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Hello, how do you turn the ticker off on mobile? I don’t want mine to show up on mobile devices, as it looks bad, but am not sure how to do that.

Please send your issue to http://support.proword.net
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Hi, I have submitted a ticket to http://support.proword.net, can you assist to check? Thank you

Hi,We check and reply ASAP.
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Hi. This plugin and https://codecanyon.net/item/pro-slider-carousel-layout-for-visual-composer-amazingly-display-post-custom-post-/15396272 . They are so similar, just difference style i guess frontend i guess. Please give advide

1) I want to display all newest post in my web basic on catalog AND tags AND taxonomies. AND is condition must true for all to display. tags and taxonomies can be multiple. After this all new post will auto display

2) Specical color text for newest since user last visited, or icon infront of title post also ok. If clicked the icon will be lost , OR color will be normal back.

3) Overflow: Scroll, pretty scroll also work on Firefox also (wedkit is not work on firefox need coded).
IF don’t work with overflow pretty scroll on Firefox. Slider is ok.
Example: List of 5 items, the click on slider <previous next> will move next 5 another items in list, next ….same to the end of list. Which created in (1)

4) I guess this feature don’t have. Can you allow time function for new post? Example after (1) setting. Number of post display: none limited, it mean all web >>> Option filter for user in widget: Within 24 hours, 48hours, last week, last months OR enter time filter for each widget also ok such is calander date. > can you update?


vanski91 Purchased

Hi there John, how are you, my friend? It’s me, Henry, from Georgia, EU (Soldier from news web-site Militarium.Org).

John, i have great news – we have got 2nd web-site and ofcourse, we are using your amazing News Ticker plugin :)

At the moment, everything is OK, only one – Timezone is our problem. I can’t find any info about changing in original doc file, so you are our last hope, bro.

Please answer me, if you can help us – what we need – Changing Timezone from 0 to +4 and Insert News ticker in Footer are for all pages (as we did for Militarium.Org – News marquee for all pages). Please see Screenshot – https://ibb.co/fOLw8k

Well, that’s all, bro. Thanks a lot for you business.

Best Regards Henry from mountains of Georgia, EU.

A couple of pre-sales questions. Does this allow an admin to manually craft tickers as we wouldn’t need feeds from other domains? If yes, can they have scheduled publish and expiry time/dates? You mention that it works with Avada theme, but Avada theme uses Fusion Builder, not Visual Composer – so I’m confused. Are you planning to release a version that work with core Wordpress?

How do I include news ticker in the header so it appears on all pages? do_shortcode () doesn’t appear to be working.

It must work with do_shoetcode() function. but if you have issue, please send it to http://support.proword.net
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