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Hello, Thanks for this great Plugin :)

How to make this if is it posible:

Now the code on cart page is:

Option 1, Option2, Option3, ...

Can i make it like this:

Option 1

I’ve replied to your email with the php.

You don’t understand me.

I send you our product-options-in-cart.php file. on mail

On line 148 you have this code

$list = $list . ‘
’ . $product_option ‘options’ [ ‘label’ ];

We want to add price after option:

Please send me the finished file or just code how to add it here.

P.S This will be a great new feature for your plugin to you can in option On / Off this on Cart page.

I have not received your email. Please send it again including your codecanyon username in the email.

Hello. Where’s the option on radio image for max and min selection?

I’m waiting…

Let me explain what I need. I am creating a virtual store that will sell basket of organic products. Each basket will come with 7 products selected by default, with option to exchange up to 3 products from the original basket. I used the radio image system of the plugin, where I put 10 options. Of these 10, only 7 can be selected. I need your plugin to allow the user to select only the maximum of 7 options from the 10 available.

If you email info@wpshowcase.net (including your codecanyon username in the email) then you can receive the update immediately otherwise please wait a few days for the official update.

Hi, there’s an error after updating woocommerce 2.6.9.. for new products added, even they have no product options at all it showed “There are errors in your options, please correct them before purchasing this product.” and the customers cannot added the item to cart.

Thank you for your message. You have hidden product option groups which are causing this error.

Sorry but I checked there’s no product option groups at all (woocommerce > products options group) and I swear I didn’t create any too. I changed the URL to the “traditional php query format and didn’t see it displayed anything regarding product option group too. So could you kindly advise either: 1. How can I check if there’s a “hidden” product option group and how to pull out the products from it, if it does exist? 2. Are you ok to log into my website to check for it? If so I can temporarily give you the password for this purpose, if so can I share the info to you by email? Sorry to disturb you again but we are quite anxious about it since it’s the peak season of the year…thank you

The first product that you sent the url of in your message has been deleted!

1. It’s possible to hide the product option groups using CSS or javascript.

2. Please email info@wpshowcase.net with ftp and wp-admin details including your codecanyon username in the email.

Hi there,

I have a pre order question i would like to ask: I want to add multiple upgrades to my product. Let say my product is sold as core and then you have upgrade 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 etc. Is it possible to have individual selection of the upgrades with your plugin? Let say I wish upgrade 1,4,5,7 only? Is there a max of upgrades I can add-on with this plugin or is the container elastic?

Last question, how to the plugin works with theme styles? Will the plugin work well with the overal theme style? I tried several similar free/lite plugins but they seem to brake the style of the product page that has been customized by my theme.

looking forward to your reply.

regards Tomasz

Hi Tomasz,

Here is the new plugin demo with Avada theme http://productoptions.wpshowcase.net/shop and here is the old plugin demo with StoreFront theme http://www.wpshowcase.net/product/ring/. I think the plugin works well with both themes.

You could add a checkbox for each upgrade and the customer could just select the upgrade checkboxes that (s)he needs.

Thanks, WPShowCase

Thx for your reply, i just wonder about one thing more, how will this look in my theme, cause the functions I want for sure, but the the style of the demo doenst match my current theme style. Will your style overrule or will it inherit my theme style?.

It will inherit your theme style.

Hi there, May I know how can I make the options work in grid products the [SHOP] (the front) page? I use image options and customers can choose them. But when add to cart, the cart contain only the main item but the options and their prices were not added (see the “wooden box”) product in below link: https://giftand.co

You have created a popup which is not part of the plugin – this is why it is not working.

The wp-admin details you sent by email did not work and I did not receive any ftp details.


cvroger Purchased

Thanks for following up again. I’m sending you the info by email again. If it’s the pop up issue (from the theme I guess) I’m glad to send you a small fee for helping thru’ since it’s something beyond the plugin itself. Thanks again.


Chargin Purchased

Hi, Im having major problems with this plugin, Im using the latest version of the plugin and wordpress and the edit product page is behaving very strangely. Ive pasted a screenshot below of how your plugin looks, all the options are in a vertical row, none of them can be dragged and dropped, theres not even the box showing to drag them into. The product description area doesnt show its text, its all white, I can highlight it to show it. None of the buttons on the edit product page work either, the “screen options” link for example, click it and nothing happens.

Theme is 2015, wp is current as of today 4.7 I think, woocommerce is also current, 2.69. I have 2 other plugins, woocommerce and woocommerce-paypal.


Thanks – I’ve replied to your email :-).


Chargin Purchased

Thanks it appears to be fixed now.

Great – I’ll upload that version to CodeCanyon.

Just installed on my Wordpress 4.7 and Woo ver 2.6.9
When I go to “Edit Product Option Group” section,got this Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpshowcase_select() in wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-product-options\includes\product-admin.php on line 537
Could you please take a look and get back to me ASAP?
Thank you

I’ve tested with a simple product and sent the updated plugin to your support email address.

Thank you buddy.It seem works fine now :)

Great :-).

Hello, I’m very interested by your plugin

Does he allow to add fixed amout by quantity ?

For example :

an extra option +1€ for quantity 1 If quantity = 100, the option need to be +100€ ?

It is possible ? thanks

Yes – this is possible with this plugin :-).


ozwds Purchased

Thank to your good work. The plugin works well. However, please help with the 3 things below:

1. How can I show radio button before the option name?

2. Can I show product price like standard $10, small ”$9” instead of “-1”

3. In “Product Option Settings”, I tick the box “Change the link on the shop/category/search “add to cart” button to link to the product instead of adding the item to the cart. ” to show as “Choose a Size to Buy” but this change only shows on one product, not the others? See http://www.uvw.com.au/shop/product-category/flowers-by-occation/all-occasions/.



ozwds Purchased

Hi, I spotted a new issue, please help.

When an item is set to sale, it doesn’t show the original price with a line crossed it out, but shows the sale price only? See http://www.uvw.com.au/shop/flowers/life-is-beautiful/.

How do fix this, so it will show the original price as well?

If you are in a hurry, please send info@wpshowcase.net an email (including your codecanyon username in the email) so that I can send you the updated plugin.


ozwds Purchased

Email sent. Please check.

Thank you again for the great support


I’d like the outlay when selecting an image to be green instead of red. Red indicates that something is “bad” or “not wanted”, “not chosen” .. I’d like it to be green instead.

How can I do this? Emil


You could add this CSS: .radio-image-label.selected-radio-image img.radio-image-image, .radio-image-label.selected-radio-image img.radio-image-image:hover { border-color: green !important; }

You can do add this by going to the settings which are located in WooCommerce > Product Option Settings, adding the CSS in the CSS box and then saving the settings.

Thanks, WPShowCase


alphagc Purchased

Hello I have an issue with the upload image field, is it a way to clear the attached image bye the customer and return to the default image? Thanks!

I’ll add this feature if you could give this plugin a 5* rating :-).


alphagc Purchased

Well I definitely do it if you add the feature and also change the way it shows on the cart, it shows “option #” and not the itemized option description, eg. t-shirt size L. :-)

The plugin only shows “option #” when an option does not have a title or label.

hello, i have a html boton with link this link:


the parameters in url are option of this plugin.

I want that it add via ajax to the cart. is possible do it with your plugin?


You do not have support for this plugin.

We need to have every item listed as it’s own line item. Is there a way to achieve this using this plugin? Thanks!

I don’t think it would be useful to other buyers to separate options into line items in the cart.

I beg to differ, but for now I would like you to address why the “Show Price In Cart” feature isn’t working for my site.

The demo with the link that I sent you has the latest version of the plugin. If you like, please send wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email and I’ll have a look.

I don’t think this plugin is going to meet my needs. I need a select menu that once a selection is made other options appear based on the specific sub option that was selected. As best I can tell the only conditional logic you have in here is that after an option is selected another option will show but this is based on making any selection from the dropdown and is not based on the suboption that is selected.

Basically what I want is an option that has three photo print types (print type1, print type 2, print type 3). Select print type 1 you get a second menu with size 1, size 2, size3. Select print type 2 you get a menu with option size 4, size 5, and size six and also open another option menu for frame types.

I wish the documentation on the available conditional logic had been a little better documented before I had purchased…from the demo it looked like it should be able to do what I needed but from the options I am seeing available in the plugin it doesn’t seem the conditional logic is anywhere what I need.

How would this be done? I am trying to see how it would work… I added an option group to some products but when I go to the settings for “distance rate shipping” I don’t see where the options I created show up anywhere to create a rule for them. What am I missing?

I meant that I could add this feature to the WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin.

That would be awesome if you could. As it stands now I can’t really use the options plugin without being able to adjust the shipping.

Has this plugin been tested with EventON / EventON Tickets? (Ref URL: http://www.myeventon.com/addons/event-tickets/ )

This plugin has not been tested with that plugin.


stupidy Purchased

Hi WPShowCase

Great plugin, love it.

I have an issue with one of the products on a site.

There are two options

When I select the option that increases the price and view basket, I can see that the option has been selected, but the price remains the same.

The product is here https://karoncarsonequestrian.co.uk/training-and-coaching/rider-training-lesson/ I can give you login details if you need.



Hi Steve,

Have you tried updating to the latest version? You do not have support for this plugin so I cannot give you more help.

Thanks, WPShowCase


motirr22 Purchased

can not install it Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/welfare1/domains/welfareshopclub.co.il/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-product-options/includes/functions.php on line 142

Other buyers do not have this error. If you send an email to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username then I can send you an update with this line changed otherwise you’ll have to wait for the next update.


motirr22 Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.


motirr22 Purchased

This comment is currently being reviewed.