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Good Work!! best of luck for sale :)

Thank you

Great work! :-)



I want to buy this plugin but I have a question.

Is there an option to make the customer choose BETWEEN two items.

For example: I will have a package of 3 items, but there are 2 items they can choose ONLY 1 (not both)

Is this possible in this plugin?

Thank you in advance

Hello thegreekguy
You can’t do that, but you can choose 1 of 2 variable item

Hi! i have a question, i have a meal plans customized, is that possible make a meals plans but put all my food and limit the product chose for example : i have 3 meals plan , 7 meals per $100 , 20 meals per $250; is possible make a limited product for all plans?

Hello luislaracuente
You can choose stock for 1 meals plan

Question 1) I would like to know if the bundle is a particular page or is integrated in the Product pageIs so i can use it with the other “normal” product.

Question 2) it possible add to the bundle the same product many time? So I can give discount for big quantity of the same product?

Question 3) the plugin, update the Stock in woocommerce warehouse automatically?

Question 3) the plugin, work also with the other products and is showed in the SHOP?


Question 1): Yes, you can use it with the other “normal” product.
Question 2) Can not give discount for big quantity of the same product
Question 3) Yes
Question 4): Yes

When i add products to another main product , does the product remain with the main product after purchase or not. I am using the main products and want to add other products as ingredients but i want the other products(ingredient) should also present even after purchase

Hello Ishaq_mcse
We will update next version

Hi i buy this plugin and installed it but it does not maintain the combo product stock management it does not deduct the no of quantity mention in the field from the combo product stock. can you please help me in this i buy this plugin to maintain the combo product stock management and deduct the mention value from the combo product stock. i am using this plugin with POS pro plugin. please help i am worried

Hello Ishaq_mcse
We will fix soon. Thank

Can you please send me your email id so that i send the login details of our POS system to you and fix my issue there.

Hello Ishaq_mcse
Can you send message :
Click “Contact author”

Hi I send you message on contact page , please fix my issue

Sorry but your support is very week


Please send me Email address again
Thanks you

I would like to buy happens, but I would like to know if users can choose any product to put in their boxes?

Yes, You can choose any product to put in their boxes! Thanks

Thank you but please confirm so I am talking about people who log on to the site with this solution can it chose their own items to put in thier box

Hi when i add variable products to a combo product, its not showing the variation of the product, i need the product variation also in combo.Please help

Hello Ishaq_mcse
You can custom in variable ” Product Bundles”

Hi, I try to find a solution for this functionality my WooCommerce shop: Some of products can be watched in the shop but can ONLY be purchased when somebody buy at least one other product.

So for example I have: Category A: Product A1, Product A2, Product A3 Category B: Product B1, Product B2, Product B3

All products have prices and are not gifts.

I want to: Products that can be be sold with no conditions: Product A1, Product A2 Products that can be sold ONLY when Product A1 or/and Product A2 is purchased: Product A3, Product B1, Product B2, Product B3

There’re Product Bundles And Chained Products plugins but I think both of them lack of something. Is there such possibility with your plugin?

Hallo Kann man die Anzahl auch auf 0 setzen wenn man in einem Bundle ein Produkt nicht haben möchte als Kunde

Hello marcelmende
I will update soon
Thanks you


May I know if it is possible for the child product quantity be updated when the main product quantity is change from 1 to 2?


- [1 x Combo A] come with [2 x French Potatoes]

- When I purchase [2 x Combo A], it will show [4 x French Potatoes]


Regards, Kong CA


Can I include variable products?

it is compatible with wordpress 4.7.1?

1. Yes, you can include variable products
2. Yes, it is compatible with wordpress 4.7.1
Thanks You

I have 2 variant products. I want to bundle them together. Is it possible to do it with variants?

Hello tamminhth
Yes, You can handle added together
Thanks you

Pre-Sale Question: We have a client who wants to sell ballet flats in a bulk box. Currently they have 6 colors which come in 4 sizes.

They want to sell a bulk box of 10 ballet flats. They want to allow the customer to choose which color and size they get in their bulk box.

A customer should be able to add a QTY of 5 Gold size Small, 2 Gold size Large, 1 Black size Medium, 1 Black size Large, 1 White size Small to their box for example.

We don’t want to create pre-made configurations. The customer should always have full control over what goes into their box. As long as all of the variations of ballet flat QTY’s add up to 10, then and only then should they be able to add it to their cart.

Can the plugin do this?

I have a client who sells shirts on their site. They sell a Mens and a Ladies shirt, individually as variable products with a SIZE and COLOR variation.

They want to setup a COUPLES listing where they are buying both shirts together, the Mens and the Ladies.

Do you have an demo of multi-variant products? Ex: Size and Color


leongboi Purchased

Hi there. I’ve bought your plugin and have it installed in my website. When creating combo product, my products do not show up in the “Add Product” section (I have selected “Combo Pack”).

At the front end, it shows “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home2/leongboi/public_html/choco/wp-content/plugins/combo-packs-for-woocommerce/frontend/form.php on line 325”

Please advise. Thank you. Regards, Leong

Hi there. I’ve this plug in and installed it on woocommerce website. When creating combo product, my products do not show up in the “Add Product” section (I have selected “Combo Pack”). so basically the search function doesnt work