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Hi. How can I change “Default private page content for new users”? Since I edited the field the first time that text seems to be set in stone. I change it from the settings and it sais “Options saved” but nothing changes in the front-end.

L’opzione “Default private page content for new users” è un testo he viene fisicamene aggiunto alla pagina.

Quindi quando un utente si registra, quel contenuto sarà aggiunto alla pagina e non solo “incollato” dinamicamente.

Dovresti vederlo se vai nella “edit private page” dell’utente in questione

Ok grazie, risolto.

Hi, First of all, nice plugin. 2 questions: I want to know if new users registration are notified by email to admin. I just want a private shop with users that can register but they have to be validated to see the shop and buy in it. Is that possible with your plugin? Thanks

Hola, you can receive a notification using the Mail Actions add-on!

You can put them in pending status and validate them manually. Or also let them auto-validate through mails (always with that add-on)

Its possible make limit user login ex. one times ,two times , three time s

can you tell me name of addon

A custom one, you have to develop it (or hire a dev to do so).

Isn’t a difficult work using APIs, won’t be too expensive

Hi, Your plugin is good, thanks.

But is there a way to hide the menu when not logged in? It seems that I only have control on menu when logged in.

I should check your setup and site. Please open a ticket and give me a WP access. thanks

I solved my problem with the website lock. Thanks anyway for Your quick answers!!

Oh, yeah, is an alternative way :)

Hi, i tried searching the comments for my answer but they were outdated. I would like to assign categories to users in bulk. I need to assign new categories to 100 users at a time. I have a system that when a total of 100 users have made a specific contribution, all 100 get access to a feature (category). I then repeat this again with the next 100 user contributors receiving a different new feature (category).

in users list you can bulk assign categories to shown users (then 20 per time)

Perfect. One last thing, I’d like to display all of the users by their usernames in different categories on the frontend. I think it would be incentive for others to join if they can see a large list of all the current members.

Since every customer would need a different way to display users, I’ve never created a shortcode to do so.

However you can easily achieve it through APIs

Ciao, Abbiamo rinnovato il supporto ma non riusciamo ancora ad aprire il ticket. Intanto ti anticipiamo il problema qui. Abbiamo delle categorie di articoli dove abbiamo definito la categoria pc su pc hide. Malgrado questo, senza login continuiamo a vedere gli articoli in home (e questo a noi va bene) ma riusciamo anche a vedere il contenuto dell’articolo cliccando sul link in home. Come può essere? Se invece proviamo con “pc redirect”, l’articolo sparisce dall’home page. un saluto, Stefania e Giovanni

Ciao e grazie per aver rinnovato il supporto,
avete provato a cliccare su “check again”? Dovrebbe funzionare adesso il sistema per l’aggiornamento delle licenze.

Per il problema: state usando sistemi di cache?

intendi plugin dedicati? no (comunque ti abbiamo aperto il ticket :))


When an user using registration form, I would like receive an e-mail notification to confirm registration, how to do that ?

you need the Mail Actions add-on:

Ok, I bought it.

i possible to moderate registration validation user by administrator only ? (Not just by clicking the link in email notification)

Do you mean a minimum role to enable users?

adult websites need other payment gateways, such as Epoch. is it possible to integrate that? even if as custom paid work

Would be a woocommerce add-on and I’m not skilled in it, I’m sorry. But you can ask here

I don’t actually need woocommerce. I don’t have products. I simply need to sell subscriptions with Epoch and a content locker plugin

Simpler way to manage payments (and invoices and refunds and a huge number of variables) in a professional way is to use WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

PrivateContent (premium plans add-on) integrates natively with WooCommerce. Then you would just need a new gateway.

Otherwise you (or your dev) can use pvtContent APIs to create a pay-to-access system. But as said, I’m not skilled in e-commerce (specifically in payment gateways) then can’t help you with this unfortunately..!

Hi, I am using this plugin on a woocommerce site. It works to hide the pages of the products but if I copy permalink of the product, it is visible without logging in. How can I stop that? People need to be able to register (using pvtcontent) in order to get an account to see the catalog.

Thanks M

Never mind… figured it out!


pheijn Purchased

Hi LCweb, I want to add some Dutch translations to the provided po file as the translation is not complete. Althought I can add most of the translations, I would also like to translate “Recover”, “Back to login form” and “Username” (appear after you click on the forget password link). The words are in de po file however commented (#~). Even if I uncommented the lines and create a new po and mo file the translations do not appear. BTW the word “Username” is already in the po file but not translated when clicked on the forget password link. How can I add the translations? When finished I can send you the updated po and mo file.

Best regards, Peter

Hello Peter,
thanks for the cooperation, but I really think you should wait a bit more. I’m currently developing v6 (and also add-ons major updates).

Then many strings will be added/changed.


pheijn Purchased

Thnx for the info. When do you expert to release v6? Cheers, Peter

Nice question: hope in a couple of weeks, but since there are a lot of elements involved I want to be sure everything is ok ;)

Hi, Actually i just want to lock certain pages. Is this plugin can just lock my certain page instead create a new page form under the plugin?

Thanks in advance

you can surely restrict specific pages without hassles. What I didn’t understand is the “new page form”.

Could you elaborate on it please? thanks

Hi, is fully compatible with theme Betheme and Muffing Group Editor?, i need restrict content, menu, widgets and attachments, i can upload attach files to private post or pages with this plugin?

the plugin acts through wordpress hooks, then works with any properly made theme.

Depends how you want to restrict elements. Could you make an example?

No problems for menu and widgets.

Isn’t possible to directly restrict files though, but you can use Secure Links add-on to upload and give user a crypted link

I want to restrict all the content inside the page.. or a group of page to members, but i need home page, contact, register etc.. open. Im trying with free plugins like members, or WPmembers but can hide the content inside muffing group editor BethemeWP.

With Secure Links add-on i can upload files in any location? like a dropbox or drive. the links show where are the files to Members when download?

Actually you can use the rediect system to hide those pages: they will be totally unreachable and not shown in search results.

From v6 (actually in development), you can also just hide page contents. Is a page option, then works with any builder.

Secure links will create crypted links then workflow is this:
  1. you upload files in WP
  2. copy URLs
  3. Create crypted links
  4. Use them wherever you need

I am getting an error when I try and register on my site using your plugin. I get: “Category – One or more chosen categories are wrong” Can you assist?

Also, I have a few purchase codes, how do I update it in the ticket system so that I can get support?


to open a ticket you have to register using your username and one your purchase codes.

Anyway: have you set default user category in settings -> registration tab?

I have an account already, but the purchase code that I registered support has expired. So do I re-register with my new Purchase code?

Yes I have set the user category in settings -> reg tab

Clicking on “check again” link, the system will scan for support validity. I see you are active, then should be accepted without issues!

I should check directly to better help you: it could be generated by that option (be sure settings are saved and no error is shown) or a bad parameter in registration’s form shortcode


digistef Purchased

Hello, is there the possibility to have an age verification during the registration?

you can add custom fields and custom validations, for sure!

Hi, Have a question regarding the User List. Is there any way to change the order of how fields are displayed? I am not using First Name/Last name in my form but its being shown in the user list. I would like to move or remove those fields from being displayed because they will always be blank.

Also, can a custom field be moved to replace the FN/LN?


is possible but only through an API hook: pc_users_list_table_fields filter

It hasn’t beed addd to API documentation yet. Is in users/users_list.php at line 74

// PC-FILTER - additional fields for users list - must comply with initial structure
$table_cols = apply_filters('pc_users_list_table_fields', $table_cols);

where do i put the API hook?

You need to be able to use it :)

This means you need to be able to edit PHP and create a micro add-on changing plugin’s behavior. (is the best way to maintain the tweak through updates)

Does this plugin support rest API?

Hello, what do you need to achieve precisely?

I need to extract user metadata to populate fields in formidable forms.

Hey guys. I want to split my frontpage visitors up into two groups: Guests and logged in of a certain user role.

The guest see the frontpage v1..

Specific user role see frontpage v2.

Is this plugin capable of doing that?


LCweb Author

do you mean to change the site’s homepage basing on logged/unlogged users or another page?


aghi75 Purchased

Hi! Can a user have access to Level1 and Level 2 (or more) just with one account? Multilevel?Thank you.


LCweb Author

you can have both:

  1. If you check the documentation, there’s a chapter about “wp user sync”
  2. There’s Premium Plans add-on for pay and time-limited plans

aghi75 Purchased

Hi, ok i have bought also this plugin, i have also send a ticket (with login admin area) because the sinc for the moment not work and also in the user area there is not any option to edit the exipration date and the plans. Thank you


LCweb Author

Vedo che sei italiano! Grazie anche di aver acquistato l’add-on :)

Just to reply fastly here (detailed reply on your ticket): you didn’t read the documentation about plugin’s usage.


vider27 Purchased

Hi There,


We are developing a 30 days teaching program.these 30 days will be hidden and each day will be done as page.

We will have 1 user role – we will be creating them manually via wp backend. Basically we will create a user and assign a role so he would have access to those 30 days.

what we want to achieve as well is to block individual day for each user. 1st day would be automatically unblocked and there would be a button at the bottom of each day/page “all tasks done” -> after clicking it would unlock next day/page.

Is this possible with your plugin?



LCweb Author

privateContent is perfect for the base (you can even use Premium Plans add-on to set 30-day subscription and let subscribers pay for it).

But the “unlock every day” system must be integrated using plugin’s API. Basing on user’s regisrtation day, you can create custom blocks.

Is it possible to know which user is currently connected?


LCweb Author

yes, yes and.. yes! :)

Fro v6 that will be released in few days you’ll got Google Analytics native implementation.

Then: real time user navigation and cronologic navigation with login/logout/registration/etc events. All linked with user ID. Then you’ll be able to track everything about every user


Sorry, I did not understand the answer.

The v5.3.3 version should I put a short-code to see the current user?


LCweb Author

In v5.3 you can’t know which user is logged in real time. Only way to do so is using Google analytics and implementation will come in v6