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Wondering is product options can be enabled as certain options are set. For example, if a user selects to activate an checkbox option then settings for that option (ie: color picker or image select) can be enabled. Otherwise, if deselected, the color / image options would not show.

Also, if there is a way to set color options for the color selector. For example, have a pre-set color palate that can show in the options instead of the blank options or maybe having certain color preset for the crayons or lower grid choices.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cool plugin. Thank you.

Also if you can show the shortcodes to add the options to a page or product. I can send example links to your email for review.

“Wondering” is not product options.

Hello. I would like to know is the plugin can have the shipping information for the add on option?

I saw your demo, the Movie ticket, can select different amount of Adult ticket and Child ticket, which is great. Just for the physical products, can we add the shipping information (weight & dimension) on the options?

For example, I am selling a set of tea pots and cups. so the a product calls “Tea Pots & Cups”, and I want the customers can choose how many tea pots and cups they can buy, even like 2 tea pots and 3 cups.

They are physical products, so we need to input their weight and dimensions for shipping.

Will the plugin helps on this situation?

P.S. there is only one model of tea pot and one model of cup are selling, no variation (e.g. different color or size) on them.

Thank you very much.

It is not possible to add shipping information to product options.

Hi, i have bought the product options plugin and i have found a small critical bug on the configuration page. On the top of the configuration page (green background, product admin page) you have five options (checkboxes):

1). Add product options to Shop and Search Result pages? 2). Accordion all the options (overrides whether or not each option is accordioned)? 3). Allow more than one option to be open in the accordion? 4). Keep the accordion of the option open when a value for the option is selected? 5). Revert options to default values when customer adds product to cart

Unfortunately they do not work properly, as the visible option descriptions do not match the <input> name parameter thus the option 2 for example is actually option 5. But as disabling option 2 hides some other options proper configuration is impossible. Please fix asap !

Best Regards

The plugin has been updated with this fixed.

Dear WPShowCase team, could you please get in contact with us ? We would like to ask you if you could customize your plugin “Product Option” for our needs. Please give us your e-mail address so we can discuss further details.

Best Regards


Please email plugins@wpshowcase.net with details about the customization and your budget.

Hi there,

I have just purchased and started using Product Options for WooCommerce plugin and it works great. Exactly what I wanted.

However, activating it is stopping my Woocommerce shop from loading on my site.

As soon as I de-activate it the shop loads again.

Can you please kindly advise?



Hi Farid, This is not a known feature of this plugin. If you would like me to have a look, please send wp-admin and ftp login details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email. Thanks, WPShowCase

It looks like this plugin is incompatible with your theme or another plugin.

Looks like it is correct. de-activated and re-activated all plugins and incompatibility with the theme seems to be the issue.

Such a shame, I really like your plugin. Anything can be done? What are my options? Thanks again


There seems to be a bug with the accordion thing. I disable accordion for the options – but after I fill data and hit update/publish, the public page doesn’t show the sub options – only the main options (basically accordion is getting enabled even though I disabled it).

Can you please help me with this?

The accordion checkboxes will be fixed in the next update.


I want to know how setting sale price works? So suppose regular price is $10 and Sale price is $8 – how do I set it up in your plugin?

Also is there an option to set an expiry date for the sale price?

Perhaps you could contact WooCommerce support for help with setting sale prices.


On my product page: https://attendcon.in/shop/interest-area/innervate-2017/

I have enabled options through your plugin. Now, by default it is showing Rs.310 as the price as the product. How is this being set as the default? I want to change it – how do I do it?

Please have a look at WooCommerce’s documentation and this plugin’s documentation.

Hi there,

Is it possible to create a multi-select option for colors, with a maximum selection of for example 3 choices?


That is not possible with this plugin.


salkaawan Purchased


Order option groups with this plugin has not be working on while. I though with updates it might be fixed but still not working.

Can you please tell me how it can be fixed.


Unfortunately you do not have support for this plugin.


salkaawan Purchased

I dont have support. Though functionality you offer is not working. There is a glitch with the plugin. I should be covered for that.

Hey is there a way to for the custom field we apply input information to be outputted with the report’s data. I need to be able to pull all orders for this product that I’ve applied a “name text box” to with the order details as well as what was inputted in the custom box.

I get all the other information, but nowhere does it say what was inputted in the custom box.