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Hi, is it possible to enable payments “per unit” rather than subscription? My client wants members to create an account but to pay each time they upload a report that my client then transcribes.

Everything else about PrivateContent is required to make this all work but we have run into an issue when it comes to accepting payments “per report uploaded”. If we use woocommerce or even PayPal without PrivateContent we lose many of the needed features your plugin and several of its add-ons provide.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks, Slade

Hi Slade,
isn’t possible to do so. But I also didn’t totally understand your aim.

Do you want user to pay to upload on your site?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Basically my client is a neurosurgeon who transcribes reports uploaded by physicians. A physician will create an account and periodically upload patient reports to a secure box account where my client will download, transcribe and then re-upload for the physician.

My client charges $xx each time the physician uploads a patient report that my client then transcribes.

As you can see…a subscription plan won’t work because they pay “per uploaded report”. Unfortunately I need your PrivateContent plugin plus add-ons but the client doesn’t want the physician to have to create 2 accounts (1 for PrivateContent and another to save payment details). I was hoping I had found the solution but it doesn’t look like it.

thanks, Slade

Nope, the add-on won’t work for this and neither would be “tweakable” for this.

You should create another woocommerce add-on to manage this .Sincerely don’t even know f is feasible to track uploads as “pay tickets”.

Is a quite specific and tricky system to make


The add-on is still not compatible with WooCommerce 3.0

An update will be released in next 24 hours to fix this. Actually, just avoid updating WooCommerce. Thanks

Update’s update :)

v1.09 with WooCommerce v3 compatibility has been just pushed through auto-updater. Envato takes time to approve it on codecanyon though.

Facing issues relatd to this, just open a ticket and you’ll get the update ASAP. thanks

I have a pre-sale question. Is there a way for members to be able to update their Profile after they login. Users may wish to change their password or correct a spelling error in their name. Can this be done?

sure, is possible using custom forms by User Data add-on

hi is it able to use this plugin to Allow paid subscribers to purchase sites in a WordPress multisite. So after payment and signup a new site will be created.

this add-on belongs to PrivateContent plugin, then works with its systems.

A PvtContent user can’t reach WP admin panel, then he couldn’t manage a new site.

Hi there,

The time limited subscriptions is the part of the plugin that interests me but on one of the sites I wish to install this on subscriptions are free, so WooCommerce would be an unnecessary addition to the site.

Is it essential to install WooCommerce? If so, could you offer a “lite” version that doesn’t require this?



Hello Daniel,
yes this is also a wooCommerce add-on: plans are WC products.

Anyway with your setup there will be no trace WC in your site (apart from its scripts).


canito Purchased


Very interesting plugin, I am wondering if instead of having different subscriptions based on time (1 month, 3 months, etc) I can also have a subscriptions based on the number of users, for example

level 1 one user $10 USD level 2 four users $30 USD level 3, ten users $80 USD

My second question, is about security, can 2 people login and use the same user and password?


great fixed, thank you !!!

I sent you a message, hopefully you can help me.. thanks