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this plug in doesn’t work. you won’t get any answer if you have issues using this plugin. how many returns did i get to my mails ? NONE —> delete and find better plugin : DONE

just saying that i did’nt renew support, but though, the options I’ve set on my website worked all the time i had support, but once i’ve lost support, all my options configuration messed up for no reason…

Hello, Is this plugin still working and updated? Thank you

Purchase code: 1ddd99b3-0321-43eb-95f0-64abd65bc8d6

Hi, I’m having two issues with product options; the first in the field names for the addons I’m getting embedded HTML, which shows. up on my packing slips, for example:

Add-ons: (+ $ 0.75 )

How can I get rid of that?

The second issue I’m having is I’m using it with a product with multiple variations and each variation has a custom SKU; the Options SKU does not get the variation SKU, so instead of “SS-BNC-SP” I just get “SP”. The whole reason I wanted a options SKU was so it would be easier to spot on my shipping summary which ones had that option :(

Can you help me?

Hmm. not sure how to embed html so you can see what I mean. Maybe:

Add-ons: (<span class="woocommerce-Price-amount amount"><span class="woocommerce-Price-currencySymbo: Without Rubber Washer </code> And the SKU I'm getting is <code>-SP</code>" /></span>

Purchase codes : 81a71f94-d1bc-4f3e-b0b1-8f17d3f19bfd – 11 May 2020


after my purchase i want use the plugin but it does not meet my expectations and i want refund it.

Thanks you Best regards

Hello! A quick pre-sale question. Does the plugin allow a price to be calculated using an a rule that multiplies by a certain factor a number introduced by the customer in a custom field?

I need a plugin that can offer extra product options (add ons) that can use conditional logic and fixed pricing.

I also need a ‘compatible’ plugin that can offer pricing rules based on quantity. For example 30 £2.25 each, 40 2.20 each, 50 @ 2.10 each and so on.

The main thing here is that on the product page you need to be able to see the price change on the fly, depending on the quantity selected and also change with the options selected.

Do you have anything close?