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Is it possible to either hide the add to cart button (and show “SOLD OUT!” message) or redirect it to an external website after the sale has finished?

If both of those functions are added I’ll purchase ASAP.

Hey Lakjin, and thanks for your comment again. No, at the moment this is not possible. But I guess you can achieve that with a (free) redirect plugin.

Problem is I haven’t been able to find such a plugin. Will you consider adding such a functionality? It shouldn’t take long since you already wrote most of the code—just need to make the redirect come in when button is clicked.

Hey Lakjin, I’ve noted that down for one of the next bigger releases.

Will I be able to input the time left bar into a forum post on bbpress? That is where I will display my products.


Hey kaiwho, unfortunately I haven’t tested this. So I can’t really say if it works. The plugin was made to be included into a normal post, page or custom post types. Do you know how bbpress handles forum posts internally? If they’re handled like custom posts it should work. But as I said, I’m not really sure.

The timer isn’t showing up on my page. How to make it show? I have the plugin enabled and it shows the intro text, but not the countdown timer.

Okay, I figured out the issue with the timer not showing. Another plugin was conflicting with it.

Hey Lakjin, can you tell us which plugin causes the problem? Thanks

M Gates’ Limited Products plugin

I think the plugin may be breaking my site, specifically on Safari. Here is a link: http://orangetrade.com/product/hyster-h90xls-forklift/#tabs_i2-pane152095eaae5cad

I deactivated all my plugins and left only woo commerce and the page loaded fine. Then I activated the countdown and it does something bad to the page. Tabs don’t open, the script doesn’t run as t should, the numbers don’t show up.

Why is this? Do you need to update because of WP 3.6?

Hey Mirandavinci, I’ve seen that you already sent an email. So I will answer your questions there. The plugin normally is already up-to-date and should work with WP 3.6.


Is it possible to make the plugin work on the homepage or another area I put the woocommerce shortcode / product insert? As at the moment I can only get it to work on the product page

Hey edango, and thanks for your comment.

You can make the plugin work on other pages (you have to select a product then) but it does not work on customized homepages (template files). The shortcode will only work when the countdown was activated on that page where the shortcodes is in action.

You can find a full “How to set it up”-guide here.

Hope this helps.

I am using this plugin on my website, and I noticed a bug:

For some reason, the timer is showing the amount of time left based on local computer time, not local time of my server or Wordpress setting. For example, if my computer is set to a different time zone than my Wordpress setting, the timer is different than it should be (e.g. it shows 3 hours left for a deal that has 15 hours left if my time zone is 12 hours ahead of what is set in Wordpress).

Hey Lakjin, I’ve tested it and you’re right. I will provide an update soon.

Thanks for figuring this out. Really appreciate it.



Hi wpbuddy,

I installed this exactly as the instructions but no countdown appears. I am using the latest version of woocommerce and wordpress 3.6… I really need this to work ASAP. Theme is a customized version of Canvas from woothemes.

Also your title of the plugin is misleading, after download this is more of a “sales countdown” not a “countdown to launch of a product” which the name implies that it counts down to.

So far pretty disappointed.

Hey steeljohn, and thanks for your comment. First: Unfortunately without more information I cannot help you out. Can you please send me a personal message using the contact form on my CodeCanyon profile page? What I need is temporary access to your blog and the exact URL where you want to display the URL. Sometimes is also good to get access to your FTP account for a limited time. Otherwise I can just guess what’s wrong.

Second: If you miss a functionality you can leave a comment on this page.

Hope to hear from you soon via email.


I want to have a custom background image for the countdown timer on my site. Can I use css in the Custom CSS field under the Product Countdown Settings Field? If so can you please advise on how I would go about this? Can you please give me a demo/example on how I can go about doing this?

PS Love your plugin!

Thank you sir! Just so you know when I put it on the global settings page. The code did not work. But when I went to page level and added the css it worked great. You might want to look into the global thing.. It’s not a big deal to me though as long as i am able to skin

Hey itwasbo, and thanks for your comment and your hints. I will check that again and will update the plugin again if necessary.


Hey itwasbo, I’ve found the problem. You have to add either the !important tag to the global css styles or to clear the background color on the page you want to use the global styles. The thing is that the global styles (especially the background color) get’s overwritten by the single page css styles if set. I’ve summarized that on our Countdown WordPress FAQ page (Question 14).

But there is another issue on the global styles that I’ve bugfixed. I will provide an update soon.

Thanks for your help and greetings to you


After an update all my counters stopped displaying numbers and now display “NaN” as you can see on the page linked.

They were running flawlessly beforehand. Could be a bug?

Also, when will you be able to let us make edits that apply to all countdowns selected?

For example, if I want to extend the time on all 50 of my countdowns I don’t have to edit each of the 50, instead I edit in one universal place.

Hey Mirandavinci, and thanks for your comment. I’ve just took a look onto that page you’ve linked to. And for me the countdown is displaying correctly. Maybe it has something to do with the cache (both on your browser or your WordPress cache, if you’re using a caching plugin)? Please try to clear your caches first. If the error still occurs, please tell me what browser (and version) you’re currently using.

To your second question: I guess that there will never be such a functionality you’ve described because the plugin relies on WooCommerce and their sales-price field on product pages. What you’re looking for is a plugin that updates you’re WooCommerce products all at once.

Greetings to you

Whay is still impossible to set hours?

I mean, it is incredible that plugin is presented as countdow and here you can set only days.

Every countdown (free or premium) is equipped with year-month-day-hour function except this one. Absolutely incredible.

It is absolutely incredible that you sell half-products and half-countdowns here and present it as real countodwn.

I expect from you to add hour function.

Hey bosko669, and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately it’s up to WooCommerce. The plugin uses the internal WooCommerce schedule functions. As I know it’s not possible to hook into the schedule time at the moment. I’ve also tried to set the time manually but WooCommerce always overwrites it once the product gets re-saved :-(

TY for the answer!

But, is it possible for you to launch pure countdown plugin with same css and user experience? I mean, just countdown which has nothing to do with WooCommerce.

I like your plugin very much; I just miss hours and minutes and I don’t need it for Woo products. I just need pure countdown.

I think you should offer your plugin as pure countdown also. :)

Hey bosko669, and thanks for your comment again. This would defiantly be a good idea :) I also thought to make such a plugin but at the moment I do not have a lot of free time to create new plugins :( As you may know such plugins always need a lot of work till they can be sold. But I can keep you informed if I will have such a plugin ready one time :-)


The plugin seems promising, however I have sent in a support ticket please advise. thanks!

I guess I’ve already answered, haven’t I? :)

Excellent after-sales, I have sent you another email about localization. Kindly advise, thanks.

is this responsive?

Hey map85, and thanks for your comment. The answer is: not really but it works in some cases. If you’re using it as a popup and not inside the content (as a shortcode) it uses percentages in CSS. I’ve just took a screenshot on the iOS simulator (iPhone Retina 3.5inch) to show you how it looks like.

Hope this helps. Greetings to you

Any idea why the ‘return arrow’ symbol:


is rooted to the top left of the screen?

Hey simonben, and thanks for your comment. The arrow only appears when it has been activated and when you’re logged in. You can read more about it here (step 6: “Make the countdown fade-in on a specific position”). If you don’t need the arrow-helper you can deactivate it on the settings page of the plugin (“WooCommerce”—> “Countdown”).

Hope this helps.

I want to add a coupon code that expires in a time. Can i add my own text? And asscociate to what page/ product i want to?

In other words offer coupon savings rather than “sale” to products,


Hey nzkulture, and thanks for your comment. Yes I think this is possible. Check out the screenshot here. But for this you have to set sales-dates and a sales-price too (this can be the same price as the normal price).

Hope this helps.

I’ve purchased it and followed instructions. It does not even appear. Can you help?

Website here: http://shop.paulpetch.co.nz/

Hey nzkulture, and thanks for your reply. Nice website btw :) On which product (link) do you want to show the countdown? Here you can read how to set the product countdown up correctly.

If it still does not work, please go to my support page and send me a mail. Please also give temporary access to your blog so that I can check what’s wrong.

Can you please add the ability to set its own timer in the plugin instead of use Woo’s sales timer?

Hey Lakjin, and thanks for your comment. Sorry, this is not possible at the moment. Because WooCommerce does all the timer-settings internally and there is currently no possibility to hook into that. I’m currently working on another Countdown-Plugin which works independently. Unfortunately I don’t know when it will be ready.

Greetings to you

Hello, just a presale question: I know the plugin can output Sale price on the banner, but I do also like to show the original price, the percentage saved, I know this is possible but dont know how to edit your code. If you think it possible and you can help me with that, I go ahead and purchase the plugin now. Thanks!

Hey htgmu, and thanks for your comment. You don’t have to edit the code. You can just use one or more of the following variables in the text field that is provided on the settings-section on a product page: $price, $sales_price, $sold_items, $stock_items for a placeholder, $difference_in_percent. The variables will then be replaced with the original values.

Hope this helps.


Love your plugin and working great! Already 5 stars, but I have one question here. How to remove background shadow? I just want it plain and match my blog background. (for shortcode, not floating one)

Thanks in advance. :)

Hey kaixer, nice to hear that it works. Thanks for the 5 stars. Really appreciate it!

Try to add the following into the CSS field
#product_countdown {
 -webkit-box-shadow: none;
  -moz-box-shadow: none;
  box-shadow: none;
OR for the shortcode version:
#product_countdown_shortcode {
 -webkit-box-shadow: none;
  -moz-box-shadow: none;
  box-shadow: none;

Looking for this plugin for a long time. Once again, it’s awesome! Support also great!

Good luck. :)

Best Regards,

Thanks mate :) Such comments always keep me going :)

Hi, this plugin seems not work. Perhaps there’s some kind of conflict. Here is the url: http://www.hellocreativestudio.it/marmivalpolicella

how i can make it work?


Hey webstylelab, and thanks for your comment. What’s the exact problem? I visited your page and could not find a countdown ;)


Hi, here’s a page with the countdown actived: http://www.hellocreativestudio.it/marmivalpolicella/prodotto/greyish-sofa/

but it not appears (i’ve configured it on this product page)

Did you enter a sales date and sales price? You can learn more about it here (headline 3): How to set the countdown up


Hi, can we set the countdown for a category of products?

Hey whoiskenneth,

so keep it short: no. That’s not possible at the moment.


Hello, one question. Can i set the countdown in such way that when the time is up, to close the sales on the specific product automatically?

Hey inje, and thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. But what you can do is to redirect a user after the countdown has expired. Please note that actions on products only work with “Simple products”.

Hope this helps. Greetings to you