PRO Theme - Professional WP Admin Dashboard Theme

PRO Theme - Professional WP Admin Dashboard Theme

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Often when doing client work we get the need to provide our clients with a custom experience in the admin dashboard of the WordPress, a more professional look and feel. PRO Theme is an attempt to give a good option for those professionals.

Check the demo and the screenshots!


  1. Completely redesign of the admin interface.
  2. Drag and Drop admin menu Reorder (individual to each user)
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Login Page Styles
  5. Import / Export of Settings!
  6. Widths and Heights controls of admin menu and Parallax Block
  7. Custom CSS field (with support to SCSS syntax!)
  8. Awesome Multisite Support – Set styling options globally to all sites in the network!
  9. RTL support!
  10. Menu editor supports HIDING menu items!


Version 1.0.1 - 27/02/2019
* Fixed: Larger admin menu widths were covering Gutenberg's edit block;
Version 1.0.0 - 21/01/2019
* Fixed: Styles getting loaded on the customizer;
* Improved: Copied over the base code of Material WP to make sure both themes have feature parity and the bugfixes get ported over;
* Added: Gutenberg/Block Editor Support!
Version 0.0.7 - 28/06/2018
* Fixed: Styles resseting in when new sites are added to the network;
* Added: Option to have both icons and arrows;
* Added: Option to have icons with random colors, on the Functionality tab;
* Added: Option to change the colors of the icons, on the Functionality tab;
Version 0.0.6
- Fixed: Fatal error from last release =/
Version 0.0.5
- Third party added new buttons fixed as well
- New Feature: option to remove the top-bar from the login page.
Version 0.0.4
- Fixed: crazy dancing "Add New" Button
- Fixed: admin menu bugs on mobile resolutions
Version 0.0.3
- New Feature: Custom image background to the login screen
- Fixed: Disable admin-bar on the frontend was bugging the admin bar on the backend.
Version 0.0.2
- Fixed: Hardcoded links and images on the Login Top Bar
- Check: Roboto being loaded from google fonts
- New Feature: BG color change for the logo block
Version 0.0.1
- First Release on CodeCanyon

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