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Love the concept BUT, would prefer to a) stay on page and b) enter an email only (no account required)

I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understood what you are saying. Both of those should be correct. The form is loaded and processed through AJAX, meaning the customer does not leave the page when they subscribe to a specific product. Also, an account is not required. Registered users will have the form pre-filled with their email address, but anyone can add their own.

Hello!Is it possible to alert when there is a new arrival in the category?

Not yet, but it has been requested several times so it will be added in a future update :)

thank you!I will purchase and wait!

Pre Sale question

Hi there, looks like a wonderful plugin. One important question though:

I’ve used the demo to set up a Variable product with one color in stock, and another out of stock. I’d expect and want the notice to only show when the user selects the color that is out of stock, but this does not seem to be the case as the notice is always visible. Is it possible to hide the notice until a variable is selected that is out of stock?

I forgot to check, but users can view and manage their requests on a page? Right? :)

(Also, the Email Options and Style Settings aren’t visible in your demo, but this might be intentional.)

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It looks like it’s a compatibility issue with WC 2.6, but only on page load. The form will still disappear when you select the variation that is in stock, and appear again for the other which is not in stock. My latest development version does not seem to resolve this so I will have to look into why it is showing and fix it.

In regards to your second question, yes, the customers have the ability to remove their subscription preferences at any time. There are some new sections under the ‘My Account’ page depending on which features you have enabled.

And lastly, yes, editing template files and such are for administrators only, so the demo account does not have this but as the site owner you would be able to for your own shop.

I hope this helps for the time being. But if you have any further questions, please let me know!


I got the warning msg after activating the plugin and the subscription tab is not working. The page just loading and loading. The url of the tab is /my-account/product-subscriptions/. Thanks.

I am aware of the message in the first screenshot, however this is just a notice. It wouldn’t affect anything on the page, and it will go away after your first email registration (or after the next update, whichever comes first). The second issue I do not know. It points to a file in the ‘woocommerce’ directory.

An issue like that with the subscriptions tab I am not aware of. Does the page load via AJAX or is it a full page refresh when visiting it? And I assume by ‘Subscriptions’ tab you are referring to the ‘My Account’ page, correct?

If you would like me to take a closer look, please open a support ticket so we can share further details.

Hi I just post a ticket. Please kindly help. Thanks.

I’m losing my mind with all of these “Product in stock” notification plugins… what about for those of us selling DIGITAL PRODUCTS with UNLIMITED STOCK? I want to notify customers when new products are added/published in the store. Is this possible with your plugin?

Not yet, but it has been requested enough that it will come in the next feature update (2.1). I’m afraid I do not have an expected date of release, however.

Seems like a huge oversight. I’ll keep looking elsewhere.

Hi, I have been looking for a good “favorites” / bookmark plugin for a while just for normal wordpress posts to collect favorites in a list. Are you planning on releasing a separate plugin with the “favorites” functionality or do you have one already?

I’m afraid I do not have any plans for anything other than this one, which only works for WooCommerce products. It’s a nice idea, though, so I can add it to my inspiration board. Unfortunately my current plugins keep me rather busy at the moment.

I’m having a similar issue as mentioned above: My variable products all initially show a notification that the item is out of stock when opening the page. This goes away after selecting an option, but it’s still not something I want people seeing as soon as they land on the page. Is there anyway to get rid of this?

I have corrected this for version 2.0.5, however it will take a few days before it is approved for download on CodeCanyon. If you would like the fix sooner, please open a ticket on the support ticket and I would be happy to help.

Great, thanks for quick reply. I think I can last a few days and update when it’s ready.

At this time the plugin is not working in my environment. Sadly it looks like the best one I could find as well, exceeding some that cost more, but if it doesn’t work it’s fairly useless to me.

WC Version: 2.6.14 WP Version: 4.7.4 PHP Version: 5.6.26

I turned off everything and still it’s not working, at this time I can’t upgrade some items, is it a compatibility issue with WC?

Please advise and thank you.

I’m afraid I am not aware of any compatibility issues, nor can I find any on the demo site. Could you please further describe the trouble you are experiencing? The only one I could understand in your screenshots was the second image with the icons all printed out, and likely the color picker not working. This is caused by a javascript error on the page. It can be caused by any plugin or theme, but if it is a fatal error, all javascript will cease to function until it is resolved. To fin the error, open your browser’s Javascript Console while viewing the page in question.

If you need further help, it would probably be best to open a support ticket. These comments are really only good for small, quick questions.


When a customer is alerted that a product is back in stock, what does the email look like? Do I have some control over the design of the email?

Do you have a screenshot of this?


Definitely! The emails are run through WooCommerce so it will automatically incorporate your header and footer that you setup through WC. Then just as other WC emails, you can modify the template from within the settings page. The only difference is that these email settings are found with the Product Alerts settings page, not the email section of your WooCommerce Settings page.

I’m afraid I do not have any examples for you, but you can try it on the demo site by clicking the ‘Live Preview’ button at the top of the listing page. This will take you to the demo site and credentials for the dashboard are provided on the login screen.

Thank you!

I’m on the Live Preview page, and I see the Dashboard, but I’m not sure what credentials to use to login.

I’m sorry, I do not know why these WordPress updates keep affecting that, but the credentials are demo/demo. I will be sure to look into it and get them appearing again. Thank you for letting me know.

Pre Sale

Hi there. I’ve been comparing Out Of Stock Notification plugins, and it looks like you take the win so far. Nice job.

Would you consider adding Google Recaptcha instead of a captcha code?

Thanks for your time.

Thank you :) Adding Google Recaptcha has been a thought and is currently in my list of future ideas. It would certainly be more secure and accurate than a basic PHP captcha. It will likely be a part of 2.1, but as a secondary option so that it is backwards compatible.

Yes, you’re right. :) And more convenient and esthetic too, especially with the new (invisible) recaptcha that only shows when it has reasons to think you’re not human.

If you’d commit to that, you got yourself a few sales for multiple projects. And it’d make you stand out of the competition by miles, no doubt in my mind that it would seriously boost your overal sales.

Maybe you can collab with

I can certainly commit to that, however it won’t be ready until version 2.1 which has several other new features in the works so I do not have an anticipated ETA yet.

Doesn’t work with variable product. No email is being sent and works with simple product only. Any fix to this?

Definitely agreed with checking with the specific variation and the stock count. Do get to me once this is fixed. Thank you.

Have you opened a support ticket? You will need to do this in order for me to share files with you.

Created one.

Pre-Sale Question

I’m loving the look of this plugin, the ‘favourite’ element is a great touch. Just need to make sure it’s going to work with my setup as a previous plugin unfortunately didn’t:

I have variable products that do not have a standard set of variations – I only know what the variations will be when I get stock from the supplier.

To keep everything clean, these variations are cleaned out from time to time as they will never come back in to stock, so there will be some out of stock products that have no variations after they have all been deleted.

As such, I don’t need customers to sign up to know when variations are back in stock, only when the main product has some variations back in stock so they can visit the product page and choose what they want.

Does the plugin support this…? Fingers crossed!

Unfortunately not yet. It has been asked several times so I am planning to have an opt-in feature that would allow for this on a per product basis. But at the moment, it only works with direct variations. It will take a little time to get this working properly since it’s not setup for this right now so I cannot promise how long it would take.


On Demo almost all products are in stock, how to check?


Login credentials are provided on the login form. The account has the ability to edit products so you can change anything you like to suit your testing needs.

after the product is restocked, the emails notification didn’t send at all.  can you help me with this problem..? support department didn’t work.

I am happy to help, however a support ticket is really best for this. Comments here are really meant for quick questions or pre-sale questions. A support ticket will allow for better sharing and privacy.

It looks like you have already registered with the support system but have no prior tickets. What did you mean by “support department didn’t work”?


Where can i check latest change log?


My apologies for not updating the changelog. It can always be found at the end of the description, but indeed it does not match the ‘Last Updated’ time. I have updated it now for your reference.

Hi. I have a pre-sale question. Does the plugin sends the notification email automatically when the item is back in stock? Or do I have to send them manually?

So long as you are using the normal product editor (not a stock management plugin) the emails will automatically send.


HAWAFI Purchased

Pre-purchase question: can the customer specify the alert type that he is looking for? Like for example, can he choose to get alert about just only the price or only the stock? Thanks.

By default they are enabled, but yes, there is an option to unsubscribe from sale and low stock alerts. This will unsubscribe from all of these alerts, though, it cannot be disabled from each product separately (they would have to ‘unlike’ the item). The restocking alerts must be manually registered for each interested product, but they can also unsubscribe from their account page.


HAWAFI Purchased

After the installation of the plugin, I got this error.

Please see screenshot

Not for a little while as it is a feature release. This is a minor issue easily resolved by visiting a page in your dashboard, so it won’t be released as an update by itself. It won’t cause any harmful issues. Customers just won’t be able to see the two new tabs on their My Account page until you visit the Permalinks page. Every time you visit this page WordPress resets your permalinks to ensure that everything is properly registered.


HAWAFI Purchased

Nothing happens in backend after clicking on the button. I mean the email is not registered and the products appears in the favorite list of customer

If you are having trouble with functionality it would be better to open a support ticket so you can share further information and login credentials for your site. I cannot replicate an issue on the demo site, so it may be a conflict with something else installed. Please include a link to an out of stock product for testing as well so I can try to replicate the error.