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Really nice idea, Can I add custom time for each product?

Hi codenegar, of course this is possible. At current it only works with WooCommerce, so you have to add a sales-price and a sales-date for the WooCommerce product you want to show the countdown plugin. You can read the How to set the Countdown Plugin up article on my website as well for more detailed information on this.

Hope this helps.


Big congrats to your fantastic plugin! You did a really great job on this.
By the way, is there a way to place the countdown in a custom position on single product page? For example I need to display it under the price or product title. I’m not talk about the fade-in on a specific position. Maybe a function to be placed on product page, something like “if countdown is set to ON, then show it here”.
And a small suggestion: ability to set the global css, not to each product in hand, maybe on Countdown – General options ? However, I’m glad to see this plugin on codecanyon! Heads up with sales mate! :)

Kind Regards!

Hi Tiguan, and thanks for your great comment! :) Really cool to hear that my customers are satisfied with the products I make. And of course to hear what they really need. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

1. Yes you can add the countdown on custom post types as well. Just edit the post you want the countdown to appear, scroll down to the settings and choose product the current page belongs to. Then the custom post will grab the sales-information from the WoooCommerce-product page.

2. I don’t know exactly what you mean by your second thought. Do you want to display the countdown directly in the content (and not really fixed on the bottom of the page) maybe via a shortcode? Yeah. This definitely is a great idea ;-)


Yes, I want to display the countdown directly in the content, not really fixed on the bottom of the page. It’s ok to do this through shortcode but a php code function will be great I think. Something like this will be great:
//if countdown is ON 
display countdown


Hello Codenegar,

Great plugin.

Would it be possible to show amount sold for the product too?

If so, I’ll buy it. If it doesn’t do that, do you or anyone know how to show total_sales on the product page too?

Thanks in advance.

I currently do not have a demo where you can see all the different settings but you can check out the screenshots (as well as the settings-page-screenshot) to see what’s possible.

That horizontal banner will be too big for where I want to put it. I want to put it in like a sidebar of a product detail page. Is it possible to amend the size of the banner easily and do you offer support for this?


Hey mlakha, and thanks for your comment again.

In the latest version (3.0) you can add it directly into the content by using a shortcode. It’s not possible to put it into the sidebar at the moment. And you can customize the styles by just overwriting the styles-sheets on the settings page. So it’s possible to make it smaller, or even bigger, change colors and so on. Unfortunately I cannot give support for individual customizations, sorry.

I hope this helps anyway.



Very nice plugin! :)

I have a few questions before i purchase it:

1) Can i see an example of the plugin in page or a post or a custom post type instead of the footer of a website? 2) Can i add the countdown for all of my woocommerce products ? 3) Can i re-size the countdown bar ?

Thank you!

Hey specialhost, and thanks for your comment.

1). I’ve just added some more screenshots on the Product Countown WordPress Plugin Landingpage. Check them out to see more.

2) Yes, you can add it for every single WooCommerce product but you have to set it up on those who are on sale.

3) You can style by adding custom CSS statements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me again if you have any other questions :-)

Greetings to you

Hi bought this, looks good. I was hoping I could set it to expire the product when the countdown finishes but it doesnt look like that is an option, only a price reduction!

Is this possible???

Also, I did a test countdown and have checked the redirect after the countdown expires to my homepage as a test, but after the countdown, the product page still is the same, only the countdown has been removed. This is on a product page.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Hey daihlo, okay, I think I now understand what you want to do. You want to set a product to “not published” when the countdown expired? Is that right?

At current the countdown only uses the internal WooCommerce-Sales-Price-functionality.

Yes, I’ve just recognized that there is a bug in version 3.0 which does not redirect after the sales price has expired. I will fix that in the next version.


Thats correct. I need the countdown to expire the product on completion, then I can use the re-direct page to advertise the next coming offer. Any idea when the re-direct bug will be released?


Hey daihlo, and thanks a again for the hint. There really was another bug in the redirect-process. I’ve just bugfixed it and it’s ready for download. You should add your purchase code on the settings page to get the update automatically via WordPress internal functionality (Click here if you don’t know where to find your purchase code). I’ve also uploaded the latest version on CodeCanyon but it’s currently in the review process. To get the latest version from there may take a while.

To take the whole product down after the expiration is maybe a good idea for one of the next versions. I will note that. Thanks.

I can’t get this to work with products that have variables/attributes. Any way to make this work?

Great product by the way!!! Love it :)

Hi jimmie80, and thanks for your comment :-)

Are you sure that it’s because of the attributes? I’m using attributes on WooCommerce products, too and it works like a charm :-) Can you please provide more information on this, please? Maybe an URL where you actually run the plugin? You can also use the contact form on my profile page to contact me directly.


A lot of new features on the last version! Big congrats!
BTW, it is posible to use echo do_shortcode for [product_countdown] shortcode?
I need to place the countdown under the title on the product page located at woocommerce/single-product/title.php.

Sorry, it is about switching issue between Text and Visual tabs on editing pages, not products.

Hey Tiguan, can you please provide more information regarding the switching issue? I’ve just tested this and could not reproduce this. Are you familiar with Firebug or some other Javascript console outputs so tell me what error is thrown? If not is it possible to get temporary access to your blog to check that? For this you can use the form on the right bottom on my profile page.


Done! Thanks.

Hey guys! I love the look of this and i want to have a countdown on my website but i’m not selling anything – just want a weekly countdown for new articles etc. can i use this plugin without WooCommerce or does it rely on that?

Hey Extrememusic, and thanks for your comment. Yes, it relies on WooCommerce but it’s “planned” to make another Plugin that don’t need WooCommerce. Unfortunately I don’t know when it will be ready.

I just purchased this plugin and followed all the instructions, but the problem is that it won’t react on the on/off switch button. When I choose on and save the product it just goes back to off. What can I do about this?

Hey sam86, and thanks for your comment. Can you please provide temporary access to your blog and give me an example where this happens? So that I can check what’s wrong? For this you can use the contact form on my codecanyon profile page.


Its necessary to be registered on my website to see the countdown promo?

Thank you.

I just bought and I have version 3.1.1. and the current version is 3.1.5 Where are the updates?

Sorry, already updated, was using the purchase code

Hey javitopo, yes, just use the purchase code to get updates earlier.


Hi can you tell me if I can enable this sitewide? Or only on the home page.

Hey blueblast, and thanks for your comment again. Unfortunately there is no function to add the countdown sitewide because it’s always attached to a WooCommerce product. Only products, pages, post or custom post types are supported. No custom theme templates (like the homepage, archive pages, and so on).


Thanks for great plugin! How can i use it on variable products? There is no sale prise in general settings.

Hey alexus13, and thanks for your comment. The latest version should work for variable products, too. But you have to add some product variations. Then every product variation can have sales prices, too :-) Please check the WooCommerce documentation for variable products to learn more about this.

Hope this helps

All working great! Thanks for link.

My friend i want to translate “hours, minutes” to my language. I create po and mo file but it dont help me. How can i translate them?

Resolved. For localization i use Codestyling Localization plugin problem was in him.

I have issue with shortcode in page, in “Product to refer to:” i cant choose product that i need. Search dont work.

Hey alexus13, and thanks for your comment. Can you please send me a message via my profile page form? And can you please give me temporary access to your blog so that I can check what’s wrong?



Great plugin

I have a question involving placing the countdown inline on the product page. I have it working in woocommerce content-single-product.php page using the shortcode in this manner: <?php echo do_shortcode(“[product_countdown]”); ?>

However, it shows two instances of the countdown on the product page

The countdown across the footer still remains

So two instances appear on the product page and I only want it inline

Hey meanrabbit, Officially this will not work because you only can use the shortcode in the content-area of the product (or a page/post). But there is a little workaround that I’ve figured out together with another buyer. You can use the following code maybe in your themes functions.php:
function my_countdown_init() {

    // only show on single pages, posts or custom post types
    if( ! is_singular() ) return;

    global $wpb_product_countdown, $post;

    // stop if this is not a post (only works on WP >= 3.5)
    if( ! $post instanceof WP_Post ) return;

    // stop if the post type is not "product" 
    if( $post->post_type != 'product' ) return;

    // stop if the plugin is not yet loaded
    if( ! isset( $wpb_product_countdown ) ) return;

    // stop if there is something wrong with the class
    if( ! $wpb_product_countdown instanceof WPB_Product_Countdown ) return;

    // we would like to use the plugin in a shortcode only
    $wpb_product_countdown->_countdown_usage  = 'shortcode';


add_action( 'wp', 'my_countdown_init', 20 );

Please note the following: 1. Normally the plugin checks if the plugin should be displayed as a shortcode OR as a popup. 2. With the above PHP function you overwrite this check. 3. This means that you can only use the plugin with the shortcode. It’s then not possible to use it as a popup any longer.

Please also note that we cannot give support for individual plugin customization once it’s customized :-)

But hopefully this was the solution you’re looking for :-)


Hi! Thanks for the code snippet

Seems to be working, thanks for taking the time to help!

Looking forward to future functionality updates in the future

It would be great to have the option to have the product go back to regular price and the countdown removed when the timer expires.

Thanks again

I am interested in this plugin. Now, can the timer be removed entirely? For example, I would like it for another functionality which is somewhat related.

Let’s say I want to use it for the purpose of displaying a limited product. It will be something like this:



Hey iBoost, and thanks for your comment. I’ve not tested this yet but you can surely hide the countdown-timer via CSS (if you’re familiar with CSS).

Hope this helps Greetings

I purchased it and I like it, just does not suit my actual purpose. It will be awesome if you can update it in the future to not need the schedule and perhaps disable the clock entirely. Just looking for the option of showing stock count or sold etc. Would you happen to know how I can display this using a shortcode from your app somewhere else in the page?

Hey iBoost, and thanks for your comment. I will note that for a future-request. Thanks. You can find help about the shortcode on the FAQ page of the plugin. But it also will show the countdown-timer.


Hi, i have a problem with the € sign, it give me & nb sp;&e ur o; How to fix this ?

Hey mctyer, and thanks for your comment. Can you please give me an example of that? The plugin uses the WooCommerce functions to print prices. If there is something wrong with it we have to report that to Woo.


Hello wpbuddy, I have a situation where I created a page called promo and used the shortcode to list all the on sale products. I want the countdown to be displayed at the bottom of this page only… As they all should expire on same day, can I have the countdown displaying at this page only?

Thanks Davys

Hey Davys, and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately this is not possible because the countdown always refers to only one product. So it will not work on pages where multiple products are shown. But when they all expire on the same day you can choose just one product from the metabox-setting so that it just seems that it suites to every other product as well.

Hope this helps. Greetings

dear sir can i use for event countdown thank Cinelrb

Hey cinelrb, and thanks for your comment. You can use the countdown as long as it is merged with a WooCommerce product.