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Hello, Settysantu, I have question about this item . IN THE DEMO , I see that works fine, but also disables the pop up large image, , my question is, Can I enable the 2 modules ? the default image zoom , and this product image zoom , ?


No you can’t, you can only use any one feature zoom or light box.

Very nice! Good luck with the sales.

Can you set the size and location of the image zoom? If so how do we do this, and what files need to be modified?

I can’t wait to get this mod!!

Yes you can, from js. For more information see this http://www.professorcloud.com/mainsite/cloud-zoom-integration.htm

After you purchase email me via my profile page so that i can help you.

Is there anyway of having smooth touch support for devices like I-Pads, I-Phones or Android touch devices?

I’ve found that in order for this to work of an I-Pad I had to touch click on the image to move the magnifying glass around.

This would be a very sweet addon to have if smooth movement would happen on a tablet or phone.

Thank for for and word on this. Jeff

Then you need to use Cloud Zoom touch.

Settysantu, could you do this for us?


You just need to replace js file that’s it. Email me so that i can send you link to that js file.

Note: It doesn’t support all devices, so before you buy check it once.

In English: I can not make the payment using my PayPal balance. It appears only the option of credit card. How can I pay my balance with Paypal?

In Portuguese/Brazil: Não consigo efetuar o pagamento utilizando meu saldo Paypal. Só aparece a opção de cartão de crédito. Como posso pagar com meu saldo Paypal?

Please contact Envato support, there will resolve it.

Will this work with custom themes

Well yes.

just installed it but my add to cart button is gone (he is very small without add to cart text) my website is http://onlinespeelgoedbestellen.nl

Thanks for purchasing, problem is because of ur custom theme. There might have added some class to add to cart.

Can you please email me from my profile page so that i can help you.

Im a newbie at this how hard is it for a newbie to install? thanks

Very much easy, you get help file too. If u still can’t make it am here to help you :)

the zoom image can be larger, than what is it now?

Yes you need to do from cloud-zoom.1.0.2.js file. If you have any questions please email me from my profile page.

hi i want to cloud zoom v3

Yes of you need to buy license.

Hi, nice plugin. Just want to know if this is compatible with the product slider plugin from getshopped (wp e-commerce plugin). I am currently using magic zoom plugin and it conflicts with the product slider plugin. Please advice. Thank you!

Hi, this plugin is for OpenCart not for wordpress.

Hello. Help says: Step 3 : Paste below code inside </head> tag.

And no code. I have to copy code from the “Refer image below for reference” :(

Got your email, just replied.

Hi I just have a couple of questions, I currently have a site where you click on the additional images and it opens a pop up with a large image inside, I prefer the way your plugin works, where you click on an additional image and it reloads the main image to that one rather then opening a pop-up, will it change when I install the plugin? I was also wondering if it is possible to use that feature without the zoom if required so that if you hover over the main image, nothing happens. The last question is that on my site currently, I have the additional images laid out to the left of the main image and not under it, can keep that layout with this plugin?

Kind Regards, Tristan Dyas

Hi Dyas,

1. Yes it should if you follow instructions correctly.

2. Yes you can keep that layout with this plugin.

Hi, This mod works with the Pinshop Theme from Nine.bit?

Well am not sure, need to look into code then only i can say.

What’s your e-mail? I can send you the codes.

Please send me through my profile page.

Hi can you help me to implement this on Version and i have a custome theme RGensis installed.

Just replied to your email.

Hi Settysantu

Please help me to setup zoom in my website its not working as i expected.

I think i already help you? just email me the issue.

Thanks Settysantu for your great support.

No problem.


For OpenCart 2.0+ , i need an extension to create individual prices and stock levels for each of the product variations like different sizes & colors, instead of having to display each variation as a separate product. Stock Reports should show the stock value and the cost price and sell margins. Exportable to to Excel, change the stock values and import it again in Opencart.

The extension should have the features …

Create individual prices and stock levels for each of the product variations Individual stock control of each product option & subtract stock upon each sale Customer group pricing (default, wholesale prices etc) Unique image per option Multi language support Ajax loading of pricing, stock status and image Easy install under Extensions > Modules vQmod file modification – no core code changes Export / Import feature (via CSV) for product variants – allows bulk stock control Comprehensive Stock Reports (Excel exportable) with all products, inclusive product options with their current stock value, sorted by stock value Possibility to use costprice (import and export to excel) The report uses this price to generate stock value and margins Export facility for this report to Excel, so you can manage the data yourself (sort, pivot table etc) Stock levels can be updated in Excel and imported in Opencart.

Kindly quote me best & reasonable price. Thanks.

do u have for version?

hi this is work with journal theme?

Never tested, so not sure about it.