Discussion on Product Alerts for WooCommerce

Discussion on Product Alerts for WooCommerce

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Hello in class-settings-favorites.php line 826 : esc_htmlesc_html__( ‘Clear’, ‘woocommerce’ ) make fatal error – please update the plugin – there was some issues i told you – but no update in almost 1 year Regards

I could find two tickets under this username, but on both of them I did not hear back from you and closed the ticket due to inactivity.

This error has been fixed for the next update, which you are right, has not been uploaded yet. I will try to prioritize some fixes on this and release soon.

The plugin is not WPML compliant, could you please proceed to refund ?

I apologize for the delay in responding to your ticket. If you wish to have a refund you will need to initiate the request through the CodeCanyon Refund form. Authors do not have access to this type of information.

hello, had a presale question is the plugin had a full variation support ? example : - A variable product with 2. variations one in stock the other nor, so the notify appears anly on the variation with no stock

- same example but with more than one attribute Thanks


hi, find issue, Fatal 500, i used Rest API to create products (POST /wp-json/wc/v3/products/ ....) i get Fatal error, the cause : [25-Jan-2022 14:21:47 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_regular_price() on bool in /var/www/vhosts/mywebsite/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-bolder-product-alerts/inc/emails/class-email-sale.php:207 – if desactivate plugin it works so now i desactivate plugin ;-((, any idea how to fix that issue. Regards

Absolutely! I’m sorry you’ve run into an issue with the REST API but I would be happy to look into it and get that cleared up. Please open a ticket on the support site so I can offer you a solution sooner and you won’t have to keep the plugin deactivated.

thanks, just created the ticket – Regards

PRESALES QUESTION: Hi Bolderelements Team, Has this plugin been tested with the latest version of WooCommerce – V.6.0? Your compatibility list only goes up to V.5.7.x and was last updated 3 months ago. Just want to make sure it’s compatible before purchasing. Thank you inadvance, - Kevin

Hi Bolderelements, Thank you for confirming that. Is it possible to have the system push the emails through to ActiveCampaign If they sign up to an out of stock item?

I’m afraid I do not know much about that particular service. Is it intended to handle all of your WooCommerce emails? Or are you referring to just the customer’s email addresses?

This plugin uses the same email class as all of your other WooCommerce emails so any plugins that interact with WooCommerce emails should also interact with these. There are many filter functions in both our plugin and WooCommerce that would help you customize any functionality as well.

Thank you.

Hello before I purchase this plugin can I make it only to show “favourite” on product page not categories or where a big list of items are shown? and can you somehow make the button smaller that maybe says “Alert me when on sale” that will be listed under where it says “Categories: Clothing, T-shirts” here: not where its located right now, because it shouldn’t be that important of a button it has to be on top of the product description.

Yes, you have lots of options in the settings pages to change it’s location and how it looks. If you click the ‘Plugin Settings’ link in the menu of the demo site you will be able to login and change some of these options so you can try some of the things you’re specifically looking for. There’s is both an option to display only on product pages as well as where on that page it should appear.

Hi, how can I debug the emails are being sent but not received. I see in the stats , it’s send but nothing in inbox nor in can I resolve this???? Thanks

Yes, what I mean is you should try a different product. The notification will always appear if it detects a price change. It doesn’t presently check whether or not all users were ineligible to receive another email. And the initial email that should have been sent probably wasn’t because of an issue beforehand.

I found the credentials in an email and logged in. Your Email Log already had a ‘Sale’ email that went out, but nonetheless I ‘liked’ a different product on the page and reduced the stock. Your log now has two additional sale emails that went out for two different accounts.

It appears to be working correctly so I do believe it’s the 7 day interval that is causing confusion. The next update will offer admins to change this value in the settings panel. In the meantime you can reduce it to 1 day if you like by modifying the file woocommerce-bolder-product-alerts/inc/class-settings.php. On Line 254 change the 7 to a 1. This will at least reduce the testing time if desired.

Also a friendly reminder that the low stock alert is triggered by a WooCommerce filter that primarily runs when an order is placed. It will not be triggered by manually reducing the inventory at this time.

It’s something I plan to look into in the future. Unfortunately the same filter is not used in this particular process so we’ll have to setup a custom method for this.

Hi, i checked the demo out and want to ask if the registered emails are just for restocking alerts? Does it mean there won’t be registered emails for sale alerts to see?

Not at this time. The sale alerts are not technically registered, it’s based on a “favorite” system. The plugin will send out emails to customers when a product they “like” goes on sale. There is currently no interface for viewing what users have liked what products.

Hello. We are using WooEvents – Calendar and Event Booking ( woocommerce connected ) . Our product is connected with this plugin. Is your plugin working on it? Thanks.

I’m afraid not. Are you looking for ways that your customers can be alerted when events they like are almost out of tickets?

I just purchased this plugin and whenever I activate, it breaks a bunch of different things. I’m using this with Divi. When I try to use the theme customizer it only shows the widget menu item or if I edit any of the pages, it doesn’t allow me to insert images from the library.

Finally opened a ticket a couple of days ago. Thank you

Added information to my ticket a few days ago. Is there any more information you need from me?

I apologize, it wasn’t very simple to find but after a lot of back and forth with another user I believe I have found the solution. If you check the ticket I have uploaded a fix for you to try. Hopefully that will resolve the issue until the next update is released.

Hi, has this plugin been abandoned? Last Updated: June 12, 2020 After a recent WordPress update all of the social media icons on my site have disappeared and replaced with open squares. I discovered this plugin is causing the issue by deactivating all plugins then reactivating them one by one until my site broke. Can you tell me if an update to suit WordPress 5.5.1 is due please? Many thanks!

I’m afraid I am not aware of any issues with this particular plugin and WP 5.5 but I would be happy to look into it if you could please provide a link to a page where I can see this error.

It would be best to handle this with a support ticket moving forward, however, so we can better share information and a solution if a fix is indeed needed. The comments section here is very limited. Please open a ticket here:

Will do!

All this did was break my product page and there is no form or button. In the individual product page, the control section is blank.

I’m sorry to hear you have experienced trouble with the plugin. I’m afraid I can’t replicate this on my own site or the demo site, but if you’d like to open a ticket I would be happy to help. It may be conflicting with another plugin or your theme.

The missing form is actually the most common issue and happens usually because your theme has removed a necessary action hook or if you’re building the page using a page builder. If this is the case, you will need to use the included shortcode instead. We can only add content to the page automatically if the original WooCommerce action hooks stay in place.

Hello, We are looking for a an plug in that will Sync with there live Inventory update.

Are you referring to using a third party app to manage your inventory? I’m afraid I can’t guarantee it will work. We’ve used mostly built in WooCommerce filters in a way that it may work, but we have not tested it with any external inventory systems.

Can I send you a sample of the file and see if it would work with your add-on?

Sure, you can initiate an email conversation through the contact form on my profile. I can temporarily add it to the demo site if you like to give it a personal test with one of the email alerts.

Hi having some issues with the plugin for restocking alerts? The email address are not being saved.

No reply on your support either

Have you upgraded to the latest version to ensure no issues there? Some similar errors were resolved in the last update.

If yes I am happy to take a look at other possibilities. We do have a slight DB issue that could cause it as well. Let me look into your ticket.

Hi, I would like to know if you use WP translation function in the source code to allow buyers to localize your plugin into their languages with Loco Translate plugin or similar?

It should, but I can look into it as a potential bug with a recent WooCommerce update. For this we can definitely get working as it’s part of the core, I just cannot promise about other third party plugins as that is a whole other ball field and would take more time.

Yeah, thank you. Of course we do not care about any other third-party plugins – they should do their work through the standard way, to get know entire system and other plugins about their work (i.e. core triggers, filters, actions, so on).

I apologize for the delay. In trying to make something like this possible the update blossomed into much more and took additional time to put together. While we have not tested it with any third party inventory plugins, it’s more possible now that we have moved away from relying on the product edit form. However, because internal components are now used, we had to switch to a model that supported variable IDs for all alerts, not just the restocking ones.

None the less, the restocking alerts should be working appropriately now. We did find an issue with sending the emails, so I would encourage you to try the upgrade now and make sure that resolves the same problem for you.

Please let me know how it works out for you!

Can you please provide further information? I do not see any issues, however please note that dashboard access is provided to visitors. Some features may be turned off or just not visible based on product settings. You can login and change settings as necessary to test based on your needs.

Any update for this plugin?

I have a minor bug fix update being released shortly, but a feature update is still in the works, much further out.

I opened the ticket #2945 on March 1, 2019 6:38 pm and no response yet! What the heck?

I apologize for the delay. It looks like you have a minor warning in your error log which has been added to the development list to address in the next update. If you would like, I can leave instructions in your ticket on how to make it go away. Generally small notices like this are released alongside the next update. It’s simply a server side message shown (instead of a more user friendly message) to tell the customer they have not subscribed to any product alerts when they try to view the list of subscriptions.

PRE-SALES QUESTION: You write in your description “After creating an account on the shop’s website user will be able to “like” an item with a single click of the “favourite” BUTTON. This BUTTON appear on the shop archive for each product and the single product page.” – QUESTION 1: Why I cant see the button function on your live preview? It shows nothing. QUESTION 2: Can i make it also appear to non-logged in users and prompt them after clicking the button to login/register ?

No problem, I would be happy to help answer any questions you have.

Visitors have access to the plugin’s settings in the dashboard, so some may alter it in a way that would seem different. At the moment the ‘Favorites’ feature is enabled, but it seems someone changed the text to ‘Receive sale alert’. (It’s also currently setup for registered users only, as described in my answer to your next question below.)

You can absolutely have the button appear to guests. By default it will appear to both guests and registered users, but at the moment the ‘Hide favorites link for guests’ option is enabled. This means the button is hidden for guests, but you can uncheck the box to enable it again.

If you have any further questions, please let me know! And feel free to click the ‘Plugin Settings’ link in the demo site’s menu. This will bring you to the plugin’s settings where you can try out the features you are looking for.

I need similar plugin for my deal community website ,I know your plugin works with woocommerce and in our website we dont use it .and we would like add deal alert to our user should be able to choose keywords or they should be able to create subscription for new posts .Is there any way to use your plugin for wordpress posts . I hope I could explain .thank you

I’m afraid not without changing quite a lot in the plugins code. Almost everything is loaded through WooCommerce hooks and filters, and the emails and post/product data all come from WooCommerce classes. It would be similar to creating a whole new plugin to try and making it work for any other post type.

is it working only for registered users?

The restocking alerts are for both users and guests, but the sales notifications and low inventory alerts require user accounts as they require customers to have ‘liked’ an item.


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