specific displaying

This is not mentioned as a feature in the plugin description.

Dear Sir or Madame,

we purchased the plugin almost a year ago and paid you to add some custom functionality to it (weight and measures updates on option changes). After some we found a problem that prevented us from working with this plugin, namely the conditional logic does not get reset if you select a drop down option list to “Select an Option”. We have reported this issue many times and you promised more than a half a year ago to solve this, without any result. Now we noticed that the weight and the size of the product in the “Additional Information” Tag on the product page does not get updated when the user selects an option with a different size or weight. So now we have already two issues that are critical, could you please investigate that ?

Will be waiting for a quick reply !

Best Regards

Daniil Safarenko

Please email plugins@wpshowcase.net about custom functionality.

That’s not custom functionality ! That was working in earlier versions of your product and does not work any more, thats bug fixing !

The item comments provide support for the plugin rather than for custom development.

We are having a problem with pricing when a similar item is selected, but has different options applied the pricing for both objects is changed to the price of the second object added to the cart.

Our support subscription has been renewed, can you please address this question. Thank you in advance.

Please send a link to a product with ftp and wp-admin login details using the contact form on my profile page.

We sent you the information via your contact form.

Hi, is there a shortcode to ‘force showing the google map’ for delivery?

There is no such shortcode.

Hi! I have a pre sale question.

Is your Plugin capable of doing these variations (The Engraving Section):


Please check link for reference.


It’s not possible to add tabs with this plugin.

Hello Support,

We used this plugin in our store, we have multiple chocolates and their flavours.

Our purpose to use this plugins is filter the products option (chocolates) based on their flavours but somehow it is not working.

Can you please guide us/help us here.

Here is the link for reference: http://cocoon.ictstaging.com/lohman/product/stel-je-eigen-doosje-samen/

Could you explain what you mean by “filter the product options”?

Please find the screenshot: https://prnt.sc/jgutgv It may be more helpful to you. Actually, we need something like user can able to filter the flavours based on the selected chocolates. Thanks in advance.

This type of filter is not a feature of this plugin at the moment.


Ccoyle60 Purchased

Hello! Is there an instruction sheet for adding products etc? I’ve purchased and I’m lost.

There is documentation available if you download “All files & documentation” and unzip the downloaded file.

I want to use this plugin for a jewellery store. I have two requirements 1. The variations are the Gold Quality (18|22|24 carat). Can the price of these be set globally and only the weight is entered on the product and the price is calculated based on the weight and Gold Quality combination. 2. I don’t want to set the price via going inside each product. Just a place where i can update all the Gold Quality (18|22|24 carat) prices and they are reflected. 3. The 2nd requirement is the making charge. In addition to weight & gold quality combination price i want to add this price compulsorily.I want this as a compulsory charge and will differ for all products.

Unfortunately this is not possible with this plugin.

Is it possible to get this plugin for trial so we can test it. And if we feel it’s ok then we can buy. Trail for 3-4 days is fine.

Hi, Great plugin. Works sometimes

I have it set up for a pizza shop, have all the rules set, etcc. Sometimes it works for a delivery (per KM distance) sometimes it does not, and now the shop is asking me to refund them lots of money for non-charged delivery fees per your plugin failure. Can you help?

Works only part-time. does not charge proper delivery rates, unstable plugin