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Hi, this is pre purchase questions: I need each user have their own specific pages (by user), once they logon. For example User A login, is showing User A page. User B is showing User B page and so on. Have this script provides this functionalities. Thank you


Not directly; you would need to add some custom programming to achieve this.

Doés have this script also a frontend what is public?


Some of the areas of the site are viewable to the public, such as the list of pages etc. It doesn’t have it’s own dedicated frontend area however.

so, I buy your script, how to add new language and how to make the comple the site as private area only? so only login user and admin can thevthe view and Sidebar, so they have to be logged in to process to the contents/view

Hi Modeagent,

To add new languages, follow the translation guide in the documentation:

If you want the whole site to be private, you need to add a small snippet of code to the top of the following files: application/controllers/Home.php in the _construct() { } function:

if(!$this->user->loggedin) { redirect(site_url(“login”)); }

If you’re not comfortable editing the code, I can do it for you. Just send me an email!

Hello, I’m evaluating to buy the Pro Login , and I need to know if it’s easy and viable for it to work as follows:

Creating users of a specific category that when they access, they do not see any side menu. Just the logout, and my my content in html (embed of a video player, chat, etc) it’s possible? If yes, is very complicated to generate those pages in that format within your system? Thank you very much and waiting to make the purchase,

Thank you!

Hi DenisSantos,

Currently users see the sidebar and most areas. If you wanted to hide other areas, you would have to add some code into the layout file to hide them (based off a user group or something like that).

You can use the built-in text editor to make content pages, including adding videos. I’m not sure what you mean by Chat though; there are some limitations to the editor in terms of including scripts.

The chat you sell does not work? And if it is embed could not for any kind of content in the body of the page? Thank you so much

Hi DenisSantos,

I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Are you referring to the Live Chat script I sell? This product does work and can work with Pro Login (though both are separate systems and have their own user systems).

​hi? i would like to buy your system but something hinders me, as i would like to have administrative users custom added and members based on groups, and from these users any member joining when registering can be confirmed but there are other groups one joins like an institution of engineers and stays there fr 3 years to have experience, then after upgrade to a fully member of engineers board. so we have 4 packages, 2-3 are for institution and 2-4 are for engineers board, all this have payment to join institution as well as recurrent fee, the same applies to upgrade or join engineers boards, is that possible to add? also if possible we can also include a conference connection to specific people if registered as institution they can view any announced, conference, videos, communicate to each other share ideas, and much more if directed to their package but for anyone registered as engineer board can get everything as he had already been from the institution registration , if you can customize that including different themes and color pics and so fourth, you let me know as my company mail is i need this i have many clients i want to install such system to. contact me asap, we can grow big as i have many ideas based on technology my website is​


Unfortunately I can’t take on any big jobs right now as I’m extremely busy with other clients! Apologies!

hi. i wanted to add a downloadable .pptx so I linked it to an image but it came up as an invalid page when i clicked on the image. Is this not supported? If not, could you suggest what code to add or edit to allow downloading files. I could probably link to a page outside your system but it would take additional clicks for users. thanks.

Another question. I linked a video to a text and I chose <popup window> as the target. I ticked the resizable option and gave it a size of 300×250 but it’s always going full screen. Am I missing something?

Also, is there a way to hide the overview and members tab from anyone who is not an admin?

Hi Adamar,

You can change the who can see what links by modifying the application/views/layout/layout.php files. You’ll need to modify the code so that it only displays for admin; check out how the admin links work.

When you add an image in the text editor, is it adding width/height attributes? Can you go into Source Code mode and modify the code there and see what the text editor is adding?

Feel free to send me an email and I’ll get back to you :)


Hi everyone,

I’ll be on vacation during the next 2 weeks of July (14th-28th) so my response times to queries/questions/support may be a little late. I’ll still try to respond as quickly as possible, but just letting you all know about potential disruption over the next 2 weeks.