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Hi Bogdan, You said some time ago that you plan to release a category update feature in the mid of December. Do you have any updates? I’m very interested of this feature and I would buy the module just for it. Many thanks!

Hello Cominiu,

Sorry for the late reply. This are quite busy on my side and I’ve postponed the development of EasyCategory module. It’s almost finished but didn’t found the time to properly close it up.

I’ve been upgrading the existing modules to have 1.7 Presashop compatibility.

I can let you know as soon as I manage to develop it. It will be in a matter of weeks tough as there are still some more urgent issues pending, related to current modules.

Regards, Bogdan from Monszaic

Hello Bogdan, Still not any news about the Category module? :)

Hello cosminiu,

I’ve finished compatibility with 1.7 for CombinationMaster, ImageAssignator and ProductMassUpdater. I have more time now, i ll focus on the EasyCategory from now on too. I will inform you asap once i have it ready.

Kind regards, Bogdan

Hello I use the prestashop version:

How can I activate this module option? RET. PRICE +/- % https://imgur.com/a/tkTkc

I’ll be very grateful for a prompt response. Regards.

Hello isaiashaller,

The module used in the demo link is a newer version than the one currently available on CodeCanyon. Can you please send me an email with your purchase code so I can email you the newer version.

I just finished 1.7 compatibility and the new version should be available in a few days on CodeCanyon.

Regards, Bogdan from Monszaic


I am interested to buy your module support for bulk updated. I want to know if it is compatible with prestashop 1.7?


Hello addnan79,

The version compatible for Prestashop 1.7 is finished. I’m planning to upload it this weekend over to Envato, it will take a few more days to process it.

I can send you the new version via email after you buy the module from here, if you need it faster.

Have a good day ! Bogdan from Monszaic Concepts

Hi Bogdan

Can you please provide me the demo backend access to Product mass updater? I need to check how it works.

Hello again addnan79,

Username: demo@demo.com Pasword: demodemo

Let me know if you need any assistance.

Regards, Bogdan

Hi again

Yes i will buy and please send me 1.7 version via email.

Also i have couple of questions.

1.I am selling baby clothes and they are in different sizes, every size has its own bar code/EAN. Can we update all the bar codes for every sizes or not?

2. Can we change the Sale price back to normal price? Like i have sale on 150 different products from differnent categories. If i want to bring the price back to normal price or reduce or increase discount, is it possible through this module.

Hello addnan79, All 3 modules, version compatible with Prestashop 1.7 : ImageAssignator, CombinationMaster and ProductMassUpdater are currently in review by Envato team. So it’s a matter of hours or 1-2 days before they validate them.

1. The baby clothes with sizes are actually Combinations of the default Product. This means you will have to edit each Combination separately. ProductMassUpdater handles the data of every Product and allows you to mass edit the fields. What you need for this is CombinationMaster or ProductCombination (The lighter version of CombinationMaster). Can you please check the demo for CombinationMaster, i believe you will see how useful it is for a store with many combinations and how fast you can edit every Combination’s field. You can also change price impact of each Combination, or save Combinations for later use on other products. http://www.monszaic.com/ 2.This is ProductMassUpdater, you can quickly change the Sale price of every product. Can you please try out the demo because it’s very easy to understand what it can offer and will most likely give you the complete idea if it can help you or not. You cannot schedule Sale change based on certain dates, this is a feature that i have in mind in the following months but there is so much to do and so little time that i cannot promise it will be available so soon. http://www.monszaic.com/

Let me know if you have any other questions, i’ll gladly reply as best as i can.

Regards, Bogdan


bimintl Purchased

Dear Sir,

The older version of mass price updater was 1.0.1 the new version you just updated shows 1.0.0 How can that be?

Hello, sorry for the mistake. It should have been 1.1.0 but i think i was in a hurry to put them here that i accidentally wrote 1.0.0. I ll update it these coming days. Regards, Bogdan

Hello, I’d like to know if the massive edition with percentage feature (add or rest a percentage to the price) is now available. Thanks

Hello ecommjuice,

I will re-add it in the following weeks. If you need it asap i can add it as a custom feature for your purchase.

Regards, Bogdan


Am I missing something as I can not see the product mass updater working in your demo area?

Hello, There was a permission issue. Can you please check the demo link now ? It’s working.

Hi – Is there an easy way to change the nos of products per page to ‘all’ or even say ‘500’ as it is horrendously slow at just running through only 200 products and then have to re select another 200 etc is tedious.

Hello, I ll give you a file later this evening which allows you to have 500,1000,2000 products per page. Or you can change it from Dropdown via Inspect Element. The pagination is built from html option value.

Hi, Purchased and installed the product mass updater for my prestashop 1.6 but when I click on the product search tab or any of the categories it displays this error message:

parsererror SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Please advise, thanks. Steven

Can you please remove it as it’s not a private forum. My email: monszaic.concepts@gmail.com

I’ve already copied the credentials. Can you send me an email on monszaic.concepts to send you my report later today ?

Okay thanks!

Problem solved, let me know if you ll need my assistance for other things.

Have a good day !

Hello I installed your module … I have Prestashop version, installs perfect, but the module does not appear in the catalogs bar. Hello I installed your module … I have Prestachop version, installs perfect, but the module does not appear in the catalogs bar

I’ve reinstalled it several times, but it does not work. I have installed other mudulos and all very well only this does not work.

Hello catrinis,

The module is not currently compatible with Prestashop 1.7.3.x. I haven’t updated it yet and probably this is why it’s not working for you. I have to debug it and release a new version this weekend and this will most likeley help with your issue as well.

In the product’s description it is written that the compatibility is from 1.6.0.x to 1.7.2.x”.

In the meantime you can email me the access to your Back Office at monszaic.concepts@gmail.com and i ll update and fix any issues on your module as well before releasing it here on Envato.

Kind regards, Bogdan

Hi, you know, your software it’s the best software that i bought :D :D :D :D :D will super if will possible modificate short description, long description and maybe tags if you will add a tab for update category with meta dati.. i think your software will the best in category software for bulk update… it’s no request modification, just suggestion, i’d like have this features.. very very very congratulation for now

Hello foryoumoda,

Thank you for buying ProductMassUpdater. I m really glad that you see the amount of hard work and attention to detail that it went into making the module. There is a EasyCategory module currently under construction where you can mass edit the combinations and also assign products very fast. I haven’t got the time to finish it yet, but i ll try the following weeks maybe i find some time. There is also another person who is interested in such a module.

I ll contact you as soon as i have news about it.

Enjoy your module ! Bogdan from Monszaic