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In the demo, I increased the item amount and updated cart, but nothing happened and still showing same amount.

Hello swifthex
I just demo 8 products

Hi, I need help to view the “video intro” on “product woocommerce vendor pro” page on front end. Could you help me please?

Hi please let me know if you cannot help me, I need help since one week…

hello ljudi
I fixed it 2 day ago?
Please check email
Thanks you

Hi Sorry but on front end it doesn’t work, maybe because the author or vendor role is not permetted to add video intro?! Please check again as soon as possible

Hi, this seems to be exactly what I need.
Before buying, I need more info:
- how video tooltip is attached to each product? Is it inside each product (custom field or shortcode) or is it a different taxonomy (where I define a list of tooltips, then link each one to their respective products) or how?
Maybe some screenshots of admin will help!
- is it possible that tooltip is following the cursor position and not showing fixed position?
- in the demo only the first 6 products have the hover, is it a bug or you added just for those?
Thank you and best regards.

Hello gabivir79
In each product upload video, photo,... You can set the default for products not upload
You can see screenshot:

Purchased, it works fine. Thanks!

Thanks you!

Thanks you :3

Hello, I have purchased this plugin but I see the video preview on the mobile also. Is there any way to turn it off on mobile and able the preview only on PC ??

Hello tevametic
You can edit setting in “woocommere/settings/video info/” off “Enable mobile” ( Latest version )
Thanks you

Thank you but when I go to video info I only see “only not null field” or “show all”. What should I do??

Hello tevametic
Thank for choosing our plugin. Please send your admin access via my contact form at and I will help you check it.
Thanks you

hi, sir & madam. please help me.i purchased your product.then i went product page to upload you tube video. then i link the http you tube link by copy and paste,then when i upload it takes to me media gallery .please help me tell me the steps that want to attach those video by you tube.please

hi sir / madam i am not a export in woocommerce.always i follow by youtube instructions.then when i search something different, then i saw your plugin. therefore please tell me the each steps.i have latest version wordpress . i tried to do these steps 1st new product add page , 2nd product data( various product paragraph) then i could seen video intro.then i copy and paste from youtube video link.beside upload button was there.then when i click upload it took me to media upload gallery. i don’t know what shell i do? then i went woocommerce setting page .i could seen 2 option only. one is mobile enable , 2nd all play option. except this. i can’t see anything..please it will be very great if you help me soon as possible. thank you

hello what is happening? i am waiting for your reply. please …

your response is very slow

hello can’t you help me? i purchased your product.if you can not reply then don’t sell you products.

Dear sir / madam, i saw your new update.then i uploaded again to see your plugin.this is what i did. i extracted the plugin folder and i select only the product-Info-for-woocommerce zip folder only and i installed.then i went to woocommerce setting and i made off only for mobile and i save and i went to single products page and i saw the link to upload video info . i copy and paste youtube URL thats all. but it did not work .please can you explain what is wrong?thank you

Sorry, I do not see your comment.
You can send admin / pass, i wil check it.