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Great job! Nice plugin! :)

Thanks! I’m glad you like :D

Hello, I want to ask a question about the Product Location Map for Prestashop. Is it possible to display all products in a map in homepage? Thank you.

Hello. This plugin creates a map for each product individually. If you want to create a single map with many products .. sorry .. it is not possible to create a map with multiple markers. Thanks for your interest

Hi there. I’m keen purchase this addon, but I have a question first.. how do I set the Google Maps location for each product? I have over 2,000 products so doing this manually would be a problem. However, I have all of the location addresses in a spreadsheet and they are also listed as a feature of each product. Is there an easy way that I will be able to set the location of all products? Kind regards.

Hello. Thanks for your interest. Currently, the module does not have any role to manage massively maps. This is a first version, perhaps in future versions this feature is implemented.

It’s not working with prestashop

On this page, information about the plugin is shown. This information indicates: “Software Version: 1.6.0.x”. You are using a newer version. Anyway we will study the problem and try to fix it.

You can contact through the support channel and give us detailed information about the error. This way you will help us to solve it.

Thank you

We tested the plugin in the latest stable version of PrestaShop version Works correctly. We have not observed any anomaly.

You can tell if an error or some indication of the problem is shown?

Thank you

hi, see this (my inglish is bad) http://estancias.com/prestashop/es/home/21-estancia-la-rosita.html, works whit errors ( ps v) but if you open the chrome console (press f12) the map works fine… how i to fix this?

Hello, I opened the link but I dont see map and no errors.

Can you contact me from the ‘support’ form? http://codecanyon.net/item/product-location-map-for-prestashop/11515267/support (We can speak Spanish via email)

hola, les mostraba que tenia este error:

http://estancias.com/prestashop/es/home/21-estancia-la-rosita.html fijense en la solapa, no muestra nada (el mapa esta) y el marcador esta escondido, pero si ustedes abren la consola de chrome (o explorer 11) para ver error de js, el mapa aparece… es muy raro, quería saber si tienen idea de como lo puedo solucioniar, la version del ps es

Puede que tenga que ver con las pestañas y el orden de carga de los módulos..

Por favor, envíenos un mensaje (cualquiera) desde el formulario que se encuentra al final de esta página: http://codecanyon.net/user/_singulae

Así tendremos su email para poder enviarle un archivo que podría solucionar el problema. Podré darle más detalles por email. Gracias

===================================================== This may be related to tabs and the modules load order… Please send us a message (if any) from the form at the bottom of this page: http://codecanyon.net/user/_singulae So we have your email to send you a file that could solve the problem. I can give you more details by email. Thank you

En el archivo del módulo: \modules\productlocation\js\productlocation.js

pruebe a sustituir (en línea 149):

$(document).ready(function() {


$(window).load(function() {

Hello. ( sorry for my english, i’m spanish )

I have a problem with this module in the configuration panel.

This module works fine but i can’t configure the map in a product configuration because the button at the end to save and to save and stay never are ok, all time the buttons are loading.

In conclusion i can configure all settings but a can’t save because the save buttons are always loading.

Can you help me ?

Thanks You

Hello, thank you for purchasing the plugin. I am also Spanish. You can send me a message to dev@singulae.com? So I can answer you in Spanish and we will fix this more quickly.

Thank you

Can you tell me if it shows some error? You can see it better on the console; If, on the page, by clicking the right button of the mouse: “inspect (element)”

Also I need to know which version of PrestaShop use and which browser.

Thank you

Compré el modulo la semana pasada y tuve algunos problema, pero contacte con el desarrollador y me ha solucionado TODOS los problemas y muy rápidamente, el módulo es buenísimo y el desarrollado más aún, atento en todo momento. Recomendado 100%

Great module, works as described, many thanks to author!

Hello, I am very interested in the module, I just have a question. What I am looking for is to place a map in each product page, showing all the stores where the said product is being sold. Is that possible with this module? (PS I run a professional network of distributors so that would be handy for the private customers to be able to find stores nearby when they want to buy the product instead of having to do it online.


This module does not do what you want. This module displays a map on each product page, but with only one product on the product page.

one product = one address.

Perhaps in future updates, consider adding this new functionality, but at the moment, it is not possible to do what you want.

thanks you for your interest

HI, Its working with marketplace?Presta 1.61.6 cloud its working? Thanks

hi, this module works “globally” with all products. You can show or hide markers products belonging to categories, but has not been developed (has not been tested) to differentiate between different users of a marketplace

Hi. I am interested in this plugin. I have an e-commerce boat rental. I need my customers to filter through a map by choosing the closest port for them. This plugin can do? Thank you!

Hi. This plugin can place the map marker in specific locations. By latitude and longitude or by address. The filters that are used for categories that contain products (places). Does not search or filter on “nearby places”.

Hi. What I need is that you can filter by “where to pick up the product.” Thank you.

Hi, the plugin can filter to show or hide categories of products. Does not filter anything else.

Dear Singulae, Can i put many location marker of all products on a single map ?

Hello, Yes, you can put a map, at home, with all markers from all products. You have the option to say what categories and products you want to display on that map. Also in each category, with the products of that category.

good job i wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you so much. That’s really nice of you. :)

Como se habilita el modo satellite ? hay algun json para poder tener las mapas en modo satelitte? gracias.

hola, en la configuración del módulo, puedes activar el control para que se muestre en el mapa y así, desde el mapa, el usuario puede cambiar a modo satélite.

Si lo que quieres es que se muestre siempre, por defecto..sin activar el control, deberás ‘personalizar’ un poco tu módulo y añadir una línea de código.

En el archivo: \modules\productlocation\views\js\productlocation.js Añades en la línea 694 el siguiente código: PRODUCTLOCATION.map.setMapTypeId(google.maps.MapTypeId.SATELLITE);

Some problem…waiting for ticket response

Great support. Thanks for it Jose. Giving 5 stars

Hello, I would like to set a homepage world map to select products by continents. Is it possible to do it using this module? Thanks!!

Hi, the plugin can show or hide categories of products on Homepage. Mmm..maybe if your categories are continents .. you can show products by continents..

help me please;

How to add contact us and cms?

I want to do something like this: http://www.designerworldtile.com/contact-us/

Sorry, this module adds maps of the location of each product. To add a map in cms pages and contact there are other modules. This module marks the location of the products.

Hi, I have a little problem with my module. I’ve bought it last night. When I point place on the map for one product this map just not show in the product. Maybe my Prestashop version in incorrect. My version This version of the Presta is supporting by module?

Hello, is it possible to use new feautures updates from 02.05.2017. in Prestashop 1.6?

hello, no, new features are only available for Prestashop 1.7