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I would like to set up something where the visitor can get on a list and get alerted when ANY new product is added to the cart. Can your plugin do this? Thanks!

I’m afraid not yet. It has been requested several times so it will come in the future. If you are still looking in a month or so, do check back :)

Thanks for your speedy reply. I certainly will :)


skuud Purchased

Hi dear support, i want to translate in french this words :

- “Subscriptions” - “You are subscribed to the following email notifications:” - “I love” - “Below is a list of products that you have marked as favorites”

I search in ftp in this path : wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-bolder-product-alerts/languages and i try to modify without any success.

Thank you to help me dear support.

It’s up to you and what you are more comfortable with. Either way I can send you the language file, you just have to remember to compile it with a language file editor. Editing the .po file is not enough. It must be compiled into a .mo file. So you will need either a computer program to do this, or you will need the above suggested plugin. If it’s not something you’re familiar with, I recommend the plugin because it will help you translate, compile, and put the file on the right place (you can’t put it in this plugins languages folder because it would get overwritten every time you upgrade).

skuud Purchased

Thank you for answer, so the best way is to download it and delete the older plugin to install it ?

I hope that translate language files will be fine so.

I know how to edit .pot and compile it in .po and .mo any problem for it i just would like to hold my actually install and just you to send me file that i need to replace in ftp, that all :) But if you tell me that download again plugin will be works ?

In waiting for you

No no, you don’t need to delete this plugin. If you are familiar with managing po files then I will just send you an updated language file. It seems it did not make it to the last update. The problem is that I cannot send you files through CodeCanyon like this. If you would prefer, you can also send me an email here and I will respond with an attachment.

samnait Purchased

Is it possible to make the “notify me” when the product is back in stock part on the main shop catalogue page instead of clicking on the product then showing it there? and I want to hide the email box completely, I just need the button there so they can click on it.

Is there any css code or anything I can add to the functions.php to make this happen pleasse? This will solve most of my problems. Thanks.

I left you a more detailed message in your support ticket. Anything is possible really, it just might need some tinkering of files to make it happen.

Hello, After the product has been restocked, it doesn’t notify me on email? Do I have to do it manually?

It’s possible you have something conflicting, but it’s difficult to say. Please ensure that you have the latest version of WooCommerce as some recent changes have affected how it is processed. I would still recommend opening a support ticket for further debugging if it continues to be a problem.

It regards to the restocking alerts, yes, they are a one time thing as this time. It’s possible to modify the code otherwise, but it’s not recommended as there is currently no way to opt out of the notifications. In many countries that is required for any subscription form of email, and guests do not currently have a unique link to do so. It is on the roadmap for a future version to work out a system where guests can be able to do this, but it’s a wide scope project so it will take some time.

I am still facing a problem? Can you please help me out? It doesnt work the way how it should, I updated and did everything.

I’m happy to take a closer look, but it would be best to open a support ticket to continue. This way you can leave login credentials privately and share more information a little easier.


I’m seriously interested in buying your “product alert for Woo” but I have severals question before. If you ask “YES” to all … you will have a new client :)

As there no update in the log from October 21st 2016 …. ( opus sounds like your website logs are not uptodate, I saw on CC -> Last Update 8 August 17 )

Is it WP 4.9.4 compatible ? —>

Is it Woocomerce 3.3.1 compatible ? —>

Is it WPML compatible ? —>

Is it “custom product type” compatible ? —>

Can I use shortcodes in title fields for example (in case of is not WPML compatible) ? —>

Can I put a % value for low stock quantity ? —>

Can I use a shortcode to place the “favorite” or “keep me updated” button where I want ? (I hope) —>

Is it compatible with this plugin ? —>

Is it GDPR Compliant yet ? Dead line May 25 2018 !!! —>

Can I activate (“yes” status) the “Low inventory notifications on products I love” , “Sale notifications on products I love” and “restocking alerts” by default when customer hit the “favorite” button ? —>

TIA Keep the good work! Regards

Ok I’ll do in a while ;)

Done ;)

Thank you kindly. I will look it over today and respond when I have more information for you.

I wonder if your plugin can be used to alert ads on a WP website using the following WP Classify theme:
(This theme uses woocommerce, but I would like that Alerts apply on all ads, not only on WC products).
Is it possible with your plugin, please?

I’m afraid this plugin is written specifically for WooCommerce so it will only be able to recognize products made within that system and no other post types.

Hello, I would like to export the email addresses list so I can use in email marketing, will your plugin have the way to do it? Thank you!

I’m afraid it does not have a CSV export at this time, but if you are familiar with phpMyAdmin you can always retrieve them from the database and save as a CSV file from there.


ramalli Purchased

Hi, I bought your Plugin a few hours ago.

when trying to make a simulation

  I am getting HTTP ERROR 500 when trying to write the stock to a product that was stock = 0 and the new stock value is not recorded.

  this product has email addresses to receive notification

  I use the WP Mail SMTP plugin to send emails

What can I do to avoid this error?

I am sorry to hear you have experienced an error with this. Often times these 500 errors are actually PHP errors, but your server handles them a little differently. If you would like to open a support ticket, I can try to help debug this further. The comments section here is very limited so a support ticket would be easier.

ramalli Purchased

another situation is that when I try to send an email manually

goes to a screen with the message:

-—x ---

Good News!

You have been waiting patiently and now it is finally here…

-- x ----

and does not leave this screen and the stock notification is not sent


ramalli Purchased

sorry to have opened another topic in the comments, was to have continued in the previous topic

I do not know how to return this message


ramalli Purchased

I’ve enabled site debugging

and helps one to understand what happens

I am returning the following message

Notice: Undefined offset: 11173 in /var/www/ on line 333

I think it would be best to login and see what is going on. I’ve never seen the email printed out like that. It should have just been sent without you seeing the content like that. The notice there is the lowest level message PHP returns so it’s not impacting any of this. I can check to see if it happens on my site as well but it’s not something I run into yet.

If you have not done so already, please open a support ticket so we can share information and files better.

Hi. Loving this plugin so far!

But I’ve been trying to test the “Favorites” feature along with the “On Sale” notifications, and it doesn’t seem to work for variable products. If I add a variable product to my favorites list, even if I then set every variable to “on sale”, no email is sent. Perhaps I’m missing how to make this part work? or maybe it only works with simple products?

Also, I was able to send a test email for the Restock notification, but the text in the email reads:

You have been waiting patiently and now it is finally here…

Not sure where the “…” is coming from (I haven’t edited your template file)

It’s possible if there is some encoding happening during that process. I tried to research it but found nothing specific with that plugin. If you are using the one by WPForms I can’t imagine that would have any issues. It’s very widely used.

I did find many posts about migrating databases and having that happen. Each time it was just about the encoding functions not properly encoding/decoding the special punctuation. You can always try overriding the template file and either rewrite the exclamation mark (in case it happened during uploading), or remove it. I probably should have asked before, but did you click the button to preview the template? This would at least tell you if it was converted during uploading of the plugin.

When I preview the template, this is what I see for that part of the email.

<p><strong><?php _e('Good News', 'be-product-alerts'); ?>!</strong></p> <p><?php _e( 'You have been waiting patiently and now it is finally here', 'be-product-alerts' ); ?>...</p>

I’m not very good with php, so not quite sure how I should edit it if I copy the template to my child theme.

That’s really unusual, I’m afraid I do not know. You can try disabling the SMTP plugin temporarily to see if your server’s mail system handles it any differently. The exclamation mark is not inside the translation function (this was a recent change so I wanted to be sure).

I am not sure what else would be altering it unless you have another plugin that manages email text before it is set out. The emails for this plugin go through the email class in WooCommerce, so the same output filters would apply.