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We have just installed the Bundle Pack Plugin and it is causing a Error Too Many Redirects notice to come up when loading the home page (we have deactivated plugin to check if it is actually the cause).

Any thoughts on how to fix this? Is there a setting in the plugin that I’m missing?


Hello, just double check mail actions and premium plans settings. There are fields with red notes where you must insert brand new pages.

Thank you, that was it!

Hi, this item is 100% translatable, thanks you for it

Hello, yeah is totally translatable

Hello Please place a new version of private-content-secure-links in the PrivateBut Package. I update it manually.thanks

Hello, updates are always kept in the bundle. You don’t have to update anything manually

Boa tarde! Estou usando o PrivateContent em conjunto com o WooCommerce. Quando é feito o login do usuário cadastrado pelo PrivateContent, ele é redirecionado para uma página de painel de controle do WooCommerce, mas não aparece nenhuma informação do usuário nesse painel. Preciso de ajuda, pois o sistema não está funcionando. uso um sistema de pagamentos junto ao WooCommerce, preciso que ambos se falem. Os usuários estão sincronizados, e mesmo assim não funciona.

Which is the “WooCommerce screen control page” URL?

How can I pass the data to you privately? url is

That brings me to a 404 page, check please.

Obviously we can privately discuss on the support site:

Report a problem with the User Data add-on: User Data add-on interferes with the LivIcons Evolution for WordPress plugin. When the User Data add-on is activated, it collapses in the user’s edit section in the PrivateContent plug-in.

Watch the screenshots at the link below:



Hi, Your plugin is interfering with this plugin:

This problem occurs when your plugin and this plugin are both active

Please follow my speech: I see the “edit user” page with that style-less code. However that is a custom admin page and shouldn’t be handled by any plugin.

Basically that plugin shouldn’t put its codes in there

Thank you I asked the developer of this plugin(LivIcons Evolution for WordPress) about the problem and I’m waiting for their answer.

Do you support Apple Pay?

Hello, the plugin is based upon woocommerce. Then it it supports Apple pay, you are okay ;)

Apparently not for reoccurring subscription sadly! :(

Recurring payments aren’t actually supported unfortunately

Hi, I have expired support license but before updating WP to 5.1 and after updating, the Bundle pack plugin is creating too many redirects on front page and I can not use it anymore for that reason. Any ideas?

pvtContent acts on WP engine, isn’t a matter of its version.

I suggest to double check your settings (mail actioms and premium plans specially)

Thank you, got the villain from the tail. I forgot about the re-direct issue and “brand new pages”. Can’t the plugin handle such new pages by itself in the background somewhere? It’s a step for the admin to create such a mistake…

Those options (the ones with red description warning you about important notes) must be set carefully on the first plugin setup.

In this case, those “brand new pages” must be really brand new or you’ll face the redirect loop

I want to use this plugin with a Newspaper 9 theme. Is it compatible? For example, if you want to see a part of the article on the main page, you must log in to see all of them. Can we adjust this? Can I see a demo?

pvtContent acts on the wordpress core, then it is supported by almost any theme. To see a part of the article you can use the shortcode, hiding a part of the page.

Otherwise you can use the contents hiding system along with post excerpts.

In pvtContent demo you can see all the different hiding systems:

Pre-sale question. Hi, Does your PrivateContent Bundle Pack include protection from hotlinking? Also I have about 500 downloads attached to the posts using ACF. In order to protect them would I have to do it one by one or there is a bulk option? Thanks

there’s no possible protection using direct file links with only PHP.

However PvtContent has got an add-on (secure lnks, included in the bundle) creating crypted links, usable only by targeted users.

I’m also working to a file manager add-on using a more sophisticated approach.

Thank you for the prompt response. What about the bulk option? would I have to protect the download links one by one or there is a way to do it in bulk? And is there option to limit the number of downloads per user per day based on membership? Also you have a super nice gallery I’m interested. It uses your super nice light box. Does it come with all your light box features or it has to be purchased separately. And what’s the difference between your gallery and grid?

The add-onn has got a “bulk” system allowing you to create crypted links from N existing links. This means if you have a list of file links you can paste it into the related field and the add-on will create a crypted link for each normal link.

There’s not a download limit actually.

If you are referring to Global Gallery, it comes with my LC lightbox included. The gallery is.. a gallery, while Media Grid is more contents-focused.

Let’s say that Global Gallery is surely the best if you have to manage many images ;)

“I’m also working to a file manager add-on using a more sophisticated approach” :-)

Any update on the file manager ?

Not yet, my life is currently super busy because of my new home, then develoment goes on very very slowly

Hi! I have bought the plugin a few days ago. Quick question: In registration page, can the user see different products depending on the (user) category selected?

For example, I have 2 different user categories: Basic and Corporate. But I also have the products “1 Month Basic”, “3 Months Basic”, “1 Month Corporate”, “3 Months Corporate”. In the registration page, I would like the user to see only the types of products for the selected category.


not directly but we could create a little javascript code toggling subscription plans depending on the chosen category. Obviously it’s only a visual thing: isn’t possible to effectively block the plan purchase depending on the category.

If you’re interested, please open a ticket:

Hello, I have a couple of pre-sale questions, if you don’t mind.

Since PrivateContent can sync with the Wordpress user-base, is it possible to set custom WP user roles for those mirror users? It was difficult to see in the screencast on this section, but I’m assuming all registered users will have a subscriber status.

Can we specify certain user categories to have custom user roles (I can register those independently through the theme or other plugin)? And how well will those mirrored WP users function? For example, I’m planning to use a WooWallet plugin to handle product purchases through WooCommerce. That means that every user will be able to top up their wallet and see all the transactions they’ve made on front-end. If those mirror wp users can’t really be edited by admin unless we apply the changes to PrivateContent user profile first, does that mean that third-party plugins might have a hard time connecting with those, too?

synced users must have the “pvtcontent” role in order to keep the sync. Then you can emulate any WP role except higher ones (editor, admin).

For example you can emulate both subscriber and WooCommerce customer roles. Just remember synced users can’t enter the WP admin area.

Actually roles are globally set: then each pvtcontent role will have the same emulated roles. You can manage third part fields as you’d do with normal WP users.

In the “edit user” page there’s a lightbox containing every extra field (woocommerce ones for example)