Discussion on PrivateContent - Mail Actions add-on

Discussion on PrivateContent - Mail Actions add-on

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I’m triyng to get access to Licence hub and register the plugin, but i never get token. And the platform doesn’t send me the email with the token. Please, let me get the token. Thanks

Thanks a lot it works

when I download email add on there is nothing in the zip, just image files

Uhm.. did I select the wrong field yesterday?

Many thanks for having reported it, please try again now.

Hi, after updating to newest version mail add on stopped sending emails? Plugin was working correct for few years, now stopped. Waiting for some help.

the e-mail sending function it’s the same at least since 2015. Please double check the setup and try using the “testing tool” in the first settings tab.

For further help, please open a ticket

Ciao dopo aver effettuato l’ultimo aggiornamento non riceviamo più le email in seguito alla registrazione di un nuovo utente. Tutte le altre email automatiche sembra funzionino correttamente. Prima di Aggiornare abbiamo letto e seguito come sempre il changelog e le indicazioni. Puoi verificare se c’è un bug? Altra domanda, se ho capito bene non permetti più l’aggiornamento diretto da wordpress se non si rinnova l’assistenza, me lo confermi? Grazie

Ho trovato il problema, noi abbiamo inserito 3 destinatari separati da virgola nel campo “Receiver’s e-mail address” nella scheda “Admin notifier”. Se lascio i 3 destinatari, come settato da anni, la mail non viene inviata. Se invece inserisco un solo indirizzo email come destinatario tutto funziona correttamente. Ti chiedo gentilmente di provare a riprodurre l’errore e segnalarmi se succede anche a te.

Giusto! Nell’ultima versione ho aggiunto un sistema per evitare che l’nvio crashasse in caso l’e-mail non fose corretta. Ho però dimenticato di trattare l’invio multiplo in quel caso specifico!

Grazie per il debug! Trovi l’aggiornamento su Codecanyon (o tramite updater)

Perfetto grazie a te!

I’m unable to verify my purchase code in the updater, despite having a valid license and do not use the plugin on any other website.

you have 3 licenses set on and one on

ATTENTION everybody if you update with 1.92!

I updated this morning and my website is out!

Fatal error: Call to undefined function pc_wpml_translated_pag_id() in /home/xxxx/www/wp-content/plugins/private-content-mail-actions/user_verification.php on line 9

this is due to old versions mixed to new ones. One month ago a major release for the whole update was released.

Because of this you need:

1- to disable add-ons
2- to update privateContent
3- to update add-ons

Hi. The plugin is not working after updating to 8.0.3. I also run PrivateContent – Mail Actions Add-on 1.9.0. What could be the issue? My clients are complaining.

Do you confirm that the problem persists also WITHOUT PvtContent enabled?

I just need a solution/fix for the problem I am facing, as a matter of urgency. Please. Let me know if or how you can assist, thanks

The point I raised is essential for me: do you confirm problem persists also even with PvtContent disabled?

Hello when I set CAT shortcode it not found and if I save it back to T% as you can see in this screen record

thanks for reporting this. For some reason, actually the “%CA” string is handled as a URL-encoded element.

I’m gonna change the placeholder from CAT to PC-CAT . You should see an update later in the morning

hi, I had a problem. When i try to send a test e-mail to my adress it returns an error: “An error occurred sending the e-mail: Invalid address: (From): wordpress@localhost” How can I fix it? ty

Are you using “wordpress@localhost” as sender? It can’t be accepted, must be a valid e-mail address

Hi, I am using WP 5.8.1, but after install plugin i see this error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_users() on null in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\private-content-mail-actions\pc_mail_actions.php:195 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\class-wp-hook.php(303): pcma_on_activation(’’) #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\class-wp-hook.php(327): WP_Hook->apply_filters(’’, Array) #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\plugin.php(470): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #3 C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-admin\plugins.php(193): do_action(‘activate_privat…’) #4 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\private-content-mail-actions\pc_mail_actions.php on line 195

You must have the last version.

  1. deactivate mail actions
  2. update pvtContent to v7.4.7 and enable it
  3. be sure mail actions is on v1.8.2 and enable it

Thanks for the help!! it was that.

With this plugin can we send a automatic email to users if we add new content in some folder that he have access?

not automatically, you can create a mail template to be sent through the “quick mail” system. Therefore would require very few

Is it possible to use a multistep form with your plugin (i want to use elementor form? if yes how to implement it?

please note you are typing onn the Mail Actions add-on, but you’re referring to the core PrivateContent plugin.

It has got paginated forms. You could also use third part forms using the WP user sync. However those data will remain into the synced WP user, then isn’t totally suggested to use them.

Hi there, we are looking for a Woo/Maiclhimp plugin that will allow the admin to approve and disprove newsletter registrations for clients. We have a private sales store and when applying for account, customer can select yes or no for newsletter but admin does not want to add client to their newsletter until account is approved, is this possible with your plugin?

yes is possible. The add-on adds a “newsletter checkbox” into the registration form, where users can decide whether to subscribe or not.

Then you have to put users into pending status. Only approved ones will be synced on Mailchimp. Then only the admin decides who is in and out

Hello, i have buyed an Bundele a few Years ago. Is it now possible to upgrade to the new Bundle Pack? Because i want the new Plug in for the files and premium plans. I Hope there is an Solution. Thanks

if you have the bundle, you also have all the updates granted.

Via auto-updater or downloading it again from Codecanyon

I have the following: Multilevel Content Plugin, User Data add on, Secure Links add on, and the Mail Action add on. How works the Upgrade to the New Bundle?

The bundle contains erverything and will contain future add-ons. However it has to be purchased separately even if you already have those products.

Hello, i’m almost there with making a choose what system I need. 2 Questions:

1-Does Private Content works good with LearnDash? 2-We want to have more different usermember types, eacht to a own mailchimp list. The mailchimp lists is connected to a 10 steps training. At woocommerce you can choose what training you like, some possible more than 1. The question is, is this possible with Mailchimp sync option Private content. I only see one list is possible for all. What we need is when you choose a membership, pay, than you automaticley are added to the mailchimp correct mailchimp list, and you can read private content blocked content.

possible? thanks for your time

I understand. The thing is that the company has 3 trainings at mailchimp, what is setup in 3 list (audiances). Each list has his own training traject (10 training modules) Automatic mailing.

They have not all inside one list, with categroies.

I’m sorry then, but the plugin can’t fit

It looks like it at the moment. Thanks for the feedback


I hope you’re well!

A conflict arises with NINJA Forms PDF Submissions Plugin when the PrivateContent – Mail Actions Add-on is active. Can you address this issue, please?

please open a ticket describing the issue:

I’m being asked to pay to renew support. This is not necessary as I am simply asking if you know of a conflict with your plugin and Ninja Forms PDF Submissions plugin.

I have to check your setup, I can’t guarantee the compatibility with every existing plugin, I’m sorry.

Hello, can users reset their password by using their own password instead of using the automatically generated one? If not, once they login with the auto generated password, is there a way change their password?

yes, using a custom form by User Data add-on:

Hello. Would like to buy I will manually register the user. I need the system to send an email to the user with the username and password.

It’s possible?

you can manually register the user and send him a welcome e-mail (through Mail Actions add-on).

However the european GDPR law prevents to directly send passwords. You’d need to write a default password in the e-mail text and prompt the user to change it as soon as he logs in

How can I automatically subscribe registered users to email post update notifications? For just to be on post allowed them to see?

Hello, Do you mean the mail chimp agreement check?

(I also didn’t understand if you already have the plugin)

I dont have it yet. I’m evaluating PrivateContent with mail add-on. I need to have private content for users by group BUT most important – on every post created (by admin or writer) send notification to that specific group that have access to that particular content category.

Then you can use the “quick mail” function or even Mailchimp (user categories are synced too).


Please see the below screenshot link, i want admin should get email when user is activated , can you tell me how should i do that…

regards Prakash

Hello Prakash,
that notification is only sent to the activated user. Only site admins can enable users, then normally isn’t necessary to send a copy to admins.

The only way is to hardcode this change in the add-on, but you’ll lose it after each update

can you tell me how to hardcode on which file i should do it and what should i add..

Please note your support entitlement is expired, if you open a ticket we can speak about details:

Hello… I have placed the Google Analytics code… can you explain what this means – Once saved, PrivateContent will track specific logged users navigation and their events. In order to do so, remember to enable the related Analytics option. ONLY enable the functon creating a new Analytics view, PrivateContent will do the rest.

So is that another plugin? Can you send me the link?

Ok great.. thank you…


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