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Thanks, Iondigital!

Hi, Really interested in purchasing this. Do you have different styles? Colours? I am wanting a black and red style

You can set a primary and secondary color in the ttheme settings.

great work as always :) i would like some more color options tho, like seperate the logo background color and the accent color. could you add this or do you have a custom css snippet i could use ?

Hi, Joran. Glad to see you here also. Of course we can! I had plans to add that but I try to keep the first release as simples – yet powerful – as possible, to see the initial response from people. Now we can build upon it.

Keep posted! Kind regards,

Awesome, thanks :)

Keep up the good work :)

On the login page the path to the logo image file and the link to the login page are hard coded and not working on my installation.

Also terrible font in admin bar on front end. Seem that font “Roboto” is missing.

Hi Orlandoo. Thanks for spotting these issues. We are already working on then and a patch should arrive soon. Google Fonts does not always play nice with CSS pre-compilers, =D.

Would be possible for you too send me an email (aanduque (at), so I can send the patched version once I’m finished?

it would be nice to disable menu to different roles

Hey, thanks for the fast update, great work as always :) Could you add an option to enable / disable mouse hover on logo, or set bg color?

Oh, it was a comment, sorry (I replied it to you as an email). As I said there, it was not clear to me what you meant by that. Could you elaborate? Thanks, Joran.

No problem :) When you “mouse-over” the logo, add an option to not change the bg color, or maybe you got a css snippet for that ?

Hi, Joran.

You can use this snippet. Just change the color to what you like.

body div#wpadminbar ul > li.custom-site-logo:hover,
body div#wpadminbar ul > li.custom-site-logo:hover a,
body div#wpadminbar ul > li.custom-site-logo {
  background: YOURCOLORHERE !important;

Kind regards,

I have a question – I have a site that has about 30 items in the WordPress menu (plugins and other items) sometimes when scrolling down the menu gets stuck at the bottom of the admin area – even though there are more menu items below it.

Have you seen this issue with your plugin?

I never experienced that using the theme, and I just retested again, but I also never experienced that with the standard menu of WordPress as well, even with very large menu sets.

Thanks for the interest. Kind regards,

I don’t want the header stripe in the login page. Also don’t want the logo in the Dashboard but want it in the login form. Can you guide how to implement it. Thanks.

Hi again, ssgupta. Try placing this code on your Custom CSS tab.

body div#wpadminbar ul > li.custom-site-logo:hover,
body div#wpadminbar ul > li.custom-site-logo:hover a,
body div#wpadminbar ul > li.custom-site-logo {
  display: none !important;

I am also using Ultimate Branding from WPMUDEV. After I activated your plugin, Ultimate Branding vanished away from the Admin Menu???

Another question: I am using Admin Menu Editor and Ultimate Branding plugins. While some functions overlap, will these interfere with Pro Theme? Thanks.

Hi ssgupta.

Thanks for the report. I asked you to send this to me via email so I could send you a patched version after sorting out the problems, since comments do not give me access to your email address). Use the support page for the item to send me an email and I’ll send you a patched version as soon as I manage to fix the issues.

Kind regards,

Sent by email. Thanks.

There is a problem with the “Add New” Buttons in the the media library / Page / Post section – it jumps around and you need to click on it multiple times.

Are you aware of this problem? Any plans to fix it?

Other than that, a great plugin.

Hi 732!

Thanks for the response! I updated the theme, but I am still experiencing the jumping button. Any ideas what the problem could still be?

Thank you

After a few refreshes – it seems to be working! Thank you

I was just going to tell you to clear your cache. Glad to hear it worked. Kind regards,

Hello, It supports WordPress multisite?

Hi, Monzon. Thanks for the interest. Yes, it does support multisite. Kind regards,

Once the admin has created the layout for a user, can that user change it? I’m looking to create a layout, hide certain elements then lock it from being changed. Can this do that?

Hi, azimpact. Thanks for the interest.

PRO only allows admin reordering in a simple level and per user level. In order to hide items for every user, we recommend you use more focused solutions on managing the admin menu. As for the styles, if used in a multisite environment, the admin can set the global style to be applied to all network sites. In a single site installation, the styles apply for all users once the plugin is activated, but only users with high capabilities can see the PRO options menu.

Kind regards,


This element looks like double height, can it be changed to single row height?

Also the text on the login button is blurred (maybe text-shadow or glow?).

Hi dessibob. I added the feature to hide the admin bar. Could you email me at aanduque (at) gmail .com so I can send you the new version for testing purposes?

Also, I’m not being able to replicate the button issue. So maybe you could send me an screenshot as well in the email.


Looks nice! GLWS

Your demo for humanity check doesn’t work for me.

And you’re kinda a bit in need of an update… Won’t know until I buy it. Won’t buy it until I can try the demo.

See my dilemma?

Hi, creativelyadept. What browser are you using? The captcha is working just fine here.

pre-purchase question

does this plugin support wordpress 4.7.x? I am now using your material admin plugin, which is great. but i like this plugin too.

Yes, it does support WordPress 4.7. Kind regards,

hi please make price 18$. because my envato credit 18 $ :D

Did I ever mention that this is my favorite ADMIN re-skinner?

None of your demos work for me. Not even just this product. It takes me to a page asks for an answer to a simple math question than provides another so on so fourth. Its not just this product. Can you send me to a proper functioning demo?