Discussion on PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

Discussion on PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

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Presale question: in the private page reserved for each individual member, is there the possibility for the member to upload various types of files? also .zip? will also be able to create folders where to put the files? Tnx

LCweb Author

certo, c’è un add-on per questo:

Unica nota: per i files degli utenti non c’è divisione in cartelle ma per “upload fields”


dartym Purchased

we just updated the license, but it still comes up with a token error. What’s wrong?


dartym Purchased

Sorry, I didn’t know that. Thank you very much. Yes

LCweb Author

Doe. Token is 86d86663725dg4490f93748af3z34fd2


dartym Purchased

Muchas gracias!!

My staging for privatecontent and mail-addon has expired, is there any way to extend this as we are nearing completion of the build?


for sure, no problem, I gave you 6 additional months ;)

Hi, and good day sir. I have a pre-sale question.

If I have a portfolio page would this plugin allow me to block certain sections of that page? Example:

I only want the user to see a summary or problem and solution statement at the top of the page, along with maybe 1-2 images of my work. To see the rest of the work and my process (the full page) they would need to enter a password.

If you need more details to confidently answer this if there is any uncertainty, I would be happy to send you a wireframe of what I’m trying to accomplish. It sounds like the plugin can already do this but I just want to confirm before purchasing.

Thanks for your time – Cheers, Steve

WPbakery doesn’t give a lot of flexibility, but using Gutenberg you will be able to restrict any page element or section.

Then, for example, you can wrap contents in a “group” block and restrict on that element, optionally showing an alert with login form instead

Thanks for all your help LCweb. I really appreciate it.

Cheers – Steve

You’re welcome! ;)

I bought 3 PrivateContent plugins over 5 years ago. We have since changed our company’s primary domain and need to activate the license on the new website. Is there a way to revoke/deactivate the license so that I can activate it again? The old domain is still working but bounced to the new one. old: new:

no problem, is clearly the same project, then I updated the records ;)


brigius Purchased

HI, I understand that the regulations must be respected, but I don’t find it right that a product purchased and practically never used (except for some tests) cannot be used today on another domain. Looks like he wasted money.

if it has been used on a dev domain there are no problems in switching it.

However if a production domain has been used years ago, the license is considered redeemed


brigius Purchased

what i don’t understand is why you force to buy a new license if the previous one is unused. It would be much more correct to allow it to be used on another domain. It costs you nothing and you would have a happy old customer

How can I know “how much” it ha been used? The redemption date matters: I give 6 months of time to change the production website, is more than enough.

My client has just discovered that she can search for a private content page on her website and it comes up as a page which is not private. I’m wondering how. Surely this shouldn’t be possible and could it be a bug?

depends on how he restricted that page. For example the “lightbox on opening” doesn’t remove the page contents.

Could you please give me more infos?

I purchased 3 PrivateContent plugins probably more than 5 years ago. Since then, the company changed names and websites and now I can’t renew/activate the license on the new website. Is there a way to revoke/deactivate the license so I can active it again?

Uhm… they look totally different. Also domain names are different should be the following. and

Same thing: how the two can be the same project..? screenshot 1 vs. screenshot 2

Pre-Sale question, can it restrict content (post, pages, block, etc) for specific user (example by ID)?

not user role as general


Thanks for the reply.

Another question, How to show warn_box “You must be logged in to view this content” in Gutenberg Block?

Because it’s complete invisible for non selected user.

It’s the “private block” ;)

Thanks for the reply, Awesome! Will try the trial version first. Thank you!

Hi, I just begin the test of your bundle and I see a lot of interresting eleemnts I need but I have a big problem and I want to ask you if it can be solved. I have to use the Avada Theme with the Avada builder, it’s important to create template of personnal page easily. But when I try to edit the personnal page by the Main Data in you plugin there is no Avada builder possible, so it is impossible to use Avada builder’s template pages. You can see Gutenberg presentation or old WP panel if you disable it. Did you find a way to fix that or maybe I haven’t activate something to integrate proprely Avada Builder ? Thx in advance.

PS : where is the online complete instuctions for use your bundle ?

Hello (sorry for the late reply, yesterday wasn’t operative),
honestly I have no experience with the Avada builder (since is a third-part builder, related to a single theme) but maybe it behaves as other builders.

Give a try checking in the avada/builder settings and search for custom post type integration. In case you find a similar option, enable the “user private page” integration.

Hello, I have try your very nice plugin, it was exactly what I’m looking for but there is not compatible with the Avada builder and it’s layout system. So for example when you edit the personnal page in your plugin, you will seen 4 times the same thing inside. When you choose Default container page content with Only login form you will seen 4 times the login forms. It’s really sad because all what I need was in your bundle and thanks you for the temporary license to test it it’s really pro. When you have time try to have a look about Avada builder system, the theme have been sold more than 800.000 time it could be interresting. Thanks again for the test. PS : I have contact Avada team but they don’t know your plugin so they can’t help me neither

I know Avada very well and that issue comes from the fact they use certain WP filters multiple times. This requires a specific approach, but my products should run on every existing theme.

If the problem is just related to that, I could also give you some tailored code, isn’t a true problem. To be honest I never thought at creating a sort of code fallback in case of Avada usage. Would be interesting, but not owning that theme I can’t test directly.

In case, open a ticket after the purchase and I’ll be happy to check and adjust ;)

The Plugin “PrivateContent” has a security vulnerability. Type: Plugin Vulnerable Issue Found March 25, 2023 1:50 pm Critical

I’m waiting for my client to provide the login for support but in the meantime I’m getting this error on Wordfence scans. Please advise asap. It’s not an option to turn off the plugin since its protecting member only content.

Please advise.

The client site was built in 2019… why hasn’t it shown as needing an update in Wordpress? 7.1 would have been purchased on code canyon or envato, correct?

Yes, this plugin is sold excluively here.

As said, it is so old that also the previous updater I was using, probably doesn’t work too. 4 years in softwares are like a century

Yes, thank you for the quick reply. Will pass on this information to the client.

Does it includes a feature where depending on the member level they can post a comment?

yes, you can restrict the comment block basing on user categories


Trender Purchased

I understand the plugin author uses a portal and codes to make sure people buy the plugin. But disabling all the functions of a plugin if the verification isn’t temporally working is bad, especially when there are active subscriptions. And it’s even worse because it’s because of their updates. It has to verify over and over. Like every 3-4 months the plugin disabled the entire website functions and you have to re-enter the codes. And then you have to visit te portal, which doesn’t use an user & password. So you have to verify that too, using a 60min code. And in the meanwhile the websites are offline. We have bought dozens of licenses (under multiple accounts for clients) but we surely won’t recommend this plugin anymore. Be warned!

is a real pity to have good customers like you over-reacting like this instead of asking directly for help in case of troubles. LCweb is not a company made of X-hundreds employees but you have the direct contact with the one-and-only developer, answering in max 12 hours and caring to each customer: specially with validation system matters.

That being said: DIKE is surely my biggest success since 2012. In this precise moment 14.670 licenses are tracked in real-time. 14.670 websites running it without any trouble.

In the past year I had two problems due to server outages: one huge in the summer and a tiny one (less than 50 customers involved) in December.

Both were however useful to cover two coding flaws I left over the re-validation engine: now any malformed answer is ignored. What does this mean? Plugin keep working even if my server explodes.

I clearly do apologize if you were among those 50 affected in December, but you could simply re-activate the plugins usign the tokens you already have.

Your ratings are not related to plugin systems but against DIKE/me and left over 12-months from the purchase date, therefore infringe various Envato rules. I’m giving you few hours to fix them, then I’ll proceed reporting everything to Envato.

Repeating myself: is a pity when customers think having to deal with machines instead of humans working every day to give the best over codes.



Trender Purchased

When clients websites stop functioning because they have a re-verify token, that is a big no-go. I never expected you to act like a X-hundreds employees. Also, I never expected the plugins would stop working as they need to re-verify. And that last part is why I made the comment. And your reply to it is why we are now switching all our clients away.

Did you face any other validation issue after that single case?

Can I to create a private page for a single user?... Thank you

sure, by default every user has got its personal private page!

I need to have several pages dedicated exclusively to each user. Its possible?

In this case you have to create a user category related to each user. Then restrict whatever page/category/etc to be accessible only by that user category


qrade Purchased

My staging domain token is marked as “expired”, the domain isn’t changed and I can not do anything to “renew” it. Can’t find any information about it in the FAQ. How can I validate the installation?


qrade Purchased

perfetto! grazie.

come faccio ad usare il plugin sulla copia locale del sito che uso per sviluppare? (domino in questo caso)

lo “staging domain” esiste appositamente per quello ;)

DylanG Purchased

Why on earth is the token revoked,my product is licensed, why such a painful verification process,Why do I have to do this process again. Very irritated.

any extra message aside of the refused token? Was it a production one?

If so, it must be definitive.


the login form just stopped showing from my page. I just updated the plugin and it is still missing. any thoughts?

could you give me a link to the login page?

Hello, i have some Costom Post Types. I want to “hide” them to the public, just for some logged users, and one thing more, this CPT have attachments fields, and i want to the attached files to be hidden from search engines and from direct links, that only registered users can see them.

Is this possible?

if is a public post type, there is no problem hiding it. However files are surely placed in the public WP folder (or in another public folder).

The only way to really lock them is to use the Files Manager add-on:

Can I allow user to edit his private page? Can user add their own text or something ?

nope, not for now. Since private pages are visible excusively by the user itself, this doesn’t make too much sense though.

If you need to catch data from your users, just create fields and forms through the User Data add-on:


cowgum Purchased

Ciao! Una domanda prima di acquistarlo nuovamente: avrei bisogno di fare un area del sito dove i link ai file da scaricare sono visibili, in modo che sia possibile vedere di cosa si tratta, ma una volta cliccato sul link il documento da scaricare è protetto e quindi il sistema chiede l’accesso, effettuato il quale si sbloccano tutti i download. Spero di aver spiegato comprensibilmente :D


i files li carichi e restringi tramite il Files Manager add-on:

Un solo appunto: l’add-on ha views fatte per mostrare liste di files a utenti loggati. Per mostrare i links anche ai non loggati devi andare tu a copiare e incollare gli stessi nella pagina. (I links chiaramente porteranno al file solo se si è loggati o si appartiene alla categoria richiesta).

Se hai tanti files e vuoi automatizzare, devo creare un modulo extra che lo faccia in automatico ;)


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