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Dear Support,

I would see your live preview but this is impossible due this error:

“The web service to this account has been limited temporarily! There is a server resource overage report open for this account in the User area. To remove the limits, please log into your User area and consider the options available to resolve the case.”

Thank you!

I apologize for the inconvenience, the limit has been removed. Please try again.

No problem :) I think there are some litte trouble again, i can’t accesso to the dashboard (Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘InvalidArgumentException’ with message ‘Tried to load a string filter for a non-existent language!’ ), and, if i click on a product, it says ” This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.”

Thank you!

Oh no, it would seem WPML is causing a problem again. Not sure why it is enabled to begin with so I have disabled it. Hopefully now you can login without trouble!


I really like your plugin and want to purchase it. In my case I’ll first use this plugin in my development site and then I’ll move it on live. Domain of the development site and live site is diffrent. As your plugin is single site plugin how can I use this plugin in my development and live sites ?

If I remove plugin from my development site and install it on my live site, then will it work ?


Thanks for the reply !! I’ve sent you mail. Please refer it.

Have you received my mail ? Could you please just confirm here.

Yes, I did receive it, but unfortunately it is a difficult thing to debug so I do not have a solution yet. I will keep you posted via email.

Hi, i have a problem with wordpress when i activate your plug-in:

- wp dashboard does not work correctly - side wp buttons does not open sub-tab buttons

and in the frontend of a product the say that the plugin use a deprecated function. “get_userinfo”

I payed for this plug-in and i need that it works correctly…

It looks like you opened a support ticket for this same issue. I have since responded there so let’s continue on the support site as it us easier for me to provide better information.

I’m looking to send product alerts when a product has an attribute variable added to the product. Sol lets say v1, v2 are in the drop downs and I add a v3, then an email would get sent out. Is that possible with your plugin?

I’m afraid it is not, but it has been requested a few times so it’s something I am looking into as a possibility for a future version.

I bought this plugin today after installation and activation, it crashed my site with this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/thespa14/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-bolder-product-alerts/inc/class-account.php on line 48

In your email. I responded there.

Am sorry but I still don’t find any updated files in my email

I’ve sent it a second time. It is sent to the email address you have registered on your Envato Market account. Please verify you are checking the correct inbox, as well as check your spam box you ensure it didn’t end up there. Thanks!

Tried going to support site but kept giving me ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS even after clearing cookies so I’ll ask here:

1.) Is there a way to turn off all email alerts except for restock ones?

2.) The plugin keeps sending false On Sale Alerts with the product picture and $0.00 sale price repeatedly, getting a lot of complaints from customers – any idea what’s causing this?

I think I will have to understand more about this other plugin because it seems to behave differently. I am not able to replicate this particular issue on the demo or development website.

Fixed: Ability to modify Sales email alerts

Does this mean people can turn Sales email alerts now?

Sorry for the late reply, the other plugin (Stitch Labs) basically just updates product information (mainly stock count) in a set interval, and it seems like Sale alert notifications are triggered every time the product are updated even without any pricing change.

The line you mentioned above was just a bug fix for the email template. The plugin was still using the original template even after an admin made some changes so this was fixed.

I understand what your inventory plugin’s purpose is, but what I do not understand is what is happening when the update is processed. It sounds like it is triggering a hook event that this plugin uses but not accessing the settings information or the correct the prices. So this false information is causing it to send when you do not want it to. I’m just hoping to figuring out if there is something simple I could put in my code that would prevent this from happening when the other plugin is doing it’s thing.

Because every developer can do things their own way, it’s sometimes more difficult than need be to make it work alongside other plugins.

Can we set up discount alerts by discount %? And can we setup alerts at grouped products level? That way, when any item in the grouped product becomes available and meets the criteria for the discount etc, the email alert is sent to the customer.

I’m afraid there are no special settings like this for the discounts email. It will send as soon as a price is reduced for any given product. I do not believe it will work at the grouped product level as there is now way to list an overall price and discounted price. It’s something I can look into the future, but it’s a bit of a tricky thing.

Hi there

Does your plugin allow to place a notify option (perhaps with popup/overlay) on the shop/archive/category page under the out of stock product?

Yes, that would be very helpful. It would save customers time!

any idea if/when this would be possible?

It should be possible to make the feature optional. Some themes already have a popup in place for products, but for those that don’t it should be possible to do this, I just do not have an ETA yet. I am not sure on whether or not it will be difficult to implement, but I have some bugs to address for this and other plugins before I can work on new features.

If we want to translate the mail text and others texts in spanish, can we use the plugin admin interface or we need to enter po files with poedit or something else like that? Thank you

A discount on this plugin? No, Envato Market does not have a feature like this as its prices are already very competitive.

no, i explained very bad, i meant, do you think would be possible develop a feature that, if the customer leaves a review, and the review is approved, the customer receive a discount by mail? Could be a simple field where the admin put the coupon string label…and the thing is to send it only if the review is approved…. then, in reality, will be woocommerce to manage the discount… is not really a discount generation for every user…is just a string more in your plugin configuration….(and the matching & sending code too)... but i don’t think will be a crazy thing for you. thank you very much!

Not a problem :) I’m sure something like this is possible, but it’s not something this plugin does not right now. There are a couple other companies that do this already. WooCommerce has one on their own website, and so does YITH.


lindby Purchased

Im very interested buying this plugin, but it does not seems that it is compatible with Wordpress 4,6? Could this cause problems?

That is simply an error on my part. I have been running the plugin on WordPress 4.6 since the beta was released and have not found any problems related to the upgrade. Generally if an issue comes up it is due to a WooCommerce upgrade but I do my best to test the plugins with the beta before its release in hopes of finding any issues ahead of time.


hakkow Purchased

Just bought the plugin, but it was disapppointing unfortunately. It’s not sending mails even though saying emails have been sent out…

Came back to confirm it’s working. Thanks for the effort!

I’ve noticed users who’ve subscribed to a (WPML) translated version of a product do not recieve a notitication when the product is back in stock. Users subscribed to the original version do get the alert.

The product IDs are indeed different for the two when you are using WPML. It’s not something that came up in the original testing but I will do some debugging and get back to you on a solution. If you would like to try the files ahead of the next update, please open a support ticket so I can share files with you:

lindby Purchased

I bought this plugin and it prompt following error when activating it: Warning: session_start() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /var/www/ on line 524

I get no further answers from support system. I would like my money back if there is no solution for this.

Please see your ticket for an updated answer. I still cannot tell you why this is happening for only you, but I think I at least have a solution to hide the message.


lindby Purchased

I have cheked the ticket and your solution help – thanks a lot and sorry for my impatience

It’s not a problem. I am glad I could find something that helped with the problem. It has been added to the core plugin files so it should not be a problem again when you upgrade in the future.

I want to buy the plugin but is it working? Considering the note hakkow, I have a doubt.

There are a few bugs, most of which have been addressed but the plugin is going through a test right now before release. I hope it will be out later this week free of issues. Please feel free to check back then as the demo site will be updated as well so you can try before you buy.

Hi, this plugins seems perfect for my client website. I jus have a presale question: - Is it possible to configure different low stock alert for each product? I mean for the admin panel.


Unfortunately not, but it’s a good idea and one I have written down for a future version.

Thanks anyway for your quick answer :)

Hi! I have a presale question: I have a website with recurrent payment, is it possible to set an alert that sends an email to users that hadn’t make any purchase in a month? Regards!!

I’m afraid now, right now the plugin focuses on single product based alerts.

Is there an option for users to get email alerts when a review or comment is posted for the product? If not will that be added?

I’m afraid there is currently no plan to add this feature. The plugin focuses more on the marketing side of products and increasing sales, so the emails are more related to the cost and stock count of shop items.

After getting plugin in working state, I’ve got a feature request for a future version; We’ve got bundled products set up ( These get their stock status from the stock of the products included in the bundle. Currently clients subscribed to the bundled products do not get alerts when the product contained in the bundle are changed to in stock, but also when the product bundle is opened and saved, so somehow the stock status for these exotic products don’t come in very well. It would be great if support for these could be added :)

Bundle products are definitely a unique product type. Generally you have to develop something specific to this plugin in order for it to be compatible. It’s definitely something we can consider in the future and I have noted it in the list of potential future updates. :)


I just bought your plugin and it’s great!

However when i change the Form and Message Text for the stock alert, the changes don’t seem to go through.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

That’s unusual, that should have been fixed a couple updates ago. Is it the restock or the low stock alert? On the demo site I tested the restocking emails, but I was able to save changes, and when the email went out the changes appeared correctly. I may need some more information in order to find and resolve this issue.

It’s for the restock

I cannot find any issue so I will need more information from you. Please open a support ticket and provide further details. Login credentials to better debug the problem are preferred:


i have sent you a suport ticket but i didn’t took any answer yet. Please check it and reply to me

You should have received a response by now. Please login to the support site again to review it :)