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i have bougth this modul, i do have prestashop 1,6,0,1 i can not find it at the back office please help me out my invoice id:8aa34af1-a877-49c4-8934-82b45cec7fbf

Hello wissam661, Can you please check in Catalog -> Product Mass updater. The module creates a tab in Catalog tab from BackOffice. Another method is to type: admin_url/index.php?controller=AdninProductMassUpdater

Replace admin_url with your store backoffice url.

Let me know if yiu need any more assistance.

Respectfully, Bogdan

I have install the mudol 8aa34af1-a877-49c4-8934-82b45cec7fbf my prestashop and the modul is not there


Can you email me your back office credentials to check and debug please ? Email: monszaic.concepts@gmail.com

Hovorka, good day. I am sorry for my English. Do you still have a Category Master module? Thank you

Hello hotexshop,

Sorry for the late reply. Things are a bit hectic here now. Thank you for buying the module, I hope it suits your needs well. Category Master is not ready for official release yet, there were some delays in development, however we have a functional early version if you need the module asap to do some work with it.

Respectfully, Bogdan Monszaic Concepts

Hello! Do you will release an update also for Prestashop 1.7? Thank you! Purchase code: 42bdfdf3-047b-490b-8470-2c2cbc9d468e


We are working on the v1.7 version for our modules. There are several projects that need to be completed within the following weeks and this causes a slight delay of releasing compatible versions of the current modules. I don’t want to give you wrong estimations but it is planned to be available within 4-5 weeks, by the start of September. I will inform all buyers of the availabity of the 1.7 Prestashop versions. There will be no extra fee or different price for the existing modules.

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic

Edit the features of the products?

Product Mass Updater does not target the Features of a Product. There will be a future module which will handle the Features similar to EasyAttributes/Combination Master.

Fatal error: Class ‘PMUGeneral’ not found in /home/giorgospant/public_html/modules/productmassupdater/controllers/admin/AdminProductMassUpdaterController.php on line 107

Hello, this error means thr main class of the module is missing. This has never happened before on other stores. Can you try to uninstall and then reinstall it again ? If this does not work please give me access to your backoffice to debug the problem and test all the steps.

All solved ! thank you a lot !


I thought the module would let me edit also for combinations, but combinations aren’t showing up in the product list (PS 1.6).

Could you help out here, please?

Two other comments:

1. I had to unzip the file and repackage it so I could install it. It’s packaged wrongly with a Zip, a Folder, a Folder, a Zip, the module folders.

2. I wanted to also take a look at your product-combination-manager module, but the live demo throws the following error:

parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data at line 1 column 9980 of the JSON data

Hello AcornHat,

I’ve received your email too on monszaic.concepts@gmail.com. We were offline for several days due to moving aboard. New life, setup… all of it … I’ve replied to your email with additional information. Please excuse my absence as it was truly unwanted and uncommon.

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts

Hello, I have updated prestashop to and now the module is not working.

What happens ?? this will happen everytime that I would update prestashop??

thank you to solve it as soon as possible

Hello, The module should work on all 1.6.1.x versions. However if this latest subversion has changed something in it s database structure then the module will need tl be updated to support Usually such subversions should not contain upgrades to sensitive structures that can cause issue similar to what you have encountered on your instance. I will take a look at the logs to see the changes and adjust the module for You should not expect such problems with the module on future versions as we try to release compatible module to newer versions as soon as possible. We are working on 1.7 prestashop compatibility as well on all of our modules.

Can you give me also access to your backoffice to debug there as well, in case there isnt any compatibility issue with official version ? Please email the credentials as monszaic.concepts@gmail.com

Tomorow, 27th september, i ll look into the problem and get back to you with a fix or an estimation of the bug fixing ( several hours or 1 day at the most ).

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts

Ok, I have sent an email

I checked , Now is working, I think is about a old file Link.php in /override/classes that you change the first time I request your support with old version of prestashop, I have put it back the original one and is working.

Hello, This module is not available for version 1.7? Thank you so much!!

Hello estebannerja,

I’m working as fast as possible to deliver the 1.7 compatibility. I’ve moved to another country a couple of weeks ago and there are so many things that need to be set up that I’m lagging a bit in making available the 1.7 compatible version.

It’s my top priority, when it will be released I can send you a notification if it’s alright with you.

hi. is there any way to list the product combinations for easy editing of reference numbers? Many thanks

Hello mja388,

The module CombinationMaster or Product Combination module do the thing you are asking. The architecture for enabling reference editing is different than those of the products and therefore that feature belongs to those 2 modules that target Combinations of Products. Can you please check the demo and see if any of those 2 solve your problem ? CombinationMaster contains : EasyAttributes + CORE Combination Master + ProductCombination

Respectfully, Bogdan

Hi, i open the prrmission for saleman but in his dashboard nothing happens. I just bought this module. Can you help me? Kind regards Tsilis

do you have an email to forward details?


listsi Purchased

percentage in prices tab dissapeared.

Hello listsi, i have sent you an email with the percentage tab feature.

I’ve also written some more details regarding the whole process.

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic


mogs73 Purchased

I bought Prestashop Product Mass Updater and I uploaded it. The installation was good, but I have an error message when I clicked “Show Products”. The message is “SyntaxError: Invalid character”. Could you tell me what is wrong? Thank you :)

Hello mogs73,

First of all thank you for buying the module ! I’m sorry that you have that syntax error. The module you bought should work “out-of-the-box” for a standard prestashop instance, but yet again a lot of things happen that can disturb this scenario.

Can you please give me access to the Back-Office of your store so I can further debug the error and see the objects that it returns from the module’s classes ? I am by default obliged to provide you a fully functional module so rest assured the module will work on your store.

Please email me the credentials to monszaic.concepts@gmail.com

Sorry for the late reply, we can discuss further via email.

Kind regards, Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts


mogs73 Purchased

I bought and installed this module and everything is good, but I have an error message when I click “Show Products”. The message is “SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0” and then I can’t see any product list. I don’t know what happen… Please check it and tell me ASAP, thanks.

Hello mogs73, I’ve replied to your first message with additional details and an email where we can discuss further. Respectfully, Bogdan

What is the latest compatible version of Prestashop?

What discount would you offer when I purchase 2, 3, 5 or more products?

Hello EmileBrown,

I’ve replied on your message from “Product Combination” module page.

Kind regards, Bogdan

would be nice to have the ability to control item short and long description


I can add it as a new feature in the 1.7 Prestashop also if you need it. It was meant to be added in the future after the module would get some traction. It did got so I think it’s time for it to have the 4th dab “Descriptions” with short and long description.

As for your other message from Image Assignator, I will send you an email when both Image Assignator and Product Mass Updater are available for 1.7 and have these features.

Also all features for 1.7 will be present in the versions compatible with 1.6 Prestashop.

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic


bimintl Purchased

Dear Author,

I have an issue with meta titles aren’t showing in the modules on some of my categories and meta description is just showing part, meaning just the first few words.

Also in some categories in your module, I cannot scroll through the meta title or desc. The cursor will just stop and not let me see the whole line.

Please email me back so I can attach a screenshot. This window in codecanyon doesn’t allow me to upload anything.

Please get back to me asap.Thanks


Hel biminti,

The bugs you are experiecing seem to be new to Product Mass Updater. We haven’t received this kind of situations so far so it may be something conflicting with the module from a 3rd party software (other modules). Can you please email me the back office access to your store so I can debug it further and see the exact causes and possibly try to fix it if it’s on the module’s side.

Email: monszaic.concepts@gmail.com

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic


Do you have a category mass updater module ready? A couple of months ago i saw that you were working on one, but i was not able to find it again now.

Regards Mads

Hello Mads,

The module is still under development. There are some urgent things to finish compatibility of 1.7 with the existing modules. If you are interested I can work on it and make it available around mid of December if that is alright with your plans.

Respectfully, Bogdan from Monszaic