Product Catalog - Cordova App Template

Product Catalog - Cordova App Template


A complete jump-start kit for building any type of business/e-commerce catalogues (products/real estate objects/companies/articles etc…).

Application provides lists of items (cards), separated by sections, categories and subcategories. Search is available. Each item has details page with photo-slider, rich description, block of clickable contacts (email, phone, website) and an action button. App is Cordova-based, ready to be built for any platform, supported by Cordova/PhoneGap (iOS, Android, etc..).


  • Categories (plain and nested hierarchy);
  • Offline mode – data is cached locally on device and is available even without internet connection;
  • Push notifications (integrated with free-to-use OneSignal service –;
  • Google Analytics integrated to see statistics of application usage (most viewed items/app pages, actions etc.)
  • Google AdMob integration with support of Banners and Interstitial ads allows you to get additional revenue
  • Easy to localize: all text strings (messages/captions/buttons) are in separate configuration file
  • CodePush update technology is supported! (allows instant app updates without releasing new builds through AppStore or GooglePlay, see )
  • Welcomescreen – allows you to add colorful animated slideshow to tell user about new features in your app after an update ( or implement a short in-app tutorial )
  • Favourites – allows user to store any items to return to them later;
  • Internal browser is available to open any external website links inside the application;
  • Content sharing support – user can share product with friends via email, Facebook or other Social Media
  • Deep-Linking support (via integration with free-to-use Branch service –;


Data is fetched from backend server in JSON-format. It is cached locally on device (uses localStoarge), and is viewable even if no internet connection available, so an offline mode is supported. A description of JSON-structure is available and you’re free to implement your own backend with database.

Items, presented in application are structured as : Section -> Category -> Subcategory1 -> Subcategory1-1 etc…. Section is selected through side-menu. Further category filter can be applied through 2 types of selectors supported: vertical and horizontal scrollable selector. Horizontal selector supports infinite depth of categories.

Technologies/frameworks used

Cordova , Framework 7 (a free and open source mobile HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps with iOS & Android native look and feel. It’s simple but powerful).

Build/test process is automated and based on gulp tasks. Application has highly-modular structure for convenience of app maintenance/further development. Browserify is used to support this. Building for iOS is possible and has been tested with PhoneGap Build free service.