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Hi can you have back end to manage ads ? it’”s easy to transtlate in French ? Admob and push notification are included ? can you help to configure and upload on store for free ?

We have no back end to manage ads,App can be translated in to any language as per your requirement,just Admob is included ,push notification is not included


Do you have web version other than android version?

no we dont have that

I can not be regiter in demo

its disabled

Demo not work

replied on other threat

Cant register on the demo and also cant search for anything

I have checked .apk to my device and It’s Working.

Can I customize this in android studio

yes u can

add real time chatting will be nice

yes will note that feature

Nice Work GLWS =D

Hello, Nice work. Is there away to charge people for posting ads on the app? your app is good. please develop it more

Thank you


hope fully next month

Will you help with installing it to my google play developer account so that my app users download it from there?

yes can help you in that

Not suport bulgarian lang!!! ;(

sorry not yet

Hello, Before I buy, I have some questions, please check. - Can I customize with Android Studio? - It would have like me to use only for teacher register, separated by type of material, ex. Mathematics, English? - Is it easy to translate the app into Brazilian Portuguese? - Has step by step manual to configure the App and PHP? - Do you have support from your company? Thank you,

Yes we can support but we can only support for any issue in code. you must have basic knowledge to run the app on server. we cant do any kind of system setting just any bugs. all other support is paid. yes you can do translation but again you must know how to use android

1. Will it be supporting Thai Lang!! 2. You have any for ios or any plan? 3. Is it possible to log in via Facebook?

you have to code for thai language. No plan for ios yet. yes this can be extra feature

Can you help me to adjust a code to link with ADMIN server

yes can do that. please open a help ticket

does this need web hosting? is the user upon registration sent an email?

yes it need web hosting. yes it send email on user register

hello error on creating db ERROR 1067 (42000) at line 81: Invalid default value for ‘updated_at’

please helpf

please message me from my profile your cpanel detail i will solve that issue

can it be single admin posting

Good evening, Can ads be sorted by country? Can I request a customization? I would like to add two or three features thank you.

Yes that can be done. please message me from my profile for any customise work

is it supported arabic RTL?