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I need to create a page with specific content for a specific user and have them pay to access it. So if they register and pay on the website can they be redirected to their user page and only have access to that page?

The content is specific to each client so I want them to register, pay and then access only their information. Do I need to create their private page first or do they need to register and pay first, then I have to login to the admin side and upload their documents?

Can this be achieved with your plugin?

Thank you.

Regards, Jhorene

Hello Jhorene,
yes, process is just this: they pay, login and access restricted contents.

Each user has its private page that you can populate with a preset text. Then you can upload documents in there. yes, exactly :)


Thank you for the quick reply.

So I can upload the documents on their user page before they pay on the front-end?

I need to use a South African payment gateway one called Payfast to process ZAR - does your plugin work with it?

Regards, Jhorene

If you have common documents, yes, you can use preset contents.


I was wondering if your private content can integrate with Mailchimp so new signups get added to a mailing list?

sure, you can do it natively with Mail Actions add-on!

I am trying to get support but the support ticket form doesn’t work. I have a problem with the premium plans add-on. After registration form it redirects to home instead of the checkout.

Could you try with Firefox please? Sounds really strange though.

I notice that the editor container element has visibility on hidden.. i disabled it and could put in text for the ticket.

Really strange indeed: I see your message as code text :)

Anyway, let’s continue there

Any way to drip-feed content within a membership level with this plugin?

could you please elaborate the “drip-feed” concept? :) thanks

Domanda prima di acquistare: Ho la necessità di creare una pagina personale privata per ogni utente che paga il servizio. In questa pagina è possibile inserire (e mantenere privati) i commenti, in modo che si possa avere una sorta di dialogo tra admin e singolo utente? Ripeto, è fondamentale che questo dialogo non sia visibile ad altri in nessun modo (feed, link etc..)


certo, è una feature della pagina privata: i commenti rimangono tra admin e utente

Hi There, Does this script allow renewals for the first day of the following month. I’ve seen a few where you specify the amount of days which means it moves each month… for example 1st Jan (28 days later) 29th Jan… you’ve tech paid twice in one month. Does your script allow for a renewal on the 1st day of the following month? Thanks.

WooCommerce doesn’t have recurring payment, then user subscription just ends and he has to pay again.

Then there’s not a fixed plan’s ending (eg. month’s end) but depends on subscription.

Sorry but that doesn’t seam to answer my question.

My question was… can the reoccurring payment be set for the first day of the following month, or the same day for example. I.e the 9th of each month?

As I wrote before, no.

Then there’s not a fixed plan’s ending (eg. month’s end) but depends on subscription.

Then next due date depends on the subscription date

hello, Pre purchase question, Do you know if your plugin in compatible with a Facebook login button plugin ? Thx

isn’t possible to login with facebook. Users must be registered in pvtContent database

Can I use this for a multi vendor site, where vendors will have to subscribe to be able to use the service for a period of time?

could you please elaborate a bit the “multi vendors” part?

Anyway the add-on is quite simple to understand: you create pay and/or time-limited plans to offer premium subscriptions to the core plugin (PrivateContent)

Pre-sale question: How does PrivateContent interact with standard WP users? Are they the same thing, or does PC use a different user database?

PrivateContent useres are registered on a standalone database.

Then you can use the “WP user sync” system to have WP “mirror” userse. Then when a pvtContent user will login, it will be logged also as a WP user (except for the fact it can’t access admin panel)

Hmm, ok. How would this work with something like BuddyPress? I need to make a private forum for my client’s users, and I’m looking into Buddypress. Would the users have to make one account to get through Private Content, and then another account for Buddypress?

You can assign them also custom roles (emulation), then yes, will work also for buddyPress

I tried to register my account on their support site but when I enter the purchase code is invalid tells me ???

Please please show me how I do not let me create account

i´m partner to GlobalDIMA and this plug is register to

please contact me through my profile

In past 36 hours envato API seems to randomly not answer to checks

Hello sir… I was see videos about this addon… very amazing. So It is possible to protect a content for hours and minutes please ?

Of course! (Please call me Luca, not Sir ;) )

Ok Luca thanks a lot :)

You’re welcome!

hi, just a pre sale question.. can i use this add on without integrate with woocommerce..? i means my website have been intergrate with my country local payment gateway, so i want to manual update using this add on…

isn’t possible. This is a PrivateContent AND WooCommerce add-on. Whole plans systems revolves around WooCommerce and its payment gateway.


Is it possible to hide plans from frontend forms but using the Custom suggested plan feature to the change default suggested plan uing the pcpp_plan parameter in URL + plan ID.

I want to offer some of my subscribers a certain plan but don’t want other new users to be able to use and purchase this plan. Please let me know if this is possible? Thanks.

All the best, Anthony

Thanks, I guess what I am asking is how can you change the suggested default plan by using the parameter in the url?

Suggested plan is changed in front_integrations.php file at line 226. But as said, if is hidden, won’t be selectable

Thanks, was able to figure it out. :-)


I was wondering if you already have a subscriber with a plan and they are logged, how do you or is it possible for them to add-on another plan that I am offering? Thanks.

I’m not sure to have totally understood: do you want to associate two plans to a single user?


Thanks. What I was wondering is if a user already has a plan but wants to purchase another plan themselves, how would I allow them to do? Thanks.

Pretty tricky case. You should manually assign the plan to that user and set its status to “pending payment”


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I am using PayPal Payments Pro for WooCommerce with this plugin but am getting an error message that is telling me that it’s needs the Billing Address to Process the Credit Card Payment. I was wondering with this plugin how to enable this? Thanks.

All the best, Anthony

Hello Anthony,
in settings you find a field matching with WooCommerce. There you can auto-fill the address, state (etc etc) fields.

Custom felds are required though. Then: you can create them through APIs or using User Data add-on

Thanks, will try this.