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After latest update yesterday say in Dashboard Please activate PrivateContent plugin to use the “Mail Actions” add-on

I have to apologize, along with bundle pack I changed the pvtContent existence check but it has a small bug in this case.

Please contact me in private. I’ll send you the fixed version immediately.

still not received update

I replied few minutes after your first mail, but received an error from your inbox.

Just tried again now, and still get the same message
This message was blocked because its content presents a potential security issue

almost surely a spam filter or a filter on zip attachments

ciao Luca, vorrei informazioni riguardo questo plugin, io dovrei creare un area clienti dove un determinato gruppo può accedere tramite login password dedicate, la mia domanda oltre che ad inserire un allegato privato posso inserire un link per far scaricare documenti da esterno? Tipo un file presente sul mio archivio Dropbox. Grazie

innanzitutto, ricorda che questo è un add-on di PrivateContent.

Le pagine riservate degli utenti sono normali pagine wordpress. Quindi puoi inserire qualsiasi cosa all’interno ;)

Hi! Is possible to list all users in a wordpress page? Best Regards.

not directly. You should create a shortcode using APIs


johweb Purchased

Hi, I open tickets since several days. You don’t answer it. Why subscriber doesn’t receive an email to inform him we will confirm his inscription ?


johweb Purchased

Hi, no it is not ok, in my ticket there is a question you don’t answer. I answer you now in the same ticket. Regards.

Questions were strictly linked, since not saving settings you can’t have any system enabled.

Anyway, I’ve just replied to ticket, but the answer to your question was given 2 days ago.


johweb Purchased

No, you don’t. I answer in ticket.

Hello! Is there a shortcode to create a password reset page?

Have you customized the login form CSS? (the huge button)


Hello i have 820 users when i sent quick mail sent to about 150 people and site get response 522 Connection timed out i refresh again about 150 people why

You’re welcome

just received this mail from host

I’m really sorry but I already helped you too much for not having a valid support entitlement. You should renew and open a ticket.

In any case with somain mails and with timeout I can already forecast that has very little to do with my scripts, but is a server config issue. (and be sure your server supports so many e-mails together. Often there are blocks to prevent spam usage)

Forgot password option.

user to be able to pick their own password when they click “forgot pw”. is that possible? right now it will just email the user a new pw

No, you need to tweak the plugin and then create an add-on (and use APIs to change password)

from where i can get APIs and other useful information etc ?

This is the difficult part :P

You surely need to tweak the login form (public_api.php) and then setup your system.

The API to update user’s data is:

Please make sms notification on user registration addon.

sms are used by a very small percentage of customers (specially on small sites), then I don’t have plans to implement them.

However remember you can always use PrivateContent APIs to use one of the SMS senders you find on the net.

Hello dear, My connexion form does not work more. I have 1.616, if I update to 1.63 can I do directly ? Will I not loose all my users ? Regards

update without worries. If you face issues, please open a ticket:


Is it possible to log sent mails?

no, there isn’t a sent e-mails register.

PRE-PURCHASE QUESTION: When a message is sent, does the user receive any notification on his dashboard?

Hello, what do you mean with “message is sent?”

I meant: If I sent a message to user from admin panel, does the user receive any notification on his dashboard?

User receives the e-mail, there’s not an internal notification system

Hi admin.

Sometimes i didn’t get my User Notification Email from testing.

Why is that so?


LCweb Author

have you checked in the spam folder? If is a randomic behavior, is hard to have sender issues