Product Location Map for Prestashop

Product Location Map for Prestashop

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Display maps with the locations of their products.
Insert map on Home, category pages and product pages.













  • Multiple markers in the same product (only for PS1.7)
  • Map on Homepage.
  • Map on categories.
  • Clustered markers for markers that are too close together (only for PS1.7)
  • Category filter to hide/show markers on map.
  • Place a map anywhere in home, categories or product pages.
  • Backoffice Live Edit Mode for positioning map with drag & drop.
  • Location: by address or latitude / longitude.
  • Automatically check and generate lat-lng for all locations.
  • Map markers load faster.
  • Import and export locations in csv file.
  • Map in tab or hidden.
  • Change the default style map by own custom style.
  • +30 predefined map styles.
  • “Info window” with rich content (html).
  • Custom map marker. Combine colors to customize marker.
    Or add your own marker image (only for PS1.7)
  • Responsive.
  • Height map.
  • Map controls:
    • Zoom
    • StreetView
    • Map type
  • Zoom mouse wheel.
  • Add CSS classes to map.
  • Full documentation.



This module is not available for versions 1.6 of Prestashop.
Only for Prestashop 1.7+



[PS 1.7]
Version 4.2.0 - Sep 10, 2018
[fix] Displaying categories filter map control
[del] Remove module version for PS 1.6

Version 4.1.0 - Jul 20, 2018
[new] Map position on home page through DOM element ("Drag & Drop")
[new] Map position on category pages through DOM element ("Drag & Drop")
[fix] Zoom with fingers on mobile
[fix] Custom map style json error
[fix] http/https urls
[fix] Minor bugs

Version 4.0.0 - May 02, 2018
[new] Multiple markers in the same product.
[new] Clustered markers.
[new] Upload marker image.

[PS 1.6]
Version 3.0.2 - Oct 30, 2016
[fix] Place map "Drag & Drop", does not show the interface
[fix] Map "Drag & Drop" does not show background image

Version 3.0.1 - Jul 7, 2016
[fix] "Can't use function return value in write context" 
[imp] Use fitBounds to center multiple markers
[imp] Detect & remove empty locations

Version 3.0.0 - Jul 02, 2016
[new] Map in categegory pages.
[new] Category filter to hide/show markers on map (Home & Categories)
[new] Import/Export locations in CSV file.
[new] Over 30 predefined map styles.
[new] Backoffice Live Edit Mode for positioning map with drag & drop.
[new] Backoffice Live Edit Mode for selecting map tab container.
[new] Automatically check module version. 
[new] Automatically generate lat-lang from address location.
[new] Automatically check lat-lng of all locations.
[new] Map markers load faster. Successful tests with over 500 markers.
[new] Added Google API Key.
[imp] Changed infowindow style.
[imp] Deletes files from old module when install v3.0.
[imp] svg map background image changed to base64 css.

Version 2.0.6 - Jun 16, 2016
[fix] accurate latlng
[fix] remove jsonencode product name

Version 2.0.5 - Apr 27, 2016
[fix] single quotes in location and product name
[fix] MAPTYPE var renamed to CTRL_MAPTYPE

Version 2.0.4 - Apr 7, 2016
[fix] load ext libs from https protocol

Version 2.0.3 - Mar 5, 2016
[fix]  loc type=latlng marker not displayed 

Version 2.0.2 - Jan 25, 2016
[fix] error notice: check isset var in tpl 

Version 2.0.1 - Jan 23,2016
[fix] infinite spinner on save buttons in versions 1.6.0.x 
[fix] category tree selected cats in versions 1.6.0.x
[fix] "field is not focusable" in chrome on hidden fields

Version 2.0.0 - Jan 02, 2016
[new] Map on the homepage
[new] Map in tab or hidden
[new] Code improvements
[new] Prevents conflicts with other Google Maps

Version 1.0.0 - May 24, 2015
[+] first release


Usage in Themeforest Themes

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