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syrach Purchased

Hey thanx for great plugin. i loved to used it. I have a problem after last update. I cant arrange the position of options. i want to show options above the add to basket and price. But Options Position number and show above the cart options not working. Is this problem cause of about my modifications. Or plugin bug?

This is not a problem that other sites have. You have not purchased support but support does not include help with modifications.


syrach Purchased

hi again can you tell me the exact hook name for product options. May be i can reorder it manually via functions.php


syrach Purchased

i solved it. It is about my mysql db. Thanx

Purchased Version 4.117 Running WP version 4.2.12 WooCommerce version 2.3.13

These checkboxes for positioning the Product Options are not functioning: - Display product options between the variations and the ADD TO CART button. - Display product options above the ADD TO CART button.

The checkboxes WERE working, until attempting to add Custom CSS in the Product Options Settings. Custom CSS was removed, but positioning did not revert.

The Options Position value (1-70) also has no effect.

Already tried these 3 troubleshooting steps: Clone product Duplicate product Create entire new product

Please advise on a solution to this matter.

Thank you.

If you use the contact form on my profile page to send me an email then I can send you an updated plugin with these issues fixed. Otherwise you’ll have to wait a few days for the next official plugin update.


Mimzik Purchased


I have a problem with the widget basket.

Website: http: //pizza-testo.ru

after adding to cart widget displays the standard price of the product, and then refresh the page displayed is already true price

How to fix it?

You need to make support requests in good English.


Mimzik Purchased

Can you give me e-mail and i will send screenshots?)

You can email info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email. The url of a product with the problem would also be useful.


Pre-sale question: is it possible to show a simple select box with product’s variations instead of checkboxes and other controls? We need to show up to 20 variations per product, thats’s why the control should be compact. Thank you.

You can add dropdowns to your product with this plugin.


WPZOOM Purchased


Great plugin so far, but I have one small issue.

I’ve noticed that if you select some options for a product, the price is not reflected in the default WooCommerce Cart Widget.

For example, if I have a product that costs $50, and I select an option for $10, then the price in the cart widget should be $60, but it displays original product price – $50.

In your demo I’ve noticed the same bug: if you add a product in the cart, initially the cart widget from the header displays the original product price, but after page refresh it displays total price with options.

Here’s a video from your demo: http://jmp.sh/HDSLSU1

Do you find that when you add the item to the cart it shows an incorrect price for about a second and it then corrects itself and shows the correct price?

Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing?

This plugin has not been tested with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing.


Mizzoug Purchased

I installed but barely got to play before I noticed that it totally destroyed the look of the website. Have screenshot but don’t seem to be able to attach here. Either need support to tell me how to fix or a refund. Thanks

Please send the url of the page to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email.

Perhaps the plugin is incompatible with your theme or another plugin?

Hi Author dropped u a message yesterday through ur profile .. please check and reply to that. Thanks

just replied to u

still looking forward for reply ?

I did not understand your email.

I’m having a problem with Product Options for Woocommerce. When I add options with your plugin, the variations prices don’t work. Try changing Base Price: http://bbb.webhostbros.com/product/classic-fedora/

On other product with no product options, the variations price works fine.

I don’t see any browser errors. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks, tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks for pointing this out. The plugin will be updated within a few days with a fix for this. Please send an email to info@wpshowcase.net including your codecanyon username in the email if you’d like this fixed before the official update.

Thanks, WPShowCase

Hi there, great plugin… Just wondering how I can have the input fields not reset (clear) if a conditional item is selected?

I have a select box, 4 options, 2 conditional input fields per a select option are conditional, if I type in the two text boxes and change the select option, it clears the input fields. I was hoping to not have to have the customer enter content every time they want to try a new price via the initial select menu.

I believe that the plugin already has this feature.

Hi, for some reasons on the date picker field we can’t get working “Disallow user from choosing dates in the past not including the current date?” Even when the box is checked on the front-end nothing changes and still can choose dates in the past…

You do not have support.


ajadesign Purchased

We not asking for support, just get your product working. Keep saying “You do not have support.” just confirm that the datepicker is not working…


ajadesign Purchased

So no update to fix this bug?

Is there a way to show the price differences for suboptions inside the select box instead of next to the option title?

There is a checkbox called “Show suboption prices?” just above the suboptions.

Pre sales question ‘m trying to set up a woo store selling my photos I need to have different prices based on size and output media (canvas,photo,) for example

A photo print at 10×12 on canvas is one price the same photo on photo paper is a different price also the same photo is a different price dependant on size.

So the photo has 15 size options and 2 (to start with) print options and also a not available with this option setting as canvas printing at certain sizes isnt viable

Using this plugin, you could set different prices for the 15 sizes and 2 different prices for the print options, but not 15*2 different prices for all the combinations.


it seems, that the options are not correctly being taken over to the cart. What I have: -) multiple product options -) using option query: post_type=product&meta_key=_sku&meta_value=geschenkbox_3 -) I’m using select boxes -) option displays correctly -) price displays correctly

BUT: when I add the item with selected options to the cart, only the base price of the item is added and the options are being ignored

AND: it seems to be working, if I apply it to a category instead of the query.

What I’m doing wrong here?

Thx, Thomas

Hi again, I think, I have found the error in version 4.116 includes/product-group.php: in get_group_ids at line 114, I have added the following right before $group_ids[] = $product_group_post_id: $group_ids[] = $post_id;

now, it seems to be working in my setup.

Isn’t that a bug in the code??

Thx, Thomas


gchalliss Purchased

Hi, I am having a problem with product pricing whilst using radio image options. When you select a radio image option, the whole price of the product changes to the option price. However, I am using the radio image options as colour options and they do not add any cost to the product itself. Is there a way to counteract this? I would have expected the radio image options to be able to add price on rather than change the overall price.

Thanks, George C http://equinoxproducts.co.uk/store/

Your site has a javascript error which could be causing problems with this plugin.


gchalliss Purchased

I removed the javascript error (index:22; referencing bx-slider) but the price on radio-image options still did not work. I have reinstated this javascript now as the site function altered without it but it had no effect on the plugin

Hi. I just purchased this plugin. It works great except for one thing. On the grouped products page, it is affecting the display of pricing. So for example, at the top where it should say $5 to $40, it just says $5. And down below where you can choose the quantity of each item, it just gives $5 for each item, even the ones that are higher.

It’s vital I get this working on the grouped products page as the individual product pages are hidden.

You can see the development page here: http://mytowels.thesmallbusinessfactory.net/product/towel-package/.

P.S. I have temporarily changes the prices to small amounts for live testing but you can still see what I mean. The real prices will flash for a second but then the lowest price will display.

We are needing to launch this week. What can we do to fix this?