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pretty cool. wish i could add this into a pre-existing laravel based platform I would like to add forums to. When logged in as a member though, viewing my profile I see options to edit user as admin/mod. i also see mod/admin links in the top header. the mod part even shows there is 1 reported post but when I click on it I get a cannot access error.

Thank you. The if structure to show those links are kind of off. The permissions is all set up perfectly fine. I have fixed it and have submitted.

great one.. what version of laravel did you use?

Thank you.

This is laravel 5.2. I have updated it to laravel 5.3 but am adding a few more features before submitting.

Hi, what would it cost if you integrate your system in our Laravel Website?

Hi, Do you want us to integrate it on your website?

Are you going to create more modules for the forum?


Picture gallery

Also was looking to add a forum a “heavy duty mechanic” website, but i need something like vbulletin has:


Also membership area (module)

And a upload/download section to the members area.(vip)

I see your forum is mobile ready?

Let me know, Thanks.

Hi, I’ve been a bit busy but am still working on it. Thank you for your patience.

I see.

Needs :

>reCAPTCHA @ Registration page

>While creating new thread , option to add (insert,attach) 5-10 picture or more (attache pictures like vbuletin forum script)

>and the above in first post mention.

Wanted to buy just because is mobile ready but needs little more things to be added and will be a great forum to start.

Hello, All those things you mentioned are in the works.

Thank you for your patience.

looks like an upgrade of your other script. How can I integrate this in another Laravel 5.2 Script? e.g:


I want my admin, user registration, user management and all other features to come from that script. BUT I want only the forum from your script. Is this possible?

Hi, It’s definitely possible but not without some work as there would be a conflict with the user management system that already comes with this script. The user model this script uses is in app/User/User.php and you can change this to any other as long as you import the necessary traits. Also, you can easily port the events and handlers over. The last thing would be getting rid of things you don’t want such as views for editing users and viewing users and such. This should be easy because the file structure is very organised.

Thanks a lot for the optimism

Did you customize your router file? How can I add individual pages? thanks

You can add individual pages form the admin panel which will have the URI as example.com/pages/your-page or you can add it directly from your routes file and associate a controller and load a view. There are many ways of doing it.

ETA on when the new update coming? Thanks.


cld1982 Purchased

Problems installing this on my webspace.

Hello, what type of problems are you having? Can you kindly elaborate?


cld1982 Purchased

Installation is extremely simple. Firstly, you need to put the contents of ProChaterr in your web server. Then, follow the quick installation instructions below. Quick Install. Your words, from this product. Only one thing the installation directory is tottaly others. Copied all the files on the webspace, enterd mywebsite.extension/install doesnt exist. mywebsite.extension/public/installer exist but doesnt nothing. So quick installation nothing, bought it for a lot of money and nothing is what it seems. Bought this script for fast installation, and for fast use 3 days further money away and what files is all i have…

Do you do custom work to integrate to an existing Laravel project with currents users already registered? Let me know if you could. Thanks.

I could do it. Please email us or send us a message from our profile. Thanks.

I can not get it running. I have installed everything necessary but can not http://domain.de/install not run as comes only: Not Found

The requested URL / forum / public / install is not found on this server.

Hello, Pelase ensure you are visiting example.com/install, not example.com/forum/public/install

Also, please ensure that a “installed” file does not exist in “storage/installed”.

Please let me know. Thanks.

I unfortunately do not look through. Please contact me at chris.jan92@outlook.com

good job i wish you all the best for your sales !

Thank you!

i want the laravel 5.3 version pls

.... just to make sure you receive the notification :p

Wow, I honestly don’t know why I am not getting notifications for the first one. When you posted the latest comment, I got two emails at the same time with the notifications.

But anyway,

Version 5.3 standalone is kind of broken right now, mainly because I have added many features to it that are not 100% working. I will try to get the last commit where it’s just 5.3 without any new features added in git. However, I have exams going on right now so it may be a few days. I apologize for any delays.

Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

Ok no problem.

Hello, is there a translation into Brazilian Portuguese?

Hello, there is no translation into any other language other than English.

However, it is completely localized so you can easily add your own language without having to go through the source code.


If i buy, can u installit it for extra money on my laravel page?

Hello, what kind of server? And what kind of hosting? Shared hosing?

Hi, keep getting You cannot do that in this demo, sorry! mind telling me what need edit to fix?

there is no install i do path/install and says path not found there is no install folder not install.php no index.php and no .htaccess I am lost on how to even get it started because the instruction says to do it one way but that way doesn’t exist… please help me how to fix this because the latest version I am using doesn’t include the basic stuff to either view index or install.

when is new version coming out

thought this was a regular download for all but apprarently its for server right? I am using regular shared hosting I never had something without install somewhere or index.php in default folder.. no I don’t have experience with laravel framework. never have used it before

how do I install on shared hosting is this meant for server?

@Laracoderr i got it to work but wont let me change anything says It is in demo mode? how do I change this

Hello, if you go to app/Http/Middleware there is a file called DemoMiddleware. You can simple set the demo mode to false there.