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Hi I need to test this live – do you have a demo?

Cheers Tonny

Hello I’m very interested in your plugin but my doubt is: do I mandatory need your other plugin WP PRO Advertising System – All In One Ad Manager ?

Hi, Yes. The Buy and Sell add-on extends the WP PRO Advertising System.

Does this plugin support recurring payments?

Hello, after I read all the docs and the FAQ I have to ask, how to give access to a customer to his statistics ?? THank you

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Hello, im buy this plugin so I have problem to find how to create manually account if i want to give for some client that he can track impression and click from his own profile so he can place ads from his profile direct into website ?

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I am a licensed owner of this product as well as the main product WP Pro Advertising but i am very much appalled at the rate of response to support. I have been to support to post a simple question which has not been answered up till now. So before you say i should go to support here is the question again. How do i create a simple product in woocommerce to show as an adzone where users can click to buy. Is this to hard to ask after purchasing the product. Your lack of videos or proper documentation does not help at all.

After creating the user as an advertiser and linking them to a campaign of course using their email details they used in purchasing. Then what next. Do i still upload a banner and link them to it?

what now happens to the banner that is automatically put in their adzone after they made purchase?

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Any chance of making it responsive?

Ads are responsive.

Asked in wrong section, I have the Buy and Sell add-on for paypal

Pre-sales question are both the addins buy/sell ads and buy/sell ads woocomerce needed to sell ads using woocommerce or just the latter

Only the Woocommerce Add-On.

Pre-sale Question. Does this support WooCommerce Subscriptions?

how do I change a currency into my local currency?

It uses the default Woocommerce currency.

I am a newbie, where to change that?

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I have a quick pre-sale question to your WP advertising plugin and WooCommerce addon:

Is it possible to accept recurring payments with the WooCommerce addon in conjunction with another WooCommerce plugin, e.g. Subscriptio or WPspring?

Thank you.

PS: Also sent you a message here on Envato with a few more Qs :)

Yes banners can be purchased to be added within the rotation.

from front-end by customers?


Yes banners can be purchased from the front-end

Hi does this support Stripe payments through WooCommerce? Also does it support recurring payments? ie a monthly ad renewal.

Any Woocommerce payment types are available. recurring payments are not supported.

Hi will you update this to work with new banner creator?

We are looking into this.

You should have a video show buyer how to use Pro Ads Buy & Sell -woo add on

Hi. I have the pro ads buy and sell woocommerce addon installed (and main Ad plugin) but when I activate the addon it does not create the necessary woocommerce banner ad product in ‘products’ backend listing. I have emailed you with my login details. Thanks, Gareth

Hi – are stats for those buying the adverts also displayed on the front end, or is that displayed in the back end?

backend only

Is this still developed – does it work with Woocommerce 3.4?

Yes, it does.

I’d be interested to know if it is usuable as an ad network, meaning selling ad spots for third partied, on non linked sites and giving both advertiser and publisher access to reports?

Plugin is designed mainly for selling ads on the main website. However it is possible to export your banners to other sites and manage all ads from the main site. admins and advertisers have access to banner stats.

Hi I have issues with this plugin. When install and activate it gives an error message saying “no valid header” I do not know what that means. But I went into the plugin page and activated it from there. But when I use with the parent Ads pro plugin I keep getting error 404 when I click on “Advertise here”. Please help

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