Discussion on PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

Discussion on PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

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Your site registration is not working, and I cannot get access to get the token so that I can get plugin updates. The email simply is not being sent, nor is it in SPAM. This plugin needs to be updated, so please address this and fix, please!

LCweb Author

several thousands of customers use it every day, I know customers having “problematic” inboxes don’t think about it… but it works!

I see your user is in the database because of an old license, but has no e-mail attached. Which one do you want to use?

Also, be sure you can get emails from

This comment is currently being reviewed.

LCweb Author



not sure if your plugin would work for the following scenario: - I need three/ four sections on a website (whole sections, as in parent + children pages, possibly with separate menu), with separate login /access for each section and content private only to members of this section - I don’t want to collect any subscription fees – it’s basically to restrict content for certain groups. Is it possible to have three separate groups of subscribers? - can I control who has access to each section? as in I need to approve subscribers rather than let them access content automatically - is it possible to send notification email to members of a given group if new content is posted?

LCweb Author

Hello, no problem splitting your website up. Pvtcontent is made to categorize your users and show targeted contents.

You will need also the Mail Actions addon to integrate emails. There isn’t an automated system to send emails on new contents. Since “new contents” is pretty vague.

However you can take advantage of the Quick Mail system. Takes only a couple of clicks to contact one/more user categories


mu_ri Purchased

Buongiorno, da quando esiste il licence hub la mia installazione di PrivateContent si “dimentica” regolarmente il validation token costringendomi a tornare sull’Hub per recuperarlo e reinserirlo. Tra l’altro mi è anche impossibile utilizzare il plugin finché non reinserisco il token.

non so dirti per le volte precedenti, ma ieri c’è stato un problema di cui ho parlato qui:

In questo istante ho inviato una mail di gruppo a tutti quelli interessati per avvisarli. Molto probabilmente la riceverai anche tu.

Mi scuso ancora per l’accaduto.


cnehring Purchased

Unlikely I’m unable to change an older license (the site does not exist anymore) to a new site via the license hub. I’m as well not able to open a support ticket because the support period is expired. And I’m unable to reach you via E-Mail because there is no contact possibility. I’m not willing to buy a new license because of this, so please help me out and let me know how to reset a license.


cnehring Purchased

So in your opinion I’ve lost the right to use a license I bought after a few years because I already used the product? As you can see in the license field above a regular means the right to use a software incl. future updates on 1 domain for a undetermined time, the end of the support period means that there is no support anymore and might mean as well that there are no automatic updates possible anymore. Please think about your license policy or let’s discuss this one with the Envato-Support.

You can always get product updates:


cnehring Purchased

So we’ll discuss with Envato Support what means licensing….thanks for the “support” for the moment…


dartym Purchased

Hiii, wil be like show name for user registration in plugin. Is there a shortcode?

Hello, to display logged user’s data you need the User Data addon shortcode


dartym Purchased

Would there be a charge for the add-on?

It’s a regular product: priced 19$ (+ eventual taxes)

I already have a woocommerce installed, so customer usually signup to purchase the product.

My same users would be able to login to the affiliate dashboard with same logins?

Possible or not?

If yes, I’m going to purchase the plugin

you have to sync existing users first. Please check this documentation’s chapter:

Hi. I have a link where some of the content is protected. So in that page the pop to either login or register shows up. Existing users, log in. However, after they log in they are redirected to another page, from the one they were. I do not want that. What are the settings to avoid that? I have all the privatecontent plugins and in Settings all are ser to not to redirect.

please open a ticket

I have the license. I entered it in your system. But still the support for the plugin is inactive.

The Envato API takes a while to propagate. Please try again

We are using in our projects, a trusted and big service for security in wordpress, and two files of your plugin was flagged in virusdie as threats because of this: explanation:

Hi, updating your plugin to latest version result in this error in my site: my support expired but did you know how to fix this and update your plugin without errors?

does it happen on any page?

Give a try adding this in the page URL:
It should output the verbose error

It was showing that is the license validation, but I’m using in the same domain as always!

What do you mean with “It was showing that is the license validation”?

Hi, please help.

How can I change the text of the “Submit” button on the lightbox when resetting the password and also how can I change the text “Forgot password” in the login form?

It is not possible to change this in the .PO file. These texts are not in the .PO file. Apparently these are fixed texts in the code.

Well thank you.

I already answered also to your first e-mail. As said, it’s in the PO file of the mail actions add-on..!

My fault :)

I thought there was only one language folder but each part of the plugin had its own folder that I didn’t notice.

The submit button is in the folder …private-content-user-data/languages

Thanks for help. I will definitely buy the product.

You’re welcome ;)

Yes. Being a bundle (wrapping up multiple products) there are multiple folders

Can you restrict pages based on a specific user/individual not just upon role?

it’s just a matter of creating a user category related to a single user.

Hello, I can’t update plugin via WP dashboard because I get this error message: Renew your support entitlement to automatically get version 8.2.1

Do I need to renew support necessary?

perfavore leggi questa FAQ:

Hola, desde la última actualización el boton de aceptar la politica de privacidad dentro del formulario de registro, no funciona. Si haces click , no hace nada, es decir, está siempre desactivado. ¿A que puede deberse?

I’m sorry but I do not speak spanish, could you please write in english? thanks


cfu3i29 Purchased

Do you have any plans to add two factor authentication for the login function? This would be an important and welcome feauture.

yes, it will be probably a new add-on, but I don’t know when it will be developed/released

Ciao! Con questo plugin è possibile utilizzare DropBox rendendo i documenti contenuti fruibili per più utenti attraverso WordPress così che possano caricare e scaricare files e/o cartelle? Cioè, collegarsi con Dropbox, con un account business, tramite il plugin o un suo addendum e poi consentire a più utenti del sito WordPress di interagire con quei contenuti passando attraverso il plugin. Grazie e buona Pasqua!

no, i files devono esser caricati su PrivateContent per essere gestiti.

How to export user and move it to new website?

user categories and private pages are totally integrated into WordPress and bound to its IDs. Therefore to export and import every pvtContent data, you need to move the entire database

Hi, with the last update, Editor role can’t edit private page on back-office anymore, is there something new to set in the options to allow editor role to edit and change a private page?

Hello, nothing changed on that side. Be sure your minimum capability to use the plugin is properly set in settings

Hi, thank you for your message. I haven’t change any elements in the settings :

Just tested on my site: both user pvt pages and normal pages restricted through redirect works perfectly.

Are you using any specific builder? Which restriction is applied?

Hello, is it possible to download older versions of the plugin? the updated ones gives me problems with my hosting provider because some files create suspect network traffic and the antivirus keep blocking some files in “lc_wp_dashboard” folder (ajax.php, licenses.php, products.php, updater.php). This causes a permanent 500-error to the website. Thank you in advance Bests

mi puoi dire su che hosting sei?

Il nuovo sistema di gestione licenze (che a breve diventerà obbligatorio per usare il plugin) deve poter chiamare i miei endpoints e

Hi, thanks for fast reply. We are on a private server with Bitdefender antivirus running on it. Idk exactly what is triggering the quarantine for the files, I should ask to my sysadmin for further clarifications but to investigate and manage this aspect will require too much time and we would like to have the website back asap. As now we solved the problem rolling back to version 7.24 (a bit old but was the one we were able to find in an old backup of the website). Many thanks

(parla pure italiano)

Sei sicuro che non si tratti di questo?

Se vuoi ti invio la vecchia versione, ma non è una gran soluzione in ottica futura. In ogni caso, contattami in privato e te la invio:

Ciao! è possibile aggiungere campi all’advanced search nella user list?

Ottimo, ho il bundle installato ma non trovo la funzionalità per aggiungere i Custom Field che ho aggiunto con il Custom Field Builder all’advanced search, da dove posso farlo?

Altra domanda, nella schermata user-data addon durante l’inserimento di un utente c’è il bottone Arrange Fields ma funziona solo per l’istanza attuale di inserimento, c’è modo di cambiare l’ordinamento in modo univoco? Come?


1- devi prima aggiungerli alla lista utenti

2- in che senso univoco? Se salvi l’ordinamento, questi rimangono ordinati in maniera statica (l’ordine è salvato nel database)

Per ulteriori domande tecniche, perfavore, apri un ticket

Grazie mille per il supporto


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