Procoderr - Forum, User Management and Feedback System - Built using Laravel

Procoderr - Forum, User Management and Feedback System - Built using Laravel

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Procoderr is an application made with Laravel. It offers many great features and has easy-to-use helpers to get you going. For instance, it contains a custom built forum management system which has many great features (you can see the full list of features below).

It comes with user management system so an admin can add many users which can have many features. You can add your own custom user roles and groups.

NEW: VERSION 1.1.2 IS OUT! Full changelog is at the bottom of this page



Login Credentials
Username: prouser
Password: prouser
Some of the features included with Procoderr are:
  • User Management
    • User Group Permissions
    • Ban User
    • Email Verify User
    • Site-wide Avatar
    • Note-for-user Feature to display alert to user
    • Timezone optimized for each user
    • User Profile Page
    • User Search Function
  • Feedback System
    • Set a range for each user group to give feedback (e.g. min: -3, max: +3)
    • Disallow multiple feedback to same user by same user
    • Total feedback points visible beside username
  • Create Pages
    • Create new pages easily from admin panel
    • Allow page to be visible to guests only
    • Allow page to be visible to users only
    • Choose a custom page slug for the page
  • Forum
    • Forum Topics for discussions
    • Set user groups to:
      • Lock Threads
      • Unlock Threads
      • Delete Threads/Posts
      • Edit Threads/Posts
      • Pin/Unpin Threads
    • Thread Reply feature
    • Report Post
    • Moderation
  • Site Management
    • Admin Panel Access to a specific user group
    • Change site name
    • Set default avatar for users
    • Set site email
    • “Contact Us” feature
    • Site Offline with message
    • Site Offline with whitelisted IP
    • Site-wide announcement
    • Disable Login
    • Disable Registration
  • Working contact form
  • Reverify email once email has been changed from user settings
  • Captcha (Google Captcha NoCaptcha)

Item details

Built using Laravel 5.2


Version 1.1.2
- Fixed many bugs 
- Fixed user styles in the admin panel
- Added a simple counter for counting threads
Version 1.1.1
- Fixed Feedback System 
- New Feature: Pin Threads
- Fixed admin panel sort by option
- Fixed user delete option in admin panel
- Fixed a bug where an admin could ban themselves
- Fully localized the Forum System
- Fixed other minor bugs
Version 1.1
- Create new page from admin panel
- View thread page now responsive
- Fixed the "Lock" thread feature
- Added the "updated_at" time stamp to most tables
- All tables now responsive
- Fixed pages logs
- Added option to change topic upon editing
Version: 1.0
 - Initial Release