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I would like to use this plugin but would like to use it a little bit differently. Would you guys be able to design/develop me one for my needs if I was willing to pay?

Hey, thanks for your interest but we are currently not available for freelance. Best.

Hello, i have problem, this aplication dont work in google chrome.

Can you help me please?

If you are trying to get it working on your coumputer locally, browser might not be alowing ajax loading. Developer console may give you a hint.

So you may add “—allow-file-access-from-files” to the start command of chrome.


All the scripts & css are successfully loaded but your script doesn’t start. So I think I have a problem with .json file I tried to put absolute URL for ‘DATA_PATH’ in categorizer.js and in the .json file but it doesn’t work.

Can you help me with this issue ?

May you check console on chrome or firefox for loading error. Images also loading asynchronous so if one of their path is broken script won’t work.

Ok sorry for the trouble… I forgot to modify directory of your preloader and your logo.

hi im impressed! does it support some ajax? i cant understand how it works with data. please comment .

hey, it is not easily configurable. it shows what is on json and if you like to add another value to detail page or thumb you need to dive into javascirpt. as i mentioned before it is not very configurable. best

that`s acceptable.

i found one glitch. position of categorizeBarContainer doesnt recalcs after resize browser window. i resize browser windows and i see how items layout refreshed but categorizeBarContainer not visible. ff 27.0.1

that is something new, i will try to work on it.

ok i wait. without it i cant use that. thanks.

sorry for the late reply. i fixed the bug and uploaded. i guess it will be updated in two days. best.

Could you point me in the right direction to have this working with a mongodb nosql database… mongodb can exports to json format…


You may need to write some server side code to dynamicly generate json file. then you only need to change DATA_PATH: “json/productData.json” to point your file.

some questions before purchasing:
  • is there ability to add (buy) button with shopping cart
  • is there ability to add (full details) to the product
  • is there ability to add (image album ) for the product
  • is there ability for the design to be responsive ?

Sorry but i have to answer all your questions with a no. you need to write some code for those features.


Great looking demo, but I’m having problems with the data format as the documentation isn’t very clear. For instance, in the sample code you use a {"categoryId": "2", "id":"<1"} but the documentation doesn’t appear to explain how or why you would use <1.

Sorry for the late reply. < only used in range filters. if the item is $18 and range values are $5, $10, $15, $20 the filter value should be <3. because there is not exact value of the item, you need to specify that it is lower than 3. 3 is the index of $20 Best.

HI, I like to know if it is posible to change the search panel, from bottom to up, and change the colors?

Sorry for the late reply. There is no build in code for changing bar. You need to edit some code, You may change most of the colors easily.


It doesn’t seem to work in crome?

Hey mickymac101, The problem is about Chrome. Chrome does not allow local xmlhttprequest. So you may add—allow-file-access-from-files to the start command of chrome. Or you may get it working with firefox.

is it just a local problem, will it work on chrome when it goes online?

Yes it is a local restriction that browsers use for security.

I have quite a lot of categories, can the be selected on two lines rather then one? at the minute I cant see them all when i click the menu

hi i would like to see a demo, but its down..

Demo is up now, thanks for your interest.


The product demo is down. Some questions:

Will this work ok on mobile? Will this work with woocommerce shortcodes?


Demo is up now, thanks for your interest.

Hello, I’m very interested in this plugin but it’s missing a lot of customizations, and responsiveness, are you planning to update and to add new stuff to this plugin or is this project dead? Thank you.

Sorry, this one will not be upgraded. Thanks for your interest.

demo doesn´t work

demo doesn’t work

I need to integrated it into my website php cs-cart, could it work fine with my website ?