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Hi! Attached files are not being sent in quick mails. Can you help me?

I need to heck directly. please contat me throu my profile form giving WP credentials. (my support site is under maintenance for hosting migration)

Hi, is it possible to use email address instead of username for password recovery? This would make more sense as people will forget their username!

If not, will you add this feature in a future update?

Many thanks!

Hi, thank you for the quick response. The email will be unique and mandatory in the database so that’s okay. Could you please give me an indication to which files I would need to change in order to achieve this?

Many thanks for a great set of plugins!

Mail actions add-on:
  • integrations.php – change test on line 107
  • front_ajax.php – turn line 19 into
    'search' => array(array('key'=>email', 'operator'=>'=', 'val'=>$username))



One year ago a someone ask about this :

“Is that possible to send the validation link to a particular e-mail of our staff member, which checks the registration info before account activation. In case everything is completed right, contract with such a person exist, our staff member just click the link and user gets activated. Why our staff member have to be logged in as admin in this case?

This eliminates possible access of the unwanted users we do not have contracts with. And will simplify the user activation process for the sales team.”

Is this possible now ? It’s a must have feature and i would enjoy to have it for my client website !!

I can understand the reason, but is pretty complex to be managed. Or I’d better say, it would mess up existing systems.’re thes second in 4 years to ask it :)

I’d proceed using aadmin notifications.

  1. Mail verification makes sure user uses a true e-mail
  2. Through admin notification you see which user subscribes and can delete them

Plus now you can also use public APIs to setup a registration filter, allowing only certain e-mails


MWNS Purchased

Hello! I have no trouble understanding how to apply new languages to a plugin via .po and .mo files, however, when trying to apply some translations to each login, for example: “recover password” even when I uploaded the file .po and .mo translations applied with the plugin does not take these translations, I have had to “force change” in the file integrations.php line 185 and 227. Could you tell me why this happens? .po And .mo files I uploaded the private-content directory-mail-actions / languages .. thank you!

Could you please send me those files via ticket? I’ll tell you what is wrong


MWNS Purchased

ready, I created the ticket and attach files! thanks


MWNS Purchased

Hello! you could show me the way for the plugin generate the password automatically read in some thread you sent a small js code, you could send it? Thank you!

Plugin doesn’t do that.
Probably you read about password field hiding.

So, a system meant to hide password field and to create a random password


smashu Purchased

Hi, are there any hooks for password recovery?


nope, not for now. At least unless you perform a password reset.

In that case you can use the User Data update’s hook


sananda Purchased

Hello, is there a way to notify a user when I update his personal page? Like an automatic email message that send a short information to the user’s email.

non ci sono sistemi automatici per quello, ma puoi usare la funzione “quick mail”.

Basterà inserire il testo e scegliere il destinatario


sananda Purchased

Ok grazie per la risposta, buona serata :)

Grazie a te per l’acquisto ;)

I have problem with SMTP settings i send test mail but nothing only circle

Hello, please note your support entitlement expired, however you can renew it anytime.

Please open a ticket or (facing validation issues) contact me through Profile Page’s form.

If I send an email via smtp with quick mail, it does not appear in sent tray in my email. Why? It should work.

Because are not sent through your account but through server.
Your e-mail can be only used as “sent-from”

there is a way to know the emails I sent through your plugin

Nope, there’s not a “sent” database.

Hi Luca. After i updated this Mail Action plugin few days ago, i could NOT receive User Verification email.

I also could not send a test email. Please help.

the release just updated PHPMailer, maybe try enabling “mail() function” option (alternate sending system)

Hi Luca. Another problem : whenever I Manual Sync with Mailchimp, the List count on Mailchimp does not updated as usual. Please advise.

I should check your configuration and pose you a couple of questions.

But before you have to renew your support entitlement and open a ticket. thanks

Ciao, attraverso il tuo plugin è possibile inviare dell’email all’utente ogni volta che la sua pagina privata viene aggiornata o modificata?

no, non c’è tale funzione. Devi farlo manualmente


loranz Purchased

posso usare il componente per inviare una mail di benvenuto una volta che l’utente si è registrato? (senza il link di attivazione, solo per fargli sapere che è andato a buon fine!) Grazie!

certo, c’è il sistema “welcome message” ;)

Ciao Luca, Abbiamo notato che se si disabilita un utente, il messaggio che viene fornito alla login è quello che dà agli utenti in pending, mentre per noi è importante che siano distinti i messaggi. Come possiamo ovviare? Grazie, Stefania e Giovanni

Aggiungo: Se pensi ci voglia ancora tempo per la release, ci suggerisci quale file del plugin modificare? Grazie ancora

ok, nel frattempo abbiamo risolto modificando i file user_auth,php e public_api.php dividendo il test sul disabilitato/pending.

Hai già trovato tu i punti :)

Ci vorra ancora un po’ per l’update con nuove features. Ora sto lavorando a una lightbox, poi voglio fare un grosso aggiornamento. Quindi è questione di mesi


loranz Purchased

Ciao, ottima integrazione di questo già ottimo plug-in! Ti volevo gentilmente chiedere, per quanto riguarda la funzione di Password Recovery, sarebbe possibile recuperare la password inserendo la mail invece dello username?

Ciao, ho un altro problema. Non arrivano mail quando viene aggiunto un nuovo utente. Neanche nello spam, dove però vanno a finire le mail di test inviate dalle opzioni principali. Vorrei che quando viene registrato un nuovo utente (direttamente dal back-end, dato che non ci si deve poter registrare autonomamente) gli venga inviata una mail con le sue credenziali d’accesso.

Perfavore, apri un ticket e prova a registrare un utente con mail support[at]

Ciao Luca, è possibile verificare la mail dell’utente (attraverso il link di attivazione ) e solo successivamente attivare l’accesso all’area riservata? Grazie Cristian

Grazie mille! C’è un modo per inviare all’utente una mail in automatico una volta che viene attivata la pagina privata?

No, dovresti creare un sistema tramite le APIs che controlli lo status della pagina durante gli aggiornamenti utente (e non sarebbe neanche a prova di bomba).

Il sistema più semplice è avere un template da copiare e incollare nella “quick mail”

Ok, grazie!

Hello I cant activate the button to receive a message user notification or welcome the button does not stay activated when I return on mail action.. please help

please double check the settings page when you save. Is there any error shown?

I will have a question on the “Welcome message” : “If checked, send a welcome message to active registered users”.
If we manually create the account from the interface, will the users receive this welcome message? Or is it only reserved for registration by form?


LCweb Author

actually only using the frontend form, but I’ve already completed the new version (coming with pvtContent 6) adding an option to send welcome message also adding users through admin panel.

Will be out in few days.

If this comes with the next version, it will be perfect! :)
Hate to see what else it offers.