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Hi Seems that $difference_in_percent work in the opposite way. I’ve noticed that if you have regular price set to example 16 and sales price to 11 it give you a discount of 69%. But if you set the regular price to 15 and sale to 11 it give you a discount of 72%. you can see two example

here: http://clc20.it/prodotto/circlet-iphone-5-case-with-kickstand-sim-holder-iphone-55s-protezione-schermo-iphone/ and http://clc20.it/prodotto/monscot-iphone-5-sticker-case-cover-personalizzabile-iphone-55s-protezione-total-body-schermo-retro-iphone/


Hey kobebrain, and thanks for your comment. I think I’ve got an email from you, too. Right? :) Now I got it. The correct percentage should be subtracted by 100. I will check that and go back to you as soon as possible.

Hey kobebrain, I’ve just updated the plugin. You should get the update within your WordPress installation (if you’ve entered a purchase code). It’s also in the review-process of CodeCanyon. But it may take some time till the latest version will be online.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Good day! Its possible to make it work with cache? WP Super cache plugin i mean. Big thanks!

Hey alexus13, I’ve now updated the plugin so that it reloads the countdown using Ajax. There is a new setting on the settings page called “I’m using a caching plugin”. Activate this and clear your cache. After that it should work accordingly ;)

Please note the updated plugin is now in the reviewing process at CodeCanyon. But you should get the update when you have entered your purchase code, too.

Hope this helps. And thanks for notifying me about this.

wpbuddy, its awesome, big thanks!

You’re welcome ;) I’ve just updated the item again to make the Ajax-call a little faster.

is it possible to display the countdown sale product on a specific page, like a Daily Deal page? that would be großartig!

Hey flokki, and thanks for your comment. I’ve already answered you via email yesterday. Don’t know if you got it ;)

The answer is: no. As described on the sales page, the plugin needs a WooCommerce product page with exactly one product (or a product variation) to work properly.

I can’t get the plugin to work I get this error upon trying to save setting in the woocommerce panel:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/topthist/public_html/wp-admin/includes/template.php:1698) in /home/topthist/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 896

Hey Jesse4556, and thanks for your comment. Are you sure that my plugin is producing this error? Did you try to deactivate the plugin? Does the error still occur? If so, please contact me via my Support Form providing temporary access to your Blog + FTP access so that I can check what’s wrong myself.

Thanks in advance and greetings to you


The plugin works really well – and it looks good to.

1) We have added the countdown on the frontpage, but how do people go from there to the product page? Is it possible to make the countdown text into a link that leads to the relevant product page?

2) 9 months ago “Tiguan” dreamt about being able to show the countdown in the content. I also dream about that :)

Thanks, Mads

Hey Mads, and thanks for the praise. Really appreciate that! ;)

1) Good question for me, too ;-) The current field does not allow any HTML so it’s not possible to add a link there. But you can dd feature request on this page if you like.

2) You can add countdown in the content. For this you have to use the shortcode. See FAQ (question 10).

Hope this helps and greetings to you ;)

Hi. On my webshop i have countdown on every products…

I want to add the countdown to the woocommerce webshop totally… so i want to see the countdown under every product in the shop..

Can i do it?!

And can i add more countdown to the home page with shortcode?! Because i have 3 box on my home page and i want to see the 3countdown…

Hey DJSAD, 1) Sorry, this does not work at the moment. The countdown only shows up if a sales price and dates have been chosen. And only one countdown can be shown on each page.


I’m am interested in purchasing this plugin however I would like to know if this plugin has a duration attribute to it?

To clarify… I would like to set up a countdown timer for an evergreen OTO and I want the countdown to reset for each individual, so that that let’s say each customer will have only 2 days (or 24 hours) to purchase. (Of course those times are only examples.)

I don’t want to reset the timer each time myself. (Hope I cleared that up…)

I’ve seen plugins similar to yours (i.e. Scarcity Samurai) used on a sales page that did this. Can yours do this as well?

I’ve seen other plugins that work using both cookies and IP address to avoid fooling the system. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.

Hey sturred, and thanks for your comment.

No, my plugin is not really the same as Scarcity Samurai. It only allows to show the countdown timer when a sales price and sales dates are given on a WooCommerce product. So it’s not possible to configure one countdown per user. So it only works together with WooCommerce. It does not allow to create individual countdowns.

Hope this helps. And greetings to you! ;)

I created a product but when I select switch on and go to select the product nothing shows up in the products list so that I can display it on a page.

Hey evielutions, and thanks for the hint. I’ve fixed that in the latest version. If you have entered your purchase code on the settings page you should get the updated automatically.

Hope this helps. Greetings

Thanks for the quick update, that fixed the issue!

You’re welcome ;)


My client is bought your plugin. If you need I can send you code. I have problem with setup plugin into home page . I have put shortcode , but I cant see anything. Is it possible to put countdown in middle of page like popup? http://staging.buyabargain.com.au

Thank you!

Hey Zaccc, really weird. The plugin hooks into the wp_footer action hook that WordPress provides. However when it’s not included in your theme (normally it should be there) then the Countdown doesn’t really get load. If you can’t get it work, contact me directly via my support form providing temporary access to your blog + (very important) FTP access. Otherwise it’s pretty difficult to find a solution.

Thanks and greetings to you


I have open ticket.


Hey Zaccc, okay thanks. I’ve answered already.


Hi! Can your plugin work the way this site works: metrodeal.com

When you hover over a product/service, it will show the countdown timer.

Hey reeshua, and thanks for your comment. Short answer: no. My plugin displays a new div-element with the countdown.

the name seems per product countdown but the demo seems global countdown. Can you clear this? perhaps by adding a demo site that actually have products by woocommerce?

If this is per product, is it possible to put the countdown similar with mightydeals? http://www.mightydeals.com/deal/iconsolid.html

Can I also display the original price, the discounted price and the percent saving like mighty deals?


Hey simplecoder. Just visit the landing page and scroll down till the countdown appears. This is the standard-view. Here is screenshot that shows how it looks like built-in with the shortcode.

Please note that this is not a theme. It’s a plugin, mate ;) So there is no “singleproduct.php”. Yeah. You should start creating your own layout when you want to have it like mighty. Note that there is no support for customized products.

Can I display the countdown in my own div? I sent you an email where I want the countdown to appear.


Hey simplecoder, answered via E-Mail, too. It should be possible but it’s not officially supported. Where did you built this content box? Via the editor or in one of your theme template files?

does the countdown show in every product. let say in home page where recent products are displayed?

No. It can only be displayed for one product. So if you have multiple products on your home page the countdown displays for one of them (you can choose which one).


I would like to show the counter inside the product (say with the short description. Is this possible? (with some custom coding)

Kind regards, Mark

Hi. Fixed it.Thnx!

But now (sorry) it still have an issue. I use the [product_page] shortcode on the home page. It does not show op there. Since the products in that shortcode (well a copy) is dynamic based on being featured, we can not change it in the plugin settings.

Any thoughts?

Kind regards, Mark

Hey thordar, hmm… good question. If you want to show the countdown on the frontage you can follow this: Can I show the plugin on the homepage?. But it’s limited to one product only (as a countdown is always linked to a product). So it’s not possible to show multiple countdowns on one page at this point in time if you want to achieve this.

Hope this helps

Ik have opened a support ticket with urls and a morge accurate problem description. Thnx in advance


is this plugin for all products or individu product?

Hey dreamwork, it’s individual for every product.


Is it possible to add the counter right NEXT to the product image on the “single product page” ?

Hey turner2f, and thanks for your comment. You have more options:

a) show the timer at the bottom (or top) of the page (as seen on the demo page) b) add it in the text area using the shortcode. So this means: if your text-area is next to product image it should be possible to add it via the shortcode. However I’m not pretty sure because every theme is different. c) (needs some coding skills): add the shortcode in your theme file: do_shortcode( '[product_countdown]' );

Hope this helps

Concerning ( c ) ...

Which theme file would I add the following shortcode to ?

do_shortcode( '[product_countdown]' );

Hey turner2f, this depends how your theme was built. You should ask your theme author. S/he knows exactly where to add the shortcode.

- Disregard: Answered above already.

Is it possible to add the countdown timer to the top of page or add to cart area or is this only limited to the bottom of the page? Specifically by configuring the plugin in the settings area, not custom template modifications or shortcodes.

Hey mattmikulla ;)

1. Since version 3.0 it’s possible to fade in from top, too. You can also use a shortcode to add it anywhere in the editor.

2. If you want to add it on non-product-pages you can activate the countdown on other posts, pages or custom post types, too. For this you get this metabox (screenshot). As you can see: you have to select a product you would like to refer to.

Hope this helps.

Hi there,

What is the best way to translate Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds into my own language ?


Hey idweblogs, the best way is to add a new language and translate it. For this copy the file /wp-content/plugins/product-countdown/assets/langs/product-countdown-translation.po, rename it to /product-countdown-de_DE.po (replace de_DE with your language code) and edit the file with a translation tool like PoEdit. After translating you will get a .mo file that you have to move to the /assets/langs/ folder.

That’s pretty much it ;)

Hello, I wonder where I can change the labels of the time. I wanted to change where writing comes Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds. But without changing the plugin directly to avoid having to redo it when you update.

Hello, I’m from Brazil and I noticed that you have no translation into Portuguese. You have a tutorial for me to create this translation and pass it to you to implement the plugin maybe other buyers of your plugin that is from Brazil.

Hey Marco, sure. I would appreciate that ;)

As I wrote in my previous email: just download PoEdit (it’s free). Then make a copy of product-countdown-translation.mo and name it product-countdown-pt_BR.mo. Open the file and start translating. After that, just send me copy of it. That’s it ;-)

Okay! I’ll be doing the translation and you will pass soon. Glad to help. :D

I want to use this on a regular Wordpress blog post/page without WooCommerce installed. How do I make this work?

Hey didugboe, as described in the description/sales page of the plugin this plugin only works with WooCommerce.