Private Shop for Prestashop

Private Shop for Prestashop

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Demo Back Office
Password: privateshop

Demo Front Office
Password: privateshop

Private Shop for prestashop

Precautions Before installing this module please check that your PHP version is greater than or equal to 5.4 without this precaution the module does not work.

Make your private shop easily with this module, you have the possibility of creating a form with personalized fields or show directly the registration form arriving on your shop, a link is available at the bottom form for the customers already registered on the shop.

When registering a client an email is sent to the administrator indicated their share of the validation request account creation if the option of automatic activation is enabled this step thereby automatically.

The private shop system in 3 steps depending on the options enabled, if a custom form is created, the visitor will see first this form to meet the required elements, if the option to validate the email client is enabled an email is sent to confirm it.

Once confirmed email client administrator receives a request for validation of the account application on the store, allowing customers to get on the shop after receiving a confirmation email validation request account opening.

This part ended customer can create an account on the store and connect to it.

Contemporary and professional design of your homepage with the possibility of a background color, a background with an image, a slideshow with background images or video background.

Several other options are available to customize the form can also be used to have a registration page and custom connection.

Possibility to restrict access to the crawler robots, default access is not blocked robots to not interfere with SEO shop.


  • Make a private store 
  • Contemporary and professional homepage 
  • Background color / image / slideshow / video  
  • Personalized custom form 
  • Confirm the email address customer 
  • Validation of the application account creation by the administrator 
  • Custom registration page 
  • Custom login page 
  • Compatible with SEO Shop 
  • Automatic activation of customers option 
  • List of request to open account customers 
  • CSV export of customer data 
  • Email confirmation email customer 
  • Email approbation of the account application 
  • Email validation customer account 
  • Allowed to see the shop directly Ip 
  • Scope for downloading images / videos 


Version 1.1.0
[+] Disabling the registration part
[+] Adding clients created from the backoffice part
[+] fix customer add group

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