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jellywp supports this item


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Does this only work for simple post or also for custom post type?

hi tavolucas it work with custom post type too.

Seems to have a conflict – causing my Visual Composer to freak out..

can you give me you link that have issue with my plugin.

i can’t instal this plugin

thank you very much. It works

I managed to install but now I do not see anywhere widgets, this plugin or settings.

please read document in zip file. Note: this plugin is use Visual Composer

Very Nice work:)


Nice work on this. Great layout choices and well engineered. Could you add a ‘read more’ button features onto some of the carousel layouts please.

sure you can just give me your website link and admin account to jellywp086@gmail.com for do it

mmmm no – this wasn’t a request to do this on a single site. I can recode your plugin if I need to. I was a suggestion for everyone for you to add this option to your plugin so that everyone could benefit.

ok i will update it soon. can you please capture screen for me what you want me to add read more

I do not recommend this plugin to anyone who looking for get the job done. still primitive on compare to other plugins. Layouts are still annoying. not responsive when it comes to certain post count. Grid will not adopts.

please show me the issue of this plugin i will fix it and make it better


what is difference between this plugin and your other plugin “Jellywp post carousel slider Visual Composer Addons”

i want to buy one but i did not decide which should i buy.


pro post carousel and slider have much more options and style then other

Hi, I just purchased the slider. It works nice, thanks for the plugin. One question: Post title get the css from h3 which is in dark color in my theme, thus the post titles are dark and cannot be seen over dark backgrounds. Here is where I use plugin: www.makerhareketi.com Can you help me chaning the post title color? Thanks

add this code to your CSS file

.jelly_single_slider .jelly_post_entry_content .jelly_post_title a { color: #fff !important; }

Hi, why in my slides it show only (max) 5 posts?

please click on (Build query) in (Pro Post slider Settings) then you will see (post count) for display number of post

Hi, can I use the slider vertically? Like on this design http://prntscr.com/f1d0jy – slider next to map. There supposed to be latest news.

sorry our plugin is support with horizontal style only.


yaaahhh Purchased

Hello, thanks for your beautiful plugin. But i have 2 problems : 1- I can’t choose the fonts, their sizes and the colors. It takes the settings of the page. 2 – it doesnt follow the order that i choosed for the categories.


1. font will choose from your template by default and color is default from our plugin. if you want to change we need to use custom CSS 2. post will display by category when you choose it.

Hello! Just one question: is it possible to use this plugin in widget area? For example, if I have a post carousel, can I include it in page sidebar as a widget?

you can use this in page only. for widget use this plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-post-layout-builder/20091273

Hello! Is this plugin compatiable WordPress 4.8? If not, which latest Wp version is appropriate?

sure it work with latest version of WordPress


altalhi Purchased

This plugins is very impressive

we can help you to make it work with rtl


altalhi Purchased

After installing the add-on did not show me?

Do you need other additions to work?

that ok, and thanks you.

Hi, I like http://jellywp.com/plugin/vc_post_layout/demo-grid-slider-4/ Layout. I want to confirm is this slider provides manual sequence (Means sequence should not be like datecreated, date modified wise, etc. it should be like if I want this post should be in first slide this should be on second this should be on third and so on)

you can display post by category, offset post, post id

This plugin is a good start, but needs some improvement that I see in other VC elements. Here are my suggestions/requests: 1) When I click and drag the carousel with my mouse, it should move and stay where I dragged it. Currently, no matter how far I drag it, it will rebound back to the point where only 1 new post is shown. 2) Custom navigation arrows that appear outside the carousel on the left and right sides. 3) A way to standardize the image sizes. As it is, the website I’m working on has post images of various dimensions and the carousel does not crop the images, so each post image is displayed differently causing it to have an unprofessional appearance. 4) a way to turn off the automatic scrolling through the carousel.

Keep up the good work! Hope that you continue to support and improve this plugin.

Noted with thanks ryanwhite11

Hi there, Just purchsed and it looks great, but two questions.

1 – Can I please disable the auto slide / advance?

2 – Is it possible to show an excerpt or custom field also on the posts in the slider? thanks

1. we can help you to disable auto slide by edit some code. 2. yes can just give me your website link and admin account to jellywp086@gmail.com for do it.

Hi, I have some presale quesions:

1. It’s possible to build sliders for categories in amazon style like https://www.amazon.de/Amazon-Video/b/ref=nav_shopall_aiv?ie=UTF8&node=3010075031 (below the header)?

2. I use advanced custom fields pro (ACF) for posts. It’s possible to show an acf field of a post in the carousel?

Thank you!

we have feature and style in our demo only.

Hi. Ive installled the plugin, but nothing shows up when I open a new page as instructed

thank you. I sent it

has there been any update with support to my site after I sent the corrected login information?

I have login to your website and your website don’t have Visual Composer plugin, please install it for make my plugin work. my plugin also mention (Pro Post Carousel & Slider For Visual Composer)

Be great if it worked with RSS

Plugin looks to be simple to use. However, images are not appearing in the posts. I can only see title and metadata.

please use this plugin to rebuild image thumbnail https://wordpress.org/plugins/ajax-thumbnail-rebuild/

The rebuild wasn’t the problem. After driving me nuts, it turns out that the issue is because of a bug in my current theme, and not the carousel plugin.My theme creators will be udpadting this in their next fix. Thx.

ok please give me your website link and admin account to jellywp086@gmail.com for check it.