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We trying to add PDF documents using secure link. After adding PDF document

When we open that link using browser the PDF documents not displaying. we are getting following error in javascript alert.

Error Failed to load PDF document.

What is the issue?

this might depend on various matters. Please open a ticket so we can better investigate

Are you on a local machine? Do other file types open corretly?

Just checked and found that images are also not displayed. I uploaded jpg image

We are getting following error for image

The image “” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

Yes but I still have to debug to undestand. Could be a server block on cURL calls or a php error occurring before files output.

I’d probably need a WP admin access

hello, on your demo web page, I was not able to logout from test1 user (?)

Uhm. I think this is a mistake I made in summer 2017 while rebuilding my site :D

Many thanks for reporting this, now is ok!

Hi, We are looking at this plugin for a client. We would just like to clarify, Can this plugin be used with some of the flipbook lightbox plugins found in the market for PDF files? And will the links work and be secure?

as first, remember this is a PrivateContent add-on.

Then, yeah: you can use secured links everywhere. Just be sure that plugin supports links without an extension (eg. )


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Sorry Guys, Add on does not work. And I have no idea why. Can you help me?

Hello, could you elaborate on the issue?


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Yes, I have written a ticket. I think the problem is, my template are using a kind of post like “album”, and there is no possibiliy for me to set the secure links into it.

Let’s continue on the ticket ;)

Hi, is it possible to generate a secure link for a word press public page which can’t be shared and can be used only from the users to whom I’m going to send the email with the secure link and, of course, prevent anyone else to use that link?

si, è possibile creare links criptati anche per le pagine. Però questo farà un semplice redirect.

Quindi andando sull’URL diretto della pagina, si potrà accedere.

(ovviamente puoi restringere la pagina con l’engine di PrivateContent)

Ok, quindi non ho modo cmq di nascondere il link della pagina ed evitare che si possa condividere. (mi riferisco a tutti gli utenti non iscritti).

L’esigenza è di mandare questo link a un gruppo di utenti non iscritti ed evitare che lo possano condividere.


Puoi restringendo la pagina.

  1. Il link criptato farà redierect sulla pagina ristretta
  2. Se l’utente non ha credenziali, verrà buttato su un’altra pagina
  3. L’utente senza credenziali non vede l’URL della pagina ristretta