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How do you install this application?

We aim to make it extremely easy to install this application. All you need to do edit the config files for your site settings and database settings then run the installer file. The installer will then create the Admin account for you and setup your site, making it ready to be used.

Does this work with WordPress?

This is not a WordPress application. This application is a standalone application that needs to be installed on it’s own, separate from your WordPress site.

What are the System Requirements?

PHP Version 5.4 or greater (if you wish to use all the Social Network) or PHP 5.3. Mysql 4.0+ Support for either Mysql, MySQLi, PDO database.

Optional SMTP for sending Emails PHP Mail() function

The above is a mostly a standard hosting environment. If you need any help with installation, just send us an email.

How do I manage the application?

The application comes with it’s own Admin Panel that only Admins can access. Here you can manage your members, send emails to users, change the social settings and more. Check out our demo for more information.

Do you do custom work?

We do! Please contact us via our Support Tab if your interested in having custom work done. Work is done on commission- a price is agreed before any work is done and all parties are happy with what is expected. We may be busy at certain times so please make sure you contact us to make sure we are available to do work.

Do you update this application?

We want to keep all our products updated and bug free, so we will constantly putting out updates to add new features, fix bugs and make improvements. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send us an email and we will definitely consider them for future updates.

Can you translate this application?

This application is translation ready and supports any UTF-8 languages. It’s easy to translate as all the language strings are inside a couple of files and all you need to do is provide your own translation of them.

Our documentation gives a more thorough guide on how to add your own translations.

Can I customise the application to however I want?

You can customise the application however you like. We have added a few test pages to the script that show you how you can restrict certain access to your users. Check out the script application/controllers/Test.php.

The system’s framework is based on CodeIgniter 3.0, which is beautifully documented here:

CodeIgniter is a great framework to build your website on; the code is Object Oriented and uses the classic model-view-controller framework pattern.

I need extra help and have more questions! How do I get in contact with you?

Just send an email to us via our Support Tab and we will be happy to help you. We try to respond within 2 days, but usually answer queries the day they are sent.

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