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hi there, i wanted to create travel insurance form where clients will put their travel type then category. i dont want this to be longer. this is the link and i want that kind of form in left

first of all, this is a PrivateContent add-on, then remember you have to purchase that core plugin first.

Then, you can surely create those fields with options but not in show “category” only user choose travel type.

I mean: there’s not “choose to reveal field” feature at the moment.

I own PrivateContent and Secure Links but I need to integrate PrivateContent with OAuth (using the Auth0 plugin). Any idea how I can use PC’s private user page and categories BUT use OAuth for authentication. Basically how can I pass the email address of the users google profile that I get via OAuth to Private Content??


really hard question, honestly I’ve never integrated oauth (created an oauth flow). The best I can do to help is redirect you on PrivateContent API documentation.

Should be flexible enough to allow any customization:

Thanks for the reply. Auth0 also has an API. Do you do any custom consulting work? Please email me.

Nope I’m sorry, no extra time to do anything :)


dgoudy Purchased

Is it possible to add a new registration form with the username filed? That field is not available in the Custom Forms Builder.

no, username can’t be changed


onocomp Purchased

Is possible make area member with payment for access?

yes, I’ve created an add-on for this :)

onocomp Purchased

Hi after payment the client access my restrict area automatic or I need make this manual? I intend use woocommerce with

Is totally automatic if you want. Client pays and is activated

Hello, will this plugin allow users to change their password?

you can use Mail Actions add-on to let them retrieve password or User Data add-on to change password when logged


abis221 Purchased

Is it possible to validate registration email with a particular domain (restricting registration from only and activate user from link sent to that email using this plugin?

is possible using plugin’s API (validation ones). Then extending the plugin

Hello, it is compatible with the theme Bridge?

sure, doesn’t rely on themes but on Wordpress core

Hello, is it possible to set up forms for Date Range?

For example for Patient 1 Date 06/26/2016 – Weight: 43KG Date 07/26/2016 – Weight: 44KG


Not actually, you should implement a custom check using APIs

Hello, i cannt submit a support ticket, because the submit button didnt work for me (chrome & firefox).

My question ist… is it possible to map [pcud-user-data f=”name”] as a php variable?

Thank you in advanced, Tobias

Ciao, ho un problema con un campo TextArea che dovrebbe contenere tutte le movimentazioni dell’utente.

In pratica ogni utente ha una lista simile:

Raccolto di 20€ del 01/02 Raccolto di 10€ del 02/03 etc…

Quello che capita è che nella visualizzazione si vede tutto sulla stessa riga. Per far andare accapo dovrei aggiungere il tag
. Non è possibile farlo fare in automatico?


Beh ma come farlo? :) Ovviamente se scrivi HTML questo viene renderizzato, ma devi inserirlo nella textarea

Avete fatto questa serie di plugin davvero completi, funzionanti ed efficienti. Sicuramente riuscirete a fare anche questo. Io purtroppo non sono in grado di darvi consigli in tal senso :(

Proprio perchè ho codificato ogni bit del plugin ti ho già detto qual’è l’unica soluzione possibile ;)

Hello – Presales Question: Does this have logic capabilities?

there’s a conditional shortcode, where you can use “logic”. Anyway if you make an example I can answer you more precisely :)

Thanks for the reply – Heres a basic example.

User selects A and Menu #2 opens.

Drop Menu #1 Option A > Got to Drop Menu #2 Option B > Got to Drop Menu #3

Nope, page and menu restrictions work with user categories. You can only restrict page contents using the conditional shortcode

Hi I already have the main Private content and also mail actions plugin. I’m wondering if I get this plugin could I create a form where members could request to have access to another user category which could then be approved? Thanks.

you can setup a form that will inform an email address upon submission.

Then, yes, could be feasible.



Before I buy your extension I want to verify if it can handle our needs: In our CRM we have approx. 250 clients with personal data (example: 10 fields). We would like to offer these client a personal page (after login) where they can see these personal data (only user A can see the data belonging to user A, etc). The personal data is changing daily and should be updated by importing each day a fresh CSV (exported from the CRM).

Is this possible with your plugin?

kind regards, Kees

Hello Kees, you can manage useres and custom fields but not override data using your daily CSV.

Once users are registered you need to update them manually. Otherwise create a script (using APIs), doing so.

Thank you for this fast reply!

Do you offer paid development for such script?

I’m sorry but isn’t exacrly a fast script: CSV handling is pretty long and unfortunately I don’t have extra time for customizations.

However APIs are public and usable by any PHP coder. You can hire any external developer to do so ;)

Hey there! I have already purchased the main Content Private plugin and am needing to add a password change/recovery for users. Will this plugin do that? Does it send an email to the user that will allow them to change the password? Just wondering how that process works. Thanks.

Hi mate,
this add-on will allow you to create custom forms to let customers change their passwords.

The recovery system is in Mail Actions add-on ;)

Ok so it needs this plugin as well as the Mail Actions add-on?

To recover password, just Mail Actions. To let users change their data (included password), you need also the User Data add-on


T_ed Purchased

Everything is good with addon, but why there is no rich text editor field, but only simple textarea? I believe it`s a real lack, because it really needed and simple to add I think. Now I am struggling whith trying to add rich text editor to textarea field on my own and it`s a PAIN. I am sooo irritated with this.

do you mean on admin panel or frontend?


T_ed Purchased

Hi, I mean frontend textarea fields, where users can input their data. When you want to be able to collect from users something more than e-mails or another short text, rich text editor is a pretty necessary. Even default WP TinyMCE would be good.

I tried some plugins for that and spend hours searching and testing them, but noting worked for me. I need so simple thing and it takes so much pain to achieve. To be honest I feel really pissed because of this.

Yeah, frontend is a really hell to implement something similar. That’s why I’ve not did it yet.

Backend can take advantage of WP TinyMCE but frontend is much more difficult and would be really hard to match styles for any theme.


zesto Purchased

I need a “remember password” button on the login box. Is that possible using that plugin?


“remember me” is already integrated in main plugin, just check in settings.

With this add-on you can let users change their password though.


borgan Purchased

Hi, Is it possible to change the password placeholder which in registration form, and username placeholder which on login form ? in this plugin

Got it! Well, for login is just plain HTML, while registration form is more complex. You need to tweak the framework, adding the placeholder attribute.

In any case, you need to be a bit skilled in PHP/HTML management and CSS to replicate that layout. (obviously I’ll tell you the way to go)


borgan Purchased

Hi, Could you please help me how can I change the placeholder ?

Login -> public_api.php – line 179/184

Registration, is more difficult as I said: classes/pc_form_framework.php -> from line 216 there’s the fields framework

Hi is it possible to insert a shortcode into a widget or custom pagebuilder?

sure, you can use pvtContent shortcodes everywhere. For Widgets you’ll need another tiny (free) plugin letting you using shortcodes

Hi, is it possible to show a bit of content (link to some pdf documents) created by advancedcustomfields plugin (only for logged users) in a page template? Thanks

Mh.. no ho capito praticamente nulla :D

Sulle customizzazioni non posso fare molto, ma se estendi il tuo periodo di supporto e apri un ticket spiegandomi meglio, posso dirti come farei io ;) (sempre che si possa fare)

ok dai quando e se affronterò il problema estenderò il supporto, nel frattempo grazie e buon lavoro :)

Di nulla ;)