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Looks good.

Does this work with Visual Composer? I’ve had problems in the past with front-end editors that do not work on pages where Visual Composer has been used.

Our plugin ghosts short codes, which Visual Composer and other layout plugins rely on. This will keep your components safe as you edit page copy and blog posts.

If you want to try it out, drop us a line here: and we will be happy to get you an evaluation copy.

Hi, just a heads up, we have a release candidate that works with visual composer and other shortcodes. If you want to try it out we would be happy to get you an evaluation copy. You can reach us here:

Thanks, I’ll get that to you now

Sounds great but where is the demo?

Thanks, Bernhard

Hey Bernhard, happy to get you set up with a demo. just drop us a line here.

Looks like a great plugin, but without more description, video or live demo it will be hard to sell it. Looking forward to try it!

Working on some videos now! I would be happy to get you an evaluation, just drop us a line here:

Hey lumberman designs, we have a new video on the plugin page, and a demo available.

Sent a request there.

Does itsuppirts custom fields?

Our plugin is for editing page and post copy, similar to the visual or text editors for editing, but without having to enter the admin.

Yes, but does it support wp custom fields or advanced custom fields editing from frontend?

At this time, Pro Writer allows you to edit post and page content that you enter into the main editing window in the admin, but working on your live site.

If I create some crazy custom content within the page body, would I be able to define editable areas to allow editors to just change that text?

You can write whatever markup you want, but you need to make sure and only edit text areas when making live edits. There is a demo if you want to give it a try. I use it on our pages, and it is really convenient for editing site copy.

save post cotent problem ….

no save

We have contacted you through code canyon to resolve this.

save post cotent problem ….

no save

We have sent you a couple of emails to try and resolve this. Please respond to our questions so we can get you up and running.

Downloaded the trial and it also have issue with saving. Getting an error about class Tidy() missing. It looks like php tidy extension is required for the plugin to work.

Hi just updated to resolve this issue. Here is a link to our new trial:

Hi there! It looks good, it looks fine, but it doesn’t work with shortcodes at all. Right?

You didn’t mentioned that in your sales copy. Maybe I’m wrong, but the first hint I’ve seen about that fact is in your documentation.

I have bought your plugin but can’t use it, because my theme works mostly with shortcodes. So what now?

Best regards, Michael

Hey Michael, Our plugin disables short codes, preventing you from overwriting them, but it does allow you to edit the text inside of them.

Which plugin are you trying to use?

Hi Michael, we have a release candidate that works with shortcodes. Please contact us if you would like a pre-release copy.

Hi Great idea and very similar to a couple other plugins I have purchased in the past. The question I have: Is your plugin purchased from CC encrypted as the plugin php file is encrypted for the 14 day trial?

I like to know what is being added to my site and really am not a fan of encrypted files (kind of a WP thing, they don’t like it either – open source and all that.. you know.).

Just curious. Thanks

Hey Central geek – The PHP code for our plugin is not encrypted for purchased versions.

Thanks, I appreciate you getting back to me on that.

Great plugin idea! I installed the trial version, but upon clicking the button, the page refresh doesn’t load the Pro Writer edit bar at all. Tested this on a network subsite as the only plugin activated.

Please advise. Thanks.

Hi – Do you have your admin bar enabled? The current version of our plugin requires this to work. We are prepping a new release that will work without it, and also works with short codes. I will keep you posted. Thanks.

Why do you have a version for sale here, have a free version on and on your site list it as Beta and coming soon?