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Hello I would like to request a trial version. I do not know how to contact you, you can kindly get back to me on email: nvdao.hau@gmail.com is not? Thanks

Hey seluoncocach, and thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately I do not provide trial versions of any of my plugins, sorry.

Greetings to you

HI there,

Do you have an incoming update planned please?

Also, is it possible to change the scarcity text from your example? say if we wanted to have it appear as something like:

” 6 places sold, only 3 places remaining” – could we do that?

Thx a lot for your confirm!

Hey Chedr,

sure you can do that. On this screenshot you can see that the “info text” allows to add several different variables that you can use.

Hope this helps.


Does it also work on normap wp posts and pages or just on WC?

Hey EileenK,

you can add the countdown on every post, but you have to select a WooCommerce product to show it. That means: you always need WC.

Hope this helps ;)

Hi wp-buddy,

Contacted you via your website Pre-Sales question, Please answer those

Thanks in advance :) Ravi

Hey Ravi, got that and answered already ;)

Hey wpbuddy !!

Thanks, I replied back :), Please check and revert

Pre-Order question: I need to finish sale a product or make the product out of stock with countdown like that. Is this plugin doing that also? Thanks.

Hey zodiac90, and thanks for your comment.

The plugin cannot set the product “out of stock”.

Hope this helps.


your plugin is interesting but I don’t understand : is it possible or not to have the countdown for a product on a static homepage ? You’re talking about shortcode but I can’t find it on your FAQ page, line is empty.

Thank you

Hey LittleNeoGeo,

and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t unterstand exactly what you try to achieve.

As per standard the countdown will appear on top or on bottom of the screen (fixed to the browser window).

If you want to have the countdown inside of a page/post you can use the shortcode [product_countdown].

If you want to show a countdown for a special product on the front page you can use the plugins settings page to choose a product.

Hope this helps.

Hi there, I need a plugin that can automatically run each day but then miss out the weekend so from Friday it would count down until Monday. Can this be done?

Thanks, Jamie

Hey Jamie,

and thanks for your comment. I don’t know if I get this right. But my plugin does not do anything automatically. So you have to set up the countdown timer on each product manually.

Hope this helps.


This plugin is flawed if the aid is not buying …

Hey Hey Pakito85,

hopefully you can give me some more input on your issues:

  1. I don’t know exactly what you mean by “adds the purchase in the cart”.
  2. When exactly do you get a server error. On which page?
  3. You’re right. The URL is missing the add-to-cart parameter. This will be fixed with the next update.


Hi there!! OK thank you very much!!

1 ‘What works is not the button … button does not send url to shopping product.

2- thought about the option to bulk edit many items at once ??

Thank you

Hey Pakito85,
  1. In version 4.0.4 the “no-link” problem should be fixed.
  2. At current there is no bulk edit option, sorry.

Many greetings

Hey there,

pre-sales question: In addition to setting a specific time as countdown reference, can I use this as a sales timer? So that if one person clicks on my page, the countdown automatically starts counting down – let’s say 5min. “Buy in the next 5min to secure your discount”. Is that possible or only date as reference?


Hey brutzel1,

and thanks for your comment. I hope you’re doing well today.

Unfortunately this is currently not possible but that would be a nice idea for a future version of the plugin.

So that means the timer must be attached to one product and it’s sales price.

Hope this helps.

I tried to use the live preview and does not work

Hey eyecandy_la, thanks for letting me know. You were right. The iframe was protected by my web server security settings. This has been fixed. However there is still no live-example as this needs to be set up first. But I will do this soon so that everyone can see a live example again.

Thanks again and greetings to you

Hi there,

The plugin does not stop creating 500 error on the server. it does not work

Thank you

Hey Pakito85, bad to hear that you have problems with the plugin. Do you have access to the PHP-Errors logs OR is it possible that you send me the debug.log WordPress generates so get the detailed error? Here you can find more about the WP Debug log functionality.

I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

Does this plugin work well with SSL? I’ve had many plugins that disable it because of the fonts. Thanks.

Hey GreenUpMedia, and thanks for your comment. I’m not using any web fonts in this plugin so it should work with SSL sites, too.

Many Greetings

Hi Developer,

Got the below pre-sales questions:

1. Is there any live demo site for this plugin? 2. Is it support WPML, at least wordings in front-end? 3. Any Global setting for words/style display for coutdown? 4. Does it support latest Wordpress and Woocommerce?


Hey hkicenet,
  1. Unfortunately there is currently no live demo as we’ve relaunched our site. It will be available again, soon.
  2. Normally you should not need WPML for the plugin as you can add the text for every countdown yourself.
  3. You have the option to add global styles. Other options can be set on each product individually.
  4. Of course. I try to update every plugin at leas one or two weeks prior new WordPress versions are available (depending on the release of the official release candidates).

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Many greeintgs

Thanks for your quick reply.

2. As we use “duplicate” method in WPML for product across different languages. We don’t have edit panel for those duplicated product. Just wanna ask how could we translate the text for this plugin frontend across different language?


Hey hkicenet, you’re welcome.

Unfortunately I cannot say if the plugin works together with WPML as it’s a (paid) third party plugin that I cannot test.

Sorry. But if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me agin.


Hi Developer,

Woocommerce has release 2.6 officially. May I know if this plugin support the 2.6 version? If not now, any planned date for the plugin update?


Hey there, yeah, we’re currently working on getting it compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce. I hope we’ll be ready during the next days ????


May I know any update? Thanks.

Hey hkicenet, we’ve updated the plugin a few days ago. The plugin should now be compatible with the latest WooCommerce version.

If you still have any issues. Please let me know.



Can you setup a time for countdown in the plugin? For example, offer ends 6-7-16 18.54?

Kind regards

Hey dsvanhoven, the date will be set when you enter a sales date. The time will always be set to 00:00 each day.

Many greetings

will this work on the top of the checkout page? URL is www.protalus.com Please look as we have a custom checkout page via woocommerce

If the checkout page is a normal page, then you’re able to connect this page to a product. The product then have to be product with a sales date and a sales price so that the countdown can be created.


Great generic response. I gave you my URL so you could look at it and tell me if it would work. But I will just find another way since I dont want another code canyon dev that has no interest in supporting there work

Question, when using this plugin to indicate scarcity in stock, can I manually change the # sold and # left in stock, or is it tied directly to the inventory in WooCommerce.. In other words, are you able to lie within the plugin, to create the scarcity how I want it to be presented?

Hey MCDax, the plugin provides a free text field. You can enter whatever you want. It also provides some variables that you can use (like $price, $sales_price, $sold_items, $stock_items,...) but you don’t have to.

Hope this helps.

could I adjust the hour or minute?

Hey susanqy, no. This is not possible as WooCommerce also does not allow to set the exact time on a specific date.

Many greetings


I just purchased it. How to make it show like this: https://apps.shopify.com/hurrify-countdown-timer

I don’t like “sticky bar” as it will lower the conversion rate. I want move from Shopify to WooCommerce, that’s why I am looking for great plugins.

Hey there,

just use the shortcode instead: [product_countdown].


Can you help me for styling? or maybe do you will charge me for such service? if so, how much?

Hey vitobharata, sorry but we’re not available for any freelance work at this time.


Pre-sale question: I want to buy this but is there a more detailed video on what this does…. cant seem to find one anywhere…. whats holding me up is….. can this only be shown on the homepage or can it be show on a specific woocommerce product page? A better tutorial vid is needed…

Hey relevant8437, you can show the timer of a certain product on the front page as well as any other page on WordPress.