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Hi, this is pre purchase questions: I need each user have their own specific pages (by user), once they logon. For example User A login, is showing User A page. User B is showing User B page and so on. Have this script provides this functionalities. Thank you


Not directly; you would need to add some custom programming to achieve this.

Doés have this script also a frontend what is public?


Some of the areas of the site are viewable to the public, such as the list of pages etc. It doesn’t have it’s own dedicated frontend area however.

so, I buy your script, how to add new language and how to make the comple the site as private area only? so only login user and admin can thevthe view and Sidebar, so they have to be logged in to process to the contents/view

Hi Modeagent,

To add new languages, follow the translation guide in the documentation:

If you want the whole site to be private, you need to add a small snippet of code to the top of the following files: application/controllers/Home.php in the _construct() { } function:

if(!$this->user->loggedin) { redirect(site_url(“login”)); }

If you’re not comfortable editing the code, I can do it for you. Just send me an email!

Hello, I’m evaluating to buy the Pro Login , and I need to know if it’s easy and viable for it to work as follows:

Creating users of a specific category that when they access, they do not see any side menu. Just the logout, and my my content in html (embed of a video player, chat, etc) it’s possible? If yes, is very complicated to generate those pages in that format within your system? Thank you very much and waiting to make the purchase,

Thank you!

Hi DenisSantos,

Currently users see the sidebar and most areas. If you wanted to hide other areas, you would have to add some code into the layout file to hide them (based off a user group or something like that).

You can use the built-in text editor to make content pages, including adding videos. I’m not sure what you mean by Chat though; there are some limitations to the editor in terms of including scripts.

The chat you sell does not work? And if it is embed could not for any kind of content in the body of the page? Thank you so much

Hi DenisSantos,

I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Are you referring to the Live Chat script I sell? This product does work and can work with Pro Login (though both are separate systems and have their own user systems).

​hi? i would like to buy your system but something hinders me, as i would like to have administrative users custom added and members based on groups, and from these users any member joining when registering can be confirmed but there are other groups one joins like an institution of engineers and stays there fr 3 years to have experience, then after upgrade to a fully member of engineers board. so we have 4 packages, 2-3 are for institution and 2-4 are for engineers board, all this have payment to join institution as well as recurrent fee, the same applies to upgrade or join engineers boards, is that possible to add? also if possible we can also include a conference connection to specific people if registered as institution they can view any announced, conference, videos, communicate to each other share ideas, and much more if directed to their package but for anyone registered as engineer board can get everything as he had already been from the institution registration , if you can customize that including different themes and color pics and so fourth, you let me know as my company mail is i need this i have many clients i want to install such system to. contact me asap, we can grow big as i have many ideas based on technology my website is​


Unfortunately I can’t take on any big jobs right now as I’m extremely busy with other clients! Apologies!


adamar Purchased

hi. i wanted to add a downloadable .pptx so I linked it to an image but it came up as an invalid page when i clicked on the image. Is this not supported? If not, could you suggest what code to add or edit to allow downloading files. I could probably link to a page outside your system but it would take additional clicks for users. thanks.


adamar Purchased

Another question. I linked a video to a text and I chose <popup window> as the target. I ticked the resizable option and gave it a size of 300×250 but it’s always going full screen. Am I missing something?


adamar Purchased

Also, is there a way to hide the overview and members tab from anyone who is not an admin?

Hi Adamar,

You can change the who can see what links by modifying the application/views/layout/layout.php files. You’ll need to modify the code so that it only displays for admin; check out how the admin links work.

When you add an image in the text editor, is it adding width/height attributes? Can you go into Source Code mode and modify the code there and see what the text editor is adding?

Feel free to send me an email and I’ll get back to you :)


Hi everyone,

I’ll be on vacation during the next 2 weeks of July (14th-28th) so my response times to queries/questions/support may be a little late. I’ll still try to respond as quickly as possible, but just letting you all know about potential disruption over the next 2 weeks.


Hello, I added a new language to the system. There is a new folder in the language folder. The folder name is spanish. I also added the necessary codes:

// For the Change Language option $config['available_languages'] = array( "English" => "english", "Spanish" => "spanish" );

The system does not work when I click “Change language”. “Language settings changed!” appears on the screen.But the language of the site does not change. Please help me. I’m waiting for your answer. Thank you.


Thanks for that. Could you send me an email with a link to your site so I can test it out and debug the issue for you?


hello, when i make a page with the inbuilt editor and then say only premium users have acess then still any user can acess the page, can u fix this for me please ? its a non working feature


Can you send me an email with your site and login so I can test it and see what might be causing the issue for you?


Hello! It`s pre-order questions.

1) Can I set the email notification for members group, when create the content page for this group.Simple example: When create new page all users in group sent email notification.

2) Can I add the custom field in Page and Category?


It’s currently not possible to do those things at the moment.

Is it possible for me to use this system purely for login and user management, and have the system i am creating entirely separate (apart from login)?

also is it possible to create a teacher/class/student structure using this system so teachers can sign up, create classes and then (with a bit work) invite students or add them to sign up to that class – maybe by adding more fields on registration?

Hi ajwareham,

Are you a developer? If all you want is the user/login side of the code, I recommend using Pro Login (not Pro Login Content) as that is a bare bones login system and more up to date. You can then modify it to your needs for your other system.

Your student/teacher/class structure would probably need more customization than just adding fields to registration. But if you’re developer, you can customize the software however you like :)

Hello I installed the script on a server on bluehost but after installation I tried using the email member function and no email was sent? Please help there is a success message saying it was sent but I received no email.



SMTP can be setup by modifying the config values in application/config/email.php.

Here is one guide on how to get it up and running:

Hope that helps!

Hello I changed the settings using gmail smtp settings on PHP Mailer but still no luck. The message says that it was sent but i receive no emails. I did try to create a file that only had the basic mail() function of PHP and i did receive that email. Could this be a code igniter issue? This is a fresh install though.

Hi iamjudge,

Would you like me to take a look for you? If you send me an email with your site details I can try and debug the issue and see what’s going on.



smaler Purchased

Hi I have purchased and installed the script and I am getting an error code after installation It is here: My server does have mode rewrite and I was able to install without a problem. Help please. Thank you.


smaler Purchased

Hi again, just checking to see if you can help me with this or not. Please just answer. Thanks.

Hi Smaler,

This error is due to your PHP version being too low. Recommend at least PHP 5.4 for this script.

Alternatively, I can modify this part of the code to remove the Social Media login code which requires PHP 5.4+. Just send me an email with your site URL and question and I’ll be happy to sort you out.


smaler Purchased

oh my – I thought I had changed to 7.0 – Thanks so much. I was getting frantic. Need to get this done for someone. My apologies for being mistaken. Thank you again. Will get back if any other problems.

Hi—I recently purchased Pro Login Content and the email system is not working/sending. Could you let me know where/what needs to be modified in the configuration?

Hi westonhapp,

Can you send me an email with your site and issue and I’ll help you debug and get it working :) Thanks!

Hello doesn’t this script covers what i nedd: I need a login system where i am an administrator my users to access my software have to pay first and then create an account and login to my custom pages for them.

Hi Sergio,

This can be used for that. But it would require some custom coding on your part to secure your product behind the login system. If you know PHP, this will make it easier to achieve. If you don’t, you may struggle with accomplishing this task as there is no admin to hide products behind pages.

You have CMS. Is there a demo of the Web? I mean, do you have a demo of the cms part?

Can we do that as a WordPress web page. Does this have demos?

Hi ressamendy,

The demo for this product is located at:

This product does not work with WordPress.


Hello there, is there a way for me to display the page content manually. I am using HTML5 videos and they have several issues with the CKEditor. Like it cannot go full screen, you can add any other HTML, etc.

All I actually need is to display custom code on a page.

I want to insert HTML into the page but the editor removes the functionality. So I’d like to know if there is an alternative.

Nevermind – I just ended up using PhpMyAdmin and editing the “content” field from there.

My .htaccess file is all good, but I keep getting 404 errors. Like login not found. Install.php not found, etc.

Nevermind fixed.

Another question: if a purchase a plan, and then buy another plan are the times added or does it just waste a users balance? Please fix this.

Hi Kenner123,

How would you suggest they overcome this problem?


Kenner123 Purchased

Well, you would prevent users from buying another plan until their current one is expired.

Hi Kenner123,

I did consider that, but then what if the user wanted to upgrade before their old plan expired? They’d be stuck for a period of time (especially problematic if they purchased a year’s worth)

ok so i got my one file working with the login added a logout as well… but the problem is that anyone can access the page as long as they are logged in… how can we use the check login to look for certain restrictions like user groups or admin and so on


The has_permissions function is only for User Roles. Adding anything else to this array won’t work. If you wanted to check by premium_planid, you would do a simple if statement:

if($this->user->info->premium_planid == 1)

Note that the column is actually premium_planid and not premium_plan_id.

problem is when i add any other user role it doesnt work… seems settings to make it work are somewhere else… so only these user roles work admin”, “content_manager”, “content_worker”

What doesn’t work exactly? What error(s) are you having?

Let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

pre-purchase questions: I will make a membership system for discounts on health payments. I think the patient interface, the hospital search interface, the admin interface. Is the search only for the name surname? Do not search in custom fields? For example, can I make a custom field gsm number search? Do I need a website if I take this? Does this system have web page views? Do you have a few sample projects?

Your demo screen is a user login screen. I, about communication, pages like services, have your software? I want to ask you this. Or should we integrate your software into a web page to get these pages?


You can check out the demo using

user: admin pass: test123

This should give you a good idea of what the software can do.