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Thank you ! Good luck with your items too :)

Is it possible to change shot desc, discription and category of product?

Hello Zen_j,

When we finished the module, I had an idea of adding short_description, full_description into a 4th tab for mass editing but i decided to add it in the next version, to see first how the module handles on CodeCanyon.

We can add this feature as a 4th tab and allow you to mass-edit the fields in question. As for the Category of the product, you will be able to change only the default category of the product. There is a current module in progress, CategoriesMaster that manages all aspects of Categories and Product Categories (assigning, deletion), which will be available in about 6 weeks on CodeCanyon.

If you buy the module with 3 tabs, and give us a confirmation via this thread, you ll receive the extended version within 2 working days.

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic


could you offer any discount? it’s expensive for me :(


The price we had in mind for Product Mass Updater was much more than it is currently sold at. I am sorry if you find it too expensive, but the module is already at a very good price considering what it does, how it’s designed and how much time you really save using it.

We can provide discounts for buying multiple items, but that is a different topic.

Please try out the module using the demo button. You will better understand the amount of work and quality this program provides.

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic

Installation of this product doesn’t work!

Thanks for your helps, Unfortunately my modifications doesn’t work. I just need it on multishop and updating all products without affecting id_shop.

would you mind send me modified version?

Hello masterweb121, We will begin work on the modified version and hopefully by Monday you wil receive the custom version. We may finish sooner but it’s not a guarantee so the latest delivery will be Monday afternoon.

Regards, Bogdan from monszaic

Hello masterweb121, The module change that shows the products from all shops is ready. It was tested and it works updating the shop-related fields of each products. The first column, Image, has been replaced with IDS, ID Shop, to know which shop has that product.

Please send me the email address where I can send the modified module.

Regards, Bogdan


I have problem on setting permission to employees. they can’t have access to plugin and it’s permissions automatically reset to none checked

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Dear Author, Did you sent me an email? because I didn’t received any thing.


I have sent you the email on : Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 5:13 PM. The email was the one you sent in the previous conversation. Can you please check your spam ? If it’s nowhere to be found can you send me an email to monszaic.concepts@gmail.com to receive the proper email and send the module there.

Regards, Bogdan from monszaic

nice job mate . good luck ^^


cassim1 Purchased

Awesome plugin !

Some requests: I will love if i can make it autogen the url’s for me, from the text. So that it takes the titel and use it as url.

Update categorys and add categorys.

Hello cassim,

Thank you for buying the module. The “Friendly URL” is generated from the “Name” field of the product. You need to click on another area for the friendly url to take the name value. The event is “focusout” meaning when you focus out of the name input, the friendly url takes the data.

Can you please give me more details about “Update categories and add categories” ? What do you mean by that ?

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic


cassim1 Purchased

Their is no settings for adding categorys. I want to be able to add and change categorys

Product Mass Updater does not have the option of adding/managing categories. This modules handles all the major input fields of a product for speeding up bulk operations.

There is a module under development, Category Master, which covers all aspects of Categories (add, edit, sub-categories, category media) and the Product Categories (global view of categories belonging to each product, mass category assignation to products). It will be available around end of February.

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic

Will their be a new version of this plugin where the loading speed of the module will be better.

I keep getting stock on the page that goes from below 1.000 products to 1.001 products.

Its kinda a pain in the ass. And the update speed is not really great.

Hello Cassim,

Can you please give me a link where I can test the issue with 1000 to 1001 products ? If it’s a bug related to the module I will gladly provide a fix for that.

Every update operations have been made with the minimum impact on the Platform and on Server-Side language. The module targets the specific fields of those products without reloading or handling all the Prestashop major Objects (classes, methods … ). The speed of the update is connected to the Server’s speed. Therefore the module is slow because the server is slow in sending back the response or the DB handles these targeted operations at a slow rate.

If the module works slow, then Prestashop back-office should almost not load or work very very badly. Also it is recommended when using a lot of generated content / back-office browsing of pages, to close from time to time those pages to clean the browser’s cache.

Javascript loads a lot of data on the browser side and after a while depending on the platform, modules, and so on …, it begins to slow down. I recommend for administrative/lots of data-handling to use Chrome browser as it is better suited for these kind of heavy-lifting operations.

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic

Felicitari pentru modul ! Il voi achizitiona in curand :)

Multumesc ! iti urez cat mai putin timp pierdut in munca depusa :) poti sa arunci un ochi pe Cobination Master, ajuta foarte mult in problema Combinatiilor din Prestashop.

O zi buna, Bogdan, monszaic

Salut, Modulul poate modifica si cantitatile?

O zi buna

Buna seara, v-am trimis versiunea modificata pe adresa de email primita. Daca mai aveti intrebari sau aveti nevoie de ajutor in instalarea modului, ne puteti contacta oricand.

Bogdan, monszaic concepts

Good job! A very helpful module

Thank you for your feedback ! May it help you as best as possible !

Hi there super interested in this module. One thing, you mentioned in an earlier comment you would be adding a 4th tab for short description etc.. I don’t see a 4th tab on the screenshots? Has this been implemented. Secondly I read your working on a category master module, I’d be interested in this too.. are you will on schedule for and of Feb for this module to be available? Many thanks!


Sorry for the late reply, we were on holiday last week. The 4th tab, short description, does not belong in the standard/default module of Product Mass Updater. However this field can easily be added as a 4th tab via custom feature that you need.

Our policy is to provide custom features for free if the feature can be easily implemented (1-2 hours). Adding short-description into a 4th tab is this kind of easy feature to be added.

We can add in the future versions the 4th tab and even several more depending on what the customers need to edit into Mass Updater.

Regarding the Category module. This module is finished since December 2016 but it requires some small tweaking and adjustments to go into production/official release. It is split into 2 categories, a big global module that handles Category creation/edit/global view of them and mass category assignation to products and editing the product’s categories. The idea behind this module is to quickly assign the categories to the products and see them instantly.

Our approach regarding the Prestashop modules and in the nearby future, the ecommerce cross-platform modules, is to focus on the user-friendly aspect and speed of the operations. This is why most of the modules target operations that would take a lot of time or would be to difficult to do on large amounts of products.

So bottom line, we can provide the 4th tab for Product Mass Updater and prepare the Category Master module within 10 working days.

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic

I see yor module, I like this but y need the possibility to change categories in product edit, do you change this for me?, how much money?

Hello siordenadores,

We are currently working on a module that handles all Categories and Product Categories within a single page, with the same speed and functionalities as our existing modules in CodeCanyon. This module allows you to easily manage all categories, edit/delete/upload category images and mass assign categories to 1, several or all products.

Please check this link: http://www.monszaic.com/

Username: demo@demo.com pass: demodemo

It is still in development so there may be a few glitches here and there. I think within 2 weeks we can make it ready for the market. If we add the product category functionality inside Product Mass Updater it will complicate things too much and things will be very crowded. Besides, the amount of extra time required for us to add this feature inside Product Mass Updater will be more than what we have invested at this point in the upcoming category master. In other words, it’s cheaper to buy the separate category module than ask for custom work in adding it into product mass updater. We can do the 2nd option too, if you prefer this way. The first 2 hours will not be billed since it’s a policy we have for CodeCanyon market. It is around 2 days worth of work time.

Let me know if you need more info about the category module, if you want me to show you a demo via skype/teamviewer.

Regards, Bogdan from monszaic

I bought this module Product Mass Updater, Installed fine but when I access to dis module I am receive this menssage:


Module productmassupdater not found at line 51 in file classes/controller/ModuleAdminController.php

46. throw new PrestaShopException(‘Admin tab ’.get_class($this).’ is not a module tab’); 47. } 48. 49. $this->module = Module::getInstanceByName($tab->module); 50. if (!$this->module->id) { 51. throw new PrestaShopException(“Module {$tab->module} not found”); 52. } 53. } 54. 55. /** 56. * Creates a template object

ModuleAdminControllerCore->__construct - [line 39 - modules/productmassupdater/controllers/admin/AdminProductMassUpdaterController.php]
AdminProductMassUpdaterController->__construct - [line 134 - classes/controller/Controller.php] - [2 Arguments]
ControllerCore::getController - [line 336 - override/classes/Dispatcher.php] - [1 Arguments]
Dispatcher->dispatch_16 - [line 107 - override/classes/Dispatcher.php]
Dispatcher->dispatch - [line 58 - admin/index.php]

I need your admin url, I don’t have any method of knowing it. Please email me the credentials on monszaic.concepts@gmail.com . I will flag your last comment to be removed from our conversation (better to avoid public access to credentials).

I have logged in and i was able to access ProductMassUpdater as I normally do on our testing stores. I used the account you gave me. I think there are some problems with the other accounts, if you use other, to connect on your store. The permissions may not be set correctly on the others. I have accessed it from Catalog -> ProductMassUpdater

Here is the screenshot as proof: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2lidg7r&s=9#.WMrIITt96Uk

Module don’t work, when I update product prices, product names, thi is don’t update

Hello siordenadores,

I have looked over the module. There was a small issue where we formated the price value to (int) instead of (float). I have tested all the other fields and all work accordingly. Please send me an email at monszaic.concepts@gmail.com to send you the fixed version.

This small bug will be fixed on CodeCanyon after approval and resubmission so it will take a lot more time.

Respectfully, Bogdan from monszaic concepts