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Can you respond to Japanese? Do you support multiple languages?


Sorry I only speak in English, apologies.

Error Notice: Upload Error:

The upload path does not appear to be valid.


Did you run the install script when you first added the script? This script sets the upload path for your automatically. Have you changed directories or anything like that since installation?

You can see what your upload path is in the Global Settings under Admin. Make sure this points to the correct path for your installation area.

Let me know if that helps.

hello, The system was working fine yesterday. Today, I got an Error ” Note: You are missing dome details”! Please advise, Thanks

This error comes when I sign in


Can you send me an email with your site so I can take a look and see what the issue might be?


Hello I can’t login. Where can I see demo polls?

Notice: Invalid Login Details!


Are you using these details: test123


Yes, I used these login and pass. Thank you it works

Good Work! Congratulations!

Great Work! Good Luck!!!


Polls display in full screen. How can I display it in window mode (centered)?

Just tested the demo and it has errors and hopefully it can be placed in center-window mode. And not in full screen.


I’ll look into this for you and get this fixed. Can you send me an email with your site and I’ll keep you updated :)

Hello, This was fine in the past version. Will send you an email.

Hi. What does mean “premium plans” ? Does it mean that I need pay again for purchaise plans for votes?


Premium Plans are optional plans you can setup for your users. You can restrict how many votes are allowed for each poll and then have Premium Plans increase this amount depending on which one they buy.

Hope that helps :)

Oh, thank you for quick answer! I understood


Email2756 Purchased


When the poll embed code is place on another site the Blue Theme does not show, only the default theme. When you view the poll within the Admin panel it is

I have edited the poll both to and from and the embed code stays the default white theme.

Please advise.

Hi Email2758,

Can you send me an email with your issue and a link to your site so I can investigate the issue for you?