Discussion on PrivateContent - Files Manager add-on

Discussion on PrivateContent - Files Manager add-on

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Hi LCweb, I am writing in English so that my comment can possibly be useful to foreign users.

On the website I have PrivateContent 7.3.8 installed. I never updated it because my customer decided to take care of back-end administration himself – without actually doing anything.

Now, however, he need a file manager and your extension seems to be perfect.

I have a question though: can I update to PrivateContent 8.3.2 without problems? If I do so and something wrong happens, can I revert to 7.3.8?

As an alternative (I like to have a plan B): can I install the latest version of this extension without updating PrivateContent? Is it compatible?

I would prefer the former choice but there are several user categories and scores of registered users so I can afford to break the whole system

Thank you for your assistance which is much appreciated.

version 7 is very old actually, you should update to the latest version. Just perform a database backup for safety before updating. Nothing should go wrong anyway.

All the actual add-ons require the latest PvtContent version in order to work.

Thank you for your immediate reply. Ciao e grazie

Hi, I need that an user that has a category (for instance a section of a company) could upload files and the files would be available to anyone in the same section, could this be possible with the plugin/bundle? so, some users could upload files for instance to a common folder and these folders are available to anyone in their category , thank you very much

I’m sorry but in PvtContent user files are strictly related to users.

Only admins can upload files that would be available for users belonging to a target category

Hi there,

If I were to upload files using this plugin would it had the correct URL?

So for example, if the url was

Would your plugin change it to*&%^OIUGPIUHG[ojwfd or something just as confusing?

I have lots of files that I do not want people knowing where they are stored or can only access if logged it. I already have private content and used secure links manager in the past. Does this do the same/ If not – which plugin does.


this is totally different: the URL is virtual, since there is not a direct URL reaching the files (otherwise wouldn’t be a true restriction).

In the demo page you can see more:

A demo URL is:

We are using latest version of plugins – In admin area all data listed but frontend nothing coming .

Would you mind to tell – what can be issue ?


depends on the files view you set up (on its configuration)

Hey LCweb,

I can see you’re Italians :) but will still write in ENG as it might be helpful to all future readers.

I was asked a very simple question, by a friend whom I made the site for.

Basically they need a place where registered users can get to, upload their PDF files (like documents or signed paperworks, you know… basic stuff) in order for them to apply for job requests created and published on my friend’s site.

It’s a simple form, few data asked, and an upload form at a frontend level.

At a backend level though, they’d need to have a kind of a dashboard showing: - who filled the form - which content was uploaded

and of course, in case your plugin allows it, each user should only see what they’ve sent and nothing else by other users :)

Not sure if that makes sense, but hope I gave you a rough overview of the request.

Question is: is your plugin doing so? Don’t you give demo access to a sandbox/test site we can possibly try it before buying it?

Thanks a lot

Do you mean PrivateContent (the one priced 35$)?

It is the core plugin, mandatory for all the other add-ons (eg. files manager)

cool – I’ll go with the bundle.

Thanks guys!

Di niente ;)

Ciao LCweb, negli esempi del plugin vedo che è possibile mostrare i file a tutti gli utenti loggati. Prima di prenderlo volevo sapere se è anche possibile mostrare alcuni file a tutti (a prescindere che sia loggato o meno).

Quindi in altre parole mi servirebbe mostrare sempre la lista di alcuni file dove se ne aggiungono altri se si è loggati.


attualmente non è prevista la possibilità di farlo. Servirebbe integrare una nuova vista e un nuovo sistema di download del file.

Un custom add-on insomma. Non è un lavoro enorme. Se ti interessa posso farti un preventivino al volo (scrivi a )


I want to add this plugin onto my logistics website. I export cars from Japan on a small scale and currently use email to share invoices and photos with my clients. This style is cumbersome and annoying. I would prefer to send these items via my own platform and keep track of what I am doing.

However my clients do not want other people to see what they are buying and how much the pay etc so all files I send to my clients must be strictly private between myself the administrator and my client the recipient of the files I upload. For example if I send an invoice via the plugin to client “John Smith” only John can see this invoice and he receives an email telling him there is a new invoice (file) waiting for him. Can this plugin do this easily without the need of additional addons etc?


I don’t have a system in mind. I was kind of hoping that you may know of something.

I buy cars to order via my somewhat small but busy customer base. I want these customers to log onto their own page on my website and be updated by (spreadsheet or form) about the current bidding status of any car they are bidding on that day or week. This information must be secure for each customer as they dont like others seeing who is buying what etc. I simply want to log in and update any user bidding data as follows.

Auction Number Auction Car Bid Price Status

75777 ABC Toyota $375 $400 Lost

I must do this for multiple clients every day and a form would be great or spreadsheet but I fear the spreadsheet is cumbersome and a form would be preferred. I use Forminator on some of my websites but do not know how to incorporate it with your plugins.

Anyway that’s the overall view for this portion of the service I want to offer. The other part about secure invoicing you have answered already thanks.

Your thoughts?

If we can make this happen I will buy the required plugins from you

Best Regards

The private area where to place contents (also made by Forminator) is not a problem. Even just with the “basic” PrivateContent plugin.

The invoicing system is much more complex and to be fully automated requires a custom add-on. Otherwise you can simply create invoices on your desktop and upload them on users dashboard.

Just a matter of a single upload, since my Files Manager add-on will care the rest.

Thank you for the valuable feedback. I will give it all some serious thought

My support already expired but I hope you guys fix this issue in next update: we can’t create new languages with loco translator with your plugin

About third-part plugins, PvtContent is tested against WPML and Polylang.

About standard translation ways (POedit), you just have to send me the translation and it will be included in future updates ;)

Which e-mail I can send you the .po and .mo files 100% translated ?

Ciao LCweb,

conosco bene PrivateContent perché ho già acquistato una licenza per un sito.

Un altro cliente ora mi chiede la possibilità di creare un’area riservata ed inserire nelle pagine i link a dei documenti, con il relativo log di download da parte dell’utente.

Ho trovato questo add-on e penso che potrebbe fare al caso mio.

La domanda è: è possibile pubblicare in ciascuna pagina riservata ad una certa categoria di utenti una directory di files scaricabili come quella mostrata nella demo? Oppure la directory stessa deve essere unica e mostrare per ciascuna categoria determinati files?

Spero di essermi spiegato.


la directory è totalmente dinamica: come un po’ tutta la filosofia di PrivateContent (e mia) è l’admin a scegliere come impostarsi la struttura.

- Puoi creare più file views relative a diverse cartelle, fatte ad-hoc per una categoria di utenti

- O targettizzare la files view su una macro-cartella che racchiuderà sottocartelle, ognuna dedicata a una/più categorie di utenti

- O ancora andare a restringere i singoli files all’interno delle cartelle

Il sistema mostrerà sempre e solo i files che l’utente può raggiungere.

Per il log di download: l’add-on è integrato con Google analytics (crea un evento dedicato per ogni download)

Salve, non riesco a capire come configurare le restrizioni per singola user per i file caricati su PrivateContent Users “User Files” dal pannello admin, vorrei poter inserire dei pdf per ogni user visibili solo da quell’utente

Se la view deve mostrare il file dell’utente, o sei effettivamennte loggato, o hai un problema di cache (cache del sito, se usi un sistema dedicato)

Nessun problema di cahce, se prendo l’url diretto che dovrebbe essere sotto restrizione riesco ad aprirlo anche da altri browser e device senza logarmi, ho scritto i dettagli nel ticket

Impossibile, dato che non c’è un URL diretto del file (sempre che tu sia parlando dell’URL generato dall’addon) :D

Dai, ci do un occhio adesso

Hello I am using this File Manager Addon

When i login and click on protected file then link not found. all files links are broken. I am using latest version of plugin.

Hosting Support team said the pcfm directory not exist in site that’s why link showing broken

Please Help. Thanks

of course, the “pcfm” URL part is virtual.

Please open a ticket and give me an access to check:

Hi! Is it possible to track how many times an user has downloaded a file? Also, is it possible to track from which IP the downloads was made from? What kind of other tracking options does the plugin offer that can help control hijacking and piracy?

there’s not a direct tracking performed by the plugin. However a Google Analytics event is triggered as soon as user downloads the file.

Therefore you can know how many times and when a single user downloaded a file, but not have a list starting from the file name. Plus, Analytics doesn’t store IPs.

To have such a deep control, you’d need a custom add-on.

Luca hi! pre-sale question – can we upload the files to wordpress from any external sources and then make it available for only specific users by that plugin ?

To be truly restricted and safe, each file has got a unique ID and name. Therefore isn’t possible to override them as you’d do in a desktop folder.

However there could be other ways of achieving this in the easiest way (eg. create a dedicated file’s folder and displaying always the most recent file)


You’re welcome

hello friend please help…when i upload file i get this error …Error inserting the file into the database

sounds like the database has not been set up properly.

Please open a ticket, I will give you detailed instructions in there:

FRIEND, I registered, but I never got the login details. I Search in spam and don’t either.

Use this password: 5KqcYiVcpaKvID0UeX#b8sFO

(and remember to change it as soon as you login)

hello I wanted to ask you how I can make sure that each customer only sees his files in his private area … that is, tried almost all day without having results … I ask you if you can help me.

I files caricati nella dashboard utente sono visibili esclusivamente all’utente in questione. Ti rimando al capitolo della documentazione nel caso ti fossi perso qualche step:


First of all, I can’t register to your support, I keep getting error messages.

Anyway, we used to have your previous secure links plugins which we replaced with your new one. We uploaded our new files, set the right user groups for each.

Problem is,most of our users seems to have problems reaching the files. They are keep getting access denied. We asked them to delete their cookies and try again, but they still getting access denied. can you please suggest a solution?

Thank you,

that’s the weird thing, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt! anyway I tried something with the Cache and I will get back to you. Thanks!

ok, it seems the problem was the Dynamic Caching Siteground hosting used. We had to flush it manually and so far everything is fine. Thank you for your help.

You’re welcome ;)

Hello, please add “search files ..” string on .pot file for translation! thank you!

Hello, thanks for notifying this! It will be included in the next update.

In the meanwhile you can grab the POT file here

Thanks for send the file… we notice another bug that if we are using the view mode to “Folders navigator (side tree on desktop)” and have subfolders the plugin is generating empty UL tags look:

Could you please open a ticket letting me check directly on your site?

I need to create a landing page only for members. Is possible with this plugin extension to upload a simple static html file/web page and give access only to specific members?

the add-on is meant to move files from site to user, then they would download your HTML code.

As static resource, an HTML page would be external to wordpress, then is not posssible to restrict it with PHP/plugins.

Basically.. an HTML page is restrictable only via HTACCESS

It would be nice if we could order the files in the “restricted files” tab so when we create a view that uses the folder permissions, it will be in that order. Having a custom sort option is fine except it doesn’t tell me which folder the file is from so I have no idea if it’s the correct one I want.

For example, i am uploading a user manual by chapter and there is no way I can easily order it by chapter name because it will put them as Chapter 1 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 20 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / etc.

And i uploaded different manuals across folders so if I do a search for “Chapter”, i see many many files with the same name but can’t tell what folder it’s in. It lists the ID, it should list any restricted folders it is in, and let you search by folder, or as I mentioned in the beginning, just let us sort the restricted folder files with a drag and drop option.

Chapter 1 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 20 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 

It’s the (in)famous natural sorting, I never thought about it. It’s also not easy since I have to deal with it in mySQL and not in PHP.

I’d like to send you a “fixed” version, but don’t see your purchase. How did you get it?

I have the “PrivateContent – WordPress Bundle Pack”. If i need to purchase support again, let me know.

Just contact me through my profile form ;)


Before I buy this extension does it integrate with existing woo commerce registered users?

And is it possible to make the private page and file upload for each user accessible in the tabs of the woo commerce ‘my account’ page?

So end result would ideally be an area in the ‘my account’ pages that would allow the customer to upload files to their account.


No, they won’t be in the “my account page”. You will create a files view and insert it through a shortcode (or a builder block)

So are you saying I could create a tab in the my account page and then insert a shortcode that would pull in the files and upload feature?

Yes, if that tab content supports shortcodes, yes.


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