Product Management

Product Management

The product management application used to manage the store’s products. Use Realtime Firebase technology. All products will be stored on Firebase database, everything will be updated quickly and immediately. No cms for management, all management functions are already on the application.

- Live Demo:

- Apk Demo:

+ username: + password: 123456

  • You can manage your products, create new products, update
  • View product details
  • Shopping cart feature for you to put products into your shopping cart
  • Enter customer information and order
  • View order statistics by status or date
  • View invoice details, update invoice status
  • Convenient graphs and more.
  • Search product
  • Login management profile information.
  • Convenient left menu

Platform: Android, Firebase Tool: Android studio

  • 3 HTML landing page templates (just template, not with this app content yet) ($75 value)
  • Full Photoshop files for an app ($50 value)
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  • Contact for the bonus after the purchase. Thank you!
Premium Services:
  • Design & Reskin App service
  • Host For Website Service
  • Account App Store Service
  • Customization service
  • Make HTML landing page for users to download the app
  • Make professional promo video & photos for your app
  • Premium services are not included by default. Please make Custom quotation if you want them.
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