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Hello wpbuddy, quick question.

Is possible for the counter to reset itself after the date is expired?


Hey there, unfortunately not as the timer sets itself according to the product settings. This means you have to set a new sales date.


Is this plugin support variable products page? Is the plugin restart again automatically every time the countdown finish?


Hey guyseo, please see the FAQ page: Does it work with product variations?.


I want to create the product of the week. I need to display the product incl. the counter in a widget AND on the product page. Is this possible? Thank you

Hey there, no, currently it’s not possible to integrate the counter into a widget.

Many greetings

Hi. Before I’ll make an order of your plugin I just want to be sure that plugin will not show by default countdown timer to each products with special price. I’m asking you, because I have a lot of products now with special price and when I will enable your plugin I don’t want to show timer to all of them. So plugin is disabled by default under product page?

Hey beerbong (nice username by the way),

you have to activate each countdown separately. So it’s not automatically active on product pages.


Thanks for your answer. :) After countdown finish, it will automaticly dissappear from product page or should I disable it? I mean It’s very useful if it automaticaly dissappear from product page, so things go on normaly..

Yes, it disappears. But it’s still active. It appears again if you set a new sales price for the product that is in the future ;)


Hello! Is there a way when the counter hits zero to deactivate the add to cart button?

Hey there, unfortunately not. However I’ve added this to the list of ideas.



I would like to know if I can use yout countdown to inform my customers where a product will be available to buy. I mean, I’ll have the products active but without an option to buy. Then, I’ll have a countdown for this products to notice my customers when will be saleable.

Thank you so much

Hey 3ip, and thanks for your comment. I hope you’re doing well today.

Unfortunately this is not possible with the plugin as it works just the other way around: it shows the time till a sales date/time ends.

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Can I create the countdown without woocommerce?

No, this is not possible.

Hello,i do question after 4 year,i hope that this function there is. It is possible setup time specify for product,for example to 00:00 at 15:00?

Yes, you can do that now ;)

Hi There,

When I trying to activate the plugin it is conflicting with woo-commerce .

Kindly let me know if there any other solution for this.

Our support is valid till 20th May and hasnt expired.

Stop making a fool of us. What are you doing on this complaint for the last 1 month with zero solution and now claiming support is not valid. Do you want us to raise a complaint to envato?

Unless we have a working plugin we may not be motivated to renew it on 20th May also. You think you can fool people with some general comments through a month on an open ticket with no effort to resolve the problem and now hide behind a false excuse that support is not valid when still 5 more days are remaining. If you show honest timely work to us why wont we renew it on 20th May? But to say only 5 days are left is a very poor and unworthy excuse from you! Take care of your reputation, please!

Hey there again. I don’t want to argue. It’s just not possible to give support for users who haven’t paid for it. It would be unfair to others, as well. I’m sure you can understand that.

Nevertheless, I guess you’ve already renewed your support, right? It now says that it will expire in November 2018. Thank you. Now we can move on with your issue.

I currently work on an update that should be released later tomorrow. I will notify you here again once it’s out so that you can update and check again. It will no longer make use of select2 so It may solve your issue as well.

Thanks for your patience and many greetings

Hey there again. The update is out now. However it will take some time till it’s available on CodeCanyon. If you’ve activated email notifications you should be notified by CodeCanyon once the update is approved.

Please re-check if your problem still persists and go back to me if it does. Please make sure your browser cache has been flushed once you’ve updated.

Many greetings

can i use this plugin for : 5 mins countdown for every visitor. refresh page would be come 5 mins again, if apply cookies would be better. I just want visitor to sign up on mysite to earn affiliate members..


Hey mervyn, and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately this is not how this plugin works. I hope you can find a plugin that does what you’re looking for.

Enjoy the weekend! Cheers