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Hi I’m trying to setup process (Quick setup) but at step 4 I get the error report like this:” Failed to create user:

Field ‘profile_views’ doesn’t have a default value” What’s your suggestion? Im testing it localhost. Thanks a lot.

Hi, thanks a lot it’s solved. I have another question. I have an application (php, pdo, mysql) it is not a Codeigniter based app. Is it possible to join it with this super login System? Thanks

Hi Mcbeebee,

It might be possible. The difficulty will depend on your own system and how skilled you are with it. You should take a look at the application/controllers/Login.php file to see how the login/user system works.

Thanks for your help

Hello, Some questions before to buy your product. I have a website with a lot of javascript and jquery and I want to implant your product. I don’t want dashboard for user, I saw in your online documentatioon that we can use your index_check.php and login_checker.php to protect page. I also want to have the possibilities to implant the paypal : is it to redirect the button to your product? best regards

Hello Thanks for the quick reply What I need is to use all your script without dashboard. Example: I have an existing web page and and i wat that the person that come in must login after that on the same page I have a picture with a product and the price of it: I want that if the person click on it he use your part of script with the page of paypal . I want to be to the only person to use the dashboard Best regards Thanks

Hi Dup,

I don’t think that will work for you. The PayPal script is designed only for purchasing credits, not products. You would need to modify it/make code changes in order for you to be able to sell products using it.

Thanks Perhaps can I find somebody that can make this

Hello i am trying to install your product but unable to install as i am getting PHP ERROR.

Any Update??

Issue has been resolved.


Glad you got it resolved :)

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If you want to login on multiple devices, turn off secure login in the Admin Panel. This option refreshes the user’s cookies whenever they login so that all old logins become invalidated. Turning it off, it’ll allow the user to stay logged in across multiple devices.

I’m not sure what you mean by delete ci_sessions without cron-job? There isn’t a cron job at the moment that deletes ci_sessions either.

You can check out the changes to the PHPpass library here:


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any way to automatic delete inactive sessions from ci_sessions

You could take a look at the timestamp field in ci_sessions and run checks to see whether it’s out of date or not. I’m not 100% sure how you check for “inactive” though.

Hello Thanks for this good stuff. Is there a version of the languges files for french ? thanks a lot.


Hi Alex,

There isn’t a french translation currently available, however you can translate it yourself by modifying the language files. There is a guide in the documentation that can help: