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99ideaz Purchased

We have the latest version of wp and the plugin. we are using the date picker as an option with below settings: Default value: tomorrow Display datepicker as: Popup from input

The issue we are facing is that the default date in the text field is correct, however the month and year selected in the popup calendar is November 2022.

How can we fix this issue? This is causing a massive problem as our users have to click the previous month button almost 60 times to come back or type, which kinda beats the purpose.

The plugin will be updated to fix this. I’ll let you know when the update is ready.

This has been fixed in the latest version.

I am having issues with this plugin:

- on one of my options I have a conditional logic selected that when the particular option is selected 2 more options will display. It isn’t working because it is displaying the options and ignoring the logic. - I’ve added the datepicker option and the default date is 1/1/1970 and when you click on the field it brings up August 2022. There are past comments that this has been resolved and I dont see that it has.

The url with the product options is: http://craftyclares.triadmarketingsolutions.com/product/custom-greeting-card/

I don’t see any conditional logic in the link that you sent.


99ideaz Purchased

Please can i know where the product options are being saved in the database. i.e the table name.

Seems like a very strange thing like asdf is visible on our product pages and its only appearing when this plugin is active on a site.


99ideaz Purchased

ok something very strange but the text “asdf” is part of the product-frontend.php file in the includes folder in the plugin. Not sure how it got there.

You can just delete this “asdf” and it will be removed in the next version.

Please send a message using the contact form on my profile page if you’d like more information about the plugin.

Hi! Nice widget. I’m wondering, is there an option to add product add-ons once to the product, no matter the quantity ordered. For example, client want to order 10 products 10$, with one add-on 5$. Price summary should be 100$ (10 products) + 5$ (1 add-on).

This is not possible at the moment.


Mimzik Purchased

Change the link on the shop/category/search “add to cart” button to link to the product instead of adding the item to the cart.

How turn off whis option?

I don’t understand what “whis” means.


Mimzik Purchased

Radio buttons don’t work on window phone

What do you mean by “window phone”?


Mimzik Purchased

OS (operating system) Windows Phone

This will be fixed in the next major update.

Hello, the plugin works fine except one thing, i dont see details of the checkbox selected in the cart. How i can add those details in the order summary

Hello, where you test? i dont have to add special code in the cart page

Your website has some javascript errors that might affect this plugin.

I am trying to set a Product Group that can be re-used. How can I set up the query for Product Groups to apply to all products with a specific tag? For instance, I want to target all products with the tag of monogram. Should the query be “post_type=product&s=monogram”?

A better query would be post_type=product&product_tag=monogram.


hopva Purchased

H, We purchased the Woocommerce Custom Option-Premium plugin but it doesn’t seem to be compatible with WooCommerce 3.0. When we activated the plugin, it makes any page of our site with a WC product throw a 500: Internal Error. When will an update be available? If no update is planned, we need to get a refund. Thanks for your help.

Have you tried downloading the latest version from your downloads page?

Hello! I purchased this and set it up last week and the first day it seemed to be working fine. We realized we needed to use the conditional query to assign the option groups to only certain products. I did a test the first day and thought it was working fine. The next day I set it up and it started giving us a “Fatal error” message that says “Call to a member functions get_rules_price() on null…” on the front when viewing a product. I’ve tried many configurations of the plugin and nothing seems to work. I don’t understand the error: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwDePowjIS9VZlRwVUR3a2U5Rzg/view?usp=sharing. Please help.

Could you send wp-admin and ftp details to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email?

Okay they are sent your way! Please let me know if you have any trouble with them / any questions about how and why we’re setting things up like that. Thanks!

Thank you for your email. The error message has been fixed.

Hi, I’m going to re-build my website: http://www.iceaid.it/products-page/catalogo/dog-tags/?lang=en

Do you think I’m able to build a similar page to mine existing one with a multiple select dropdowns menus, text edit and so on with your plugin?

Yes – have a look at the demo.

Hi, the plugin has been working fine and totally awesome. just recently, I have updated the plugin to version 4.36, and I found out that it breaks my theme and seems to give me new javascript issues. For example, on my dashboard, some plugin control page would not load, or if they load, some buttons would not work.

Would I be able to revert to an older version of the plug-in to see if it is the update that has resulted in the conflict? Else, would you be able to offer some help to troubleshoot the issue? Much appreciated.

If you have a site backup then you could try reverting to an older version.

Unfortunately, by the time I realised the issue, my back up is already at version 4.36. Would you be kind enough to send me the older version? Much appreciated.

You do not have support and I might not have a copy of your previous version.

When compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.x ?


Could you please explain why the design of the product page does not look right and how it should look?

What does activaded mean?

Activaded = Activated

Another example: https://www.lafrescatienda.com/nueva/shop/pack-ecologicos/pack-capilar-reparador/

You can see it on a desktop computer.

Could you send a screenshot of the correct product layout?

You could attach it to an email to info@wpshowcase.net (including your codecanyon username in the email) or link to it here.