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…and while I’m at it, here’s another question:

In the documentation for the User Data add-on it says:

At the moment is not possible to import multiple values in case of checkboxes fields.

Does that mean it is a shortcoming that is being worked on?

I need to import additional user data for select fields with multiple values, and it is a lot of users, so manually populating those fields is out of the question.

I must be onest: didn’t remember of this :D

I’ve added a note for next releases. I’ll see what I can do (and in any case options will need to be split by specific chars)

Thanks, that would be much appreciated since adding this data manually for thousands of users is just not feasible.

Hi – looking to create fields, say, birthday, for each user put that users individual birthday. In other words, they wouldn’t add it, I would, and it would get pulled from their user profile (which I have access to). Is this possible?

sure, you can insert data and then show it through the add-on shortcode

Hello, I have a theme wordpress called Trendy Travel it has hotels reservation module and i wonder if this plugin could fit to do this , I need to make a custom registration form for hotels to register as hotel then when registration complete be able to access a custom post for hotels and add his hotels details then rooms which belongs to this hotel only not other hotels , advice me if it possible , thanks

sure, is possible using PvtContent + this add-on. You let hotels register and then create a custom form for details ;)

For conditional blocks, can I have multiple conditions?

I’ve tried 2 different installs, change theme and deactivate all other plugins. Looks like a bug

You are right :)

A little logical bug was ignoring shortcode execution if user value was empty.
Then, for empty names, you got nothing.

I’m uploading the update through my updater. Codecanyon will take much more.

Eventually write in private to get the fix now ;)

Thanks! Private message sent..

Hi, i updated this plugin yesterday.

Then this problem occur ; new user DOESN’T received verification email.

Please advise.

nothing changed recently in privateContent and there are no new issues.

Mail Actions was updated to fix PHP mailer security issue, but systems are the same since 2016.

Pre purchase consultation, with this addon it is possible to change the registration of the store woocommerce so that the form of pvc is used the same with the recover password … there is documentation of how to do it if it is possible, in case there is no documentation If I buy this extension you would help me to accomplish this task I have no knowledge of php

this add-on is exclusively integrated in pvtContent forms. Then you can (among other features) add custom fields to registration form.

Are you using the default woocommerce form and want to add custom fields?

Nicocantu is my parnet, i ansewer I do not want to handle the whole PVT record but as I can not find the way to change the wocommerce registration endpoint so I call the PVT form I thought I could by this means …

You have idea of where to get some totorial that allows me to change those link so that it uses the register and the functions of PVT

A last query in the user registry should I assign the PVT content true non-subscriber?

Hello again, I ask you please see this page you will see that the created form has the defect at the bottom I need to give you the same space as at the top you can help me to fix this. Thank you

Give a try adding this in custom CSS
.pc_registration_form, .pc_login_form, .pc_custom_form {
    padding: 19px 24px !important;

Fix, thanks! best regards

Wanted to buy the content private for user data, but am wondering if I will be able to add Image field and files, this that possible?

uploads aren’t provided actually. I’m developing v6 and wondering whether to add this field or not (it could bring a lot of troubles).

In any case remember that a WP-synced user (PrivateContent WP-user-sync system) is logged as a normal wordpress user, then you can use any frontend uploader ;)


solen Purchased

ciao ho installato l’add-on insieme al plugin ma sembra non funzionare. ho provato ad aprire un ticket ma dal menu a tendina non c’è user data? come posso fare? grazie mille.

uhm.. ho appena risposto a un ticket su User Data.. quindi mi sembra quantomeno strano :D

Comunque: puoi descrivere il problema?


solen Purchased

Ti giuro che non riesco ad aprire il ticket per user data dalla tua pagina supporto. Credo che dipenda dalla scadenza del supporto del plugin madre comunque il mio problema è che ho acquistato questo nuovo bellissimo add-on pensando che potessi creare nuovi custom field da inserire nel panello registrazione ma cosi non è almeno non so dove sbaglio. Non vorrei pero disturbarti troppo come faccio a mandarti i login del sito in modo che tu possa darci uno sguardo. Scusami tantissimo per il disturbo, Luca.

Indipendentemente dal supporo di PvtContent, puoi aprire un ticket -> selezionare l’add-on -> inserire il purchase code dell’add-on.

In ogni caso, nessun problema: usa il form sul mio profilo

Ovviamente l’add-on è fatto proprio per quello scopo, quindi mi dovrai spiegare che passaggio non ti riesce ;)

Hi there! I’d like to know if is possible with your tools make exactly this:

1 – Create a form where the user selects the model and color of his car. 2 – The user can edit/update this information. 3 – After that, this info appears in his profile. 4 – Only the own user and the moderators can see this info. 5 – Admin can check the total amount of vehicle for all members.

Hello, prior note (sometimes customers make confusion): remember this is a PrivateContent add-on. Then you’ll have to purchase also the core plugin.

  1. Yes, you create fields and their options
  2. Yes, through custom forms
  3. Yes, you can print choices through the User Data shortcode
  4. User sees them into frontend, admin through the user dashboard
  5. Could you elaborate on this please? Which calculation would this require?

For example, when I check my profile, you can see the vehicles I have. When I check your profile, I can’t see your vehicles. But if I’m a moderator or the admin, I can see this info in your profile. Also, the admin can verify the total amount of vehicle from all users. “Oh, we have 240 members here and a total of 320 vehicles”.

Total vehicles must be calculated apart. Data are in the database, then you have to create a little add-on showing somewhere (in settings or users list?) the total amount.

It is possible using API of course

Hello, can use this add-on to create user profile site? with change password, email and things like this.

yes, add-on is meant to be used for this aim.

NB: I suppose you know this is an add-on: main plugin is PrivateContent

I already have PrivateContent plugin :) I just need create form, where user can change password, email and other things. I just need user info page.

Then, this is the answer ;)

Hi Luca.

Can i made a default value for ‘Custom Fields Builder’ for any new registration?

not actually but I’d like to add this feature in next releases

Does user data stored through this add-on sync with Wordpress User. E.g. If we creates a field “Profile Picture”, and upload the image of the user, is that picture sync with wp user database

no, would be a duplicate value. Data is stored only in the pvtContent database.

Just one note: actually uploads are not implemented.


milsou Purchased

Too bad for me… can’t update imported datas :(

what do you mean with this?

Hi, I see you have stated you use PHP sessions that log users out when a browser is closed. I just closed my browser and reponed it and I am still logged in. Is there a way to do auto-logouts or timeouts? Or automatically log users out after 10 minutes of inactivity? Thanks!

Is possible with a tiny PHP tweak. I’ll be obviously glad to do it for you.

Effectively you’re not the first one wanting immediage logout. I could surely add an option to disable the cookie login in next release

Great. How do I go about requesting for that change to be made?

Just purchase and then open a ticket ;)

Hi, I have a wp/woocommerce site, I would create a custom form registration for customers before to buy. The custom datas colletted are available and editable in the user account page?

Quello puoi farlo sicuramente con l’add-on, ma mi chiedevo come vuoi gestire la cosa dei prodotti

Pensavo così: prodotti visibili solo per utenti registrati, creo una pagina specifica per la registrazione con il sondaggio (sarebbe bella una registrazione multi step), una volta loggato uso woocommerce come sempre.

Allora lo fai con facilità: restringi i prodotti, crei il form di regisrtazione coi campi custom e infine un custom form dove gli utenti potranno visualizzare e modificare i dati inseriti ;)

Ciao, come detto ho la necessità di fare un sondaggio in fase di registrazione utente e di fare in modo che i dati inseriti siano poi visibili e modificabili dall’utente nella sua area privata. E’ possibile fare in modo ch alcuni di questi dati non siano più modificabili dall’utente una volta inseriti ma solo visualizzati? Grazie.

Puoi paginarei campi e/o dividerli con una spaziatura o un testo/HTML introduttivo.

Insomma, lo gestisci come vuoi

We have purchased the Private Content plugin, but we would like to import more data for users. Specifically, we’d like to have a CSV file that has username, password, and specific links to show up on users’ private pages. We do not want to edit each individual page to change the links or update them for each user. Would this add on allow us to do this?

Sure, is totally up to you. Registration form is optional.

Don’t be afraid, I’ve understood your situation. Isn’t so peculiar!
You just want to insert users + associated data and to show these informations in useres private page.

With this add-on you can use a shortcode to print singularly each user data INTO the “template”. What you need it’s just the shortcode scope ;)

Okay, I think I understand. Thank you!! Wanted to be sure and that can be tough over typing!

No problem!