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Hello Support, I have pre sale questions – 1. “It is possible to add additional field (company name) to registration field? 2. how I can control registration and proofing new user process?

1- yes, with User Data add-on
2- Depends what you want to check :) Could you elaborate a bit?

qQuestion for – “PrivateContent – Secure Links add-on”. Registration form must have name, e-mail and company fields.

What you’re requesting is part of the core plugin (privateContent) while this is just an add-on to create crypted file links

Hi another pre-sale question: can I protect a video (of an online product) ? For example If I’ve a YouTube unlisted video, can I make it sure, so it can not be copied my content? How can I protect my video inside on my membership platform with PrivateContent: is possible? Thank you so much for all

youtube video would be a link, then the add-on would perform only a redirect.

Is possible to restrict videos if you use a self-hosted file. For example: you have a file and display it through WP player.

In this case just restrict the file URL and the add-on will stream it directly to the player, keeping it hidden.

Ciao, quando accedo in admin per criptare un nuovo link mi vengono segnalati questi errori:

500 Internal Server Error –

TypeError: jQuery(...).iphoneStyle is not a function

come mai?! grazie mille, ciao e buon lavoro!

In che schermata ti appare l’errore?

Nel senso: metre aggiungi un utente? Nei settings?

Nella pagina di creazione Secure Links Manager. Poi ho provato a creare un link per un file da riservare e il link non funziona.

Bingo! Avevo dimenticato una riga di codice in quella pagina :)

Non è un problema, non comporta nessun errore. Ma se vuoi contattarmi in privato ti mando il pachetto aggiornato

Hello! Pre-sale question: Can I use this with Amazon S3? For example all of my files are stored in a bucket on S3, can I use the link from S3 with this plugin?

In theory, on the front-end of the website it should work like so: a guest on the website cannot download any files until they purchase a membership that grants them access to download the files. THEN – The guest purchases a membership that grants him to access to file downloads, he clicks the simple download icon associated with that specific file which then initiates the download. On the back-end of the website, they are downloading the file directly from my Amazon S3 bucket.

It seems elaborate – can this be done?

is up to your server. Since the add-on uses cURL, your server must be ok with external cURL calls.

Just this :)

Hi if i protect link *.mp4 my videos students can play in video but can´t download file? I maked test but is possible put the link for video for protect mp4?

BoxTrapper – Anti Spam

<video src=”” width=”700” height=”400”></video>

BoxTrapper – Anti Spam

<video src=”” width=”700” height=”400”></video>

please open a ticket or (facing validation issues) contact me through Profile Page’s form.

Ciao, volevo chiederti se con Secure Links si possono nascondere i collegamenti ai documenti su google drive. Chiarisco… io uso condividere con dei clienti (ad esempio condomini) alcuni documenti tipo tabelle millesimali etc. Per condividerli metto un link sulle pagine a loro riservate, ma il link è visibile. Secure Links nasconderebbe il link? Grazie sempre per la tua gentilezza.

per i links il massimo che si può fare è creare un redirect.

Quindi una volta loggato, cliccando sul link criptato, l’utente sarà spostato su G-drive. Quindi, teoricamente, se ha cattive intenzioni, può condividere l’URL diretto.

Hello any suggestions that could increase the power of this addon, eg expiration date of a given link … or to press it and send it directly to a user or whoever mail …. in my opinion and operability is what it is lacking and is what makes have to use for the time another external …

Click counter has been implemented, but is shown only in backend. Since URL insertion is just a basic text copy/paste, there isn’t any query performed.

Then you should built a complex system to achieve it, basing on add-on’s data

There is quite frustrating … but hey ok thanks

You’re welcome

Ciao, abbiamo ancora il problema con file zip di grandi dimensioni… quale settaggio devo verificare/modificare sul server per farlo funzionare?

grazie e buon lavoro

è una semplice chiamata cURL, ma richiede ovviamente molte risorse per gestire un file grande.

L’unica cosa che posso consigliarti è aumentare memoria allocata nel server e timeout dei processi

Help! I can’t send a support ticket because it is saying my support period has ended, but I renewed today. I don’t see this plugin listed in the “Private Content” area of the Wordpress Dashboard. Can you help?!

Please update to latest one (v 5.231)

I’m looking for a way to lock down an entire folder so that users have to log in before downloading any documents in the folder. Is this possible with Secure Links?

Locking down folders isn’t possible with only PHP, you would be always able to reach direct link.

Then, no, you can’t restrict it directly


I would like to find out if your add on will do the job I require. I need to create a user account per client and once they login they need to see a bunch of files which is just relevant to their company. So it’s quite a few files and it needs to be in category > sub ctaegory > sub-sub-category if necessary.

Can I create these parent> child categories with this add on and I completely lock down these categories and files to just the specific client? I don’t want another user to login and be able to test another hyperlink from another client and be able to see it. Yes they won’t know the link but I need this to be secure as this is confidential company information per company.

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Jhorene

Hello Jhorene, this add-on is part of the core plugin PrivateContent that allows you to create unlimited categories.

However are all single-layer categories. Then you can’t setup subcategories, but you could name them “cat X” and another one “subcat X”.

Once you set up categories, you can create file links accessible only by targeted users/categories.

So: yes, you can. But is important to have a precise categories/subcategories structure (to not get lost during usage)

is it possible to set this so that anyone who vistis the site without an account and without logging in can download a link and when they download the download counter works too

nope, this add-on exclusively creates restricted links. Then is not for unlogged people

Hi, I am trying to view your live preview, but the page shows this error when logged in as test1:

Warning: Missing argument 4 for pcpp_extra_user_check(), called in /home/liberaco/public_html/ on line 298 and defined in /home/liberaco/public_html/ on line 5

Warning: Missing argument 4 for pcpp_extra_user_check(), called in /home/liberaco/public_html/ on line 298 and defined in /home/liberaco/public_html/ on line 5

Warning: Missing argument 4 for pcpp_extra_user_check(), called in /home/liberaco/public_html/ on line 298 and defined in /home/liberaco/public_html/ on line 5

Warning: Missing argument 4 for pcpp_extra_user_check(), called in /home/liberaco/public_html/ on line 298 and defined in /home/liberaco/public_html/ on line 5

Hello, see. I spend my whole life developing and implementing better update notifiers.. and I’m the first leaving old files on my site :D

Many many thanks, I wish more customers were like you!

PS: I’m about to release a major update for the whole pvtContent suite. If you are searching something specific, just ask ;)

Haha, no problem I understand! I am convincing my boss to buy your plugin :)

Thanks again then ;)

Button “Pick from media library” not working and it’s not encrypting .xlsx files

could you please open a ticket explaining in details and eventually giving me a link to check? thanks

Buongiorno, è possibile bloccare anche i link esterni? Grazie!

se il tuo server è ok con le chiamate cURL a siti esterni, si.

Ovviamente credo tu stia parlando di link a files, perchè link a pagine web verrebbero gestite banalmente come un redirect.

Insomma: l’add-on serve a mostrare files tramite links criptati. Ma credo che questo fosse già chiaro :)


johweb Purchased

Hi, I have order it. I upload a pdf file. Crypt is ok.

Not connected, I don’t see it : ok. Connected, I see link (crypted) : ok. With link “crypted”, if I am not connected, I don’t see it : ok

If there is an .htaccess in /wp-content/uploads/ or in /wp-content/uploads/2017/09 :

There is error, I can’t open my pdf file : Acrobat n’a pas pu ouvrir monfichierpdf-2.pdf car le type de fichier n’est pas pris en charge ou le fichier est endommagé (il a été envoyé en tant que pièce joint et n’a pas été décodé correctement, par exemple).

If I delete .htaccess, ok it works. But everybody can see my file : /wp-content/uploads/2017/09/monfichierpdf.pdf

If I put a index.php in /wp-content/uploads/2017/09/ without nothing, we can’t see my file”s”.

But, with link : /wp-content/uploads/2017/09/monfichierpdf.pdf we open it immediatly.

So, what can we do ? .htaccess and it works ? How ? index.php and we don’t see files but original file is enable. Why my files is not in a special directory ? Your add-on doesn’t protect an uploading without connexion.


Hello again,
first of all: remember to use my support site. Is not so easy to follow everything here.

This add-on has nothing to do with htaccess. Just creates a crypted link that is (obviously) visible by anyone, but only usable by targeted users.

Then, maybe there’s a specific setup in your htaccess blocking custom links. Maybe you have a security plugin?


johweb Purchased

Hello :-) Yes of course, I will use your support site, I imagine it is more easy for you. I have your security plugin only. But, don’t be afraid, it will be ok like that. I will put manually an index.php in every new directory (2017/09 – 2017-10 etc…) and it will be ok like that. In fact, I will be alone to know the “real” name of my pdf file (and consequently, the string). Best regards.

Hi, I have this streaming video link and is your plugin can hide the video link? what about if someone open view source from browser? its the original video link display? Any demo on this one before I purchase?


LCweb Author

you need to use the secured link in the player. As with images (you can see it in the live demo), the add-on passes directly video’s data, then players work with it.

Any trial to test it? interested to buy it but not sure if this plugin work on my website video streaming to protect my original video link


LCweb Author

Hello again,
if you give me the video URL I can setup a temporary page with a player, where you can test it ;)