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Thank you for reaching out to us.

I can see your ticket in our support queue and it will be responded soon.

Thanks :-)

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When is the new update expected?


Thank you for reaching out to us.

We are working on the new releases for Private Messaging addon and it should be out soon.

Thanks :-)

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What about saving messages directly into the database? this will be included in the next version?

Hello , this is in our plans but there are some other priority issues to be taken care of and hence the delay , thank you for your patience have a nice day :-)

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Stizoo9 Purchased

How can i use this plugin? Any documentation for this plugin.


Stizoo9 Purchased

do you have any video for send message to another user…

If send private message, please raise support ticket and give us temporary credentials to your website. We see that you are using additional page layout builders that could cause conflict with UserPro plugin.

Try check this setting first: UserPro -> Private Messaging -> Global Messaging Privacy and other settings in that tab.

live preview seems not working? right?

Hello. Thank you for your query. We have checked this demo, everything works fine to us. Could you please share screenshot what do you see exactly?

is it possible to use the plugin for dialogue between my client and me?

Hello. Yes, of course. You have to use addon with the main UserPro plugin (

Any news about the new update? When this update will be released and when messages will store directly in the database?

Hello, thank you for your interest. Planned update is postpone at this moment, but our team is working on the update and implementing the functionality you have mentioned.


I am looking at this plugin along with the UserPro plugin for a particular requirement. I have two queries at the moment:

i. While using the main UserPro plugin I am looking at the profile page of a registered member, can I have a button (or anything else) that will enable me to start chat with that user directly?

ii. If I am having multiple chats with a registered member spread over several days, can it be like a continuous chat (like Google Hangouts)?

Thank you, Teejay

Hello, thank you for your query. Private Messages Addon creates “Send Message” button automatically in every user profile (please see demo here Private Message Addon opens one window for sending messages to exact user. We have another Addon for live chat functionality which allows to communicate with every active user in real time (


Thank you for your response.

With reference to the button that is added to the user profile, can it be added to some other page also? In my case, every user will have a profile and some users might create another page to give some more details about themselves and the work they do. I need to put buttons on both the pages so that any visitor to either of the two pages can ping the creator of the pages and chat with him.

Secondly, I would appreciate if you could respond to my query in my previous message i.e If I am having multiple chats with a registered member spread over several days, can it be like a continuous chat (like Google Hangouts)?

Thank you, Teejay

Hello, your first question about button requires customization. If you are interested in customization services please write your requirements at and we will give you an estimate.

Private Messages Add-on ( for UserPro saves messages history.


MikesCo Purchased

How can I send messages to other Users? The shortcode [userpro_mymessage] only shows epty message field with no option to send anything!

Hello, you can go to other user profile and click Send Message button. [userpro_mymessage] gives you message history and there you can answer to messages.

i want to purchase, but i want users to be able to only send message to selected members or admin.. is that possible?

Hello, thank you for your message. This functionality requires customization. If you are interested in customization services please write at, we will give you estimate of this customization.

There are people on here that have been asking for about 5 year for attachment features to this plugin. Has this been added?

Hello, thank you for your query. No, we do not have this functionality at this moment.


shamus1 Purchased

Hello, I paid you guys privately to install user pro and its specific features I required. I was dealing with Sam. I paid upfront, you guys did not finish the task, and suggested I get the site built using the child theme. I have done this and sent Sam numerous emails and no response. Youu guys were quick to take my money, but not so quick in getting this working for me. It has been 6 months now I need this sorted – please help

Hello, thank you for your query. Sam is not working in our team anymore. We are working on the problem you are facing at this moment and let you know the status as soon as possible in your support ticket. We will solve this issue and finish if something was not finished from our side.

Hi, Good Work Thanks. can admin see all messages history between users

Hello, thank you for the kind words. You can find users messaging history in your FTP uploads folder wp-content/uploads/userpro/x/conversions/archive/y.txt


shamus1 Purchased

My product has already run out on this product and once again – as you guys couldnt setup your own plugin properly and be paid for a few customisations – or reply to any messages, no product and no valid support. How could you know the issue? There is no support ticket, I got told it would be 5 days and its been 5 months. Could you give me a refund in the meantime – and once you know what it is, you can come back to me? What do you think is the issue? I’m not sure what sort of company you guys run, but I had sent you guys so many emails regarding this, and no reply, and as soon as I post here, (which i can only assume is because its a public forum you reply.

Hello, we did not receive a response back from you almost two months after the last Sam e-mail to you on 30 January, 2018. We thought that everything works fine and was done. Sam is not working in our company anymore and did not transfer his knowledge properly, that’s why we have this situation. We apologize for this. Please check your private support ticket and provide your PayPal e-mail and transaction ID. We will refund you the full amount.

I can’t see the private message icon to start conversation. I got the bundle. No way on this demo where it shows where and how to access it. But I believe the link isn’t on UserPro profile.

Hello, please check your support ticket for a more detailed answer. You can find the messages on all users list ( and profile (

hi, i’m finding a private message system with the possibility to track the sended message. i wuold like to have a list with all sended message and their status (read | not read). Can your addon do this?

Where do you want to have this? In admin?

Please refund it, because it did not work at all.

Hello, i’m sorry to hear you having issue with our product. Please create refund request or contact our technical staff at we can help you make it work for you.

Hi there, has there been any progress done on storing the messages directly into the database yet? It’s been going on for several months now.

Has this been integrated into the plugin? Really keen to buy your plugin, but this might be a deal breaker.


I’m already using UserPro main plugin, not the Private Messaging addon.

But I am looking for a messaging addon or a plugin to include to my website and so I’m trying to search around and shop for the best suitable option.

So it’s not that I decided that storage on the server is a performance issue, but If you read through the comments on this page, there are numerous comments from various people that suggested that the way it’s currently working is not the most ideal solution. So this is what I’m questioning.

I do have a large site to take care of and I just need as smooth as possible transition that works possibly out of the box, so sorry if I’m asking silly questions.

Also, from my previous message, does the Private Messaging addon send out email notifications to the users if they receive a new message?


Yes Private Messaging addon send out email notification to the users who get new messages. You can check screenshots from back end email notifications settings page here:

Regarding technical solution. No technical solution is ideal solution you always have to trade something off. We selected server storage type especially for better performance reasons. If somebody has bad opinion about server storage doesn’t mean that software has “poor architecture”. I would suggest you to do your own research on the topic. At least google server storage vs database storage articles and discussions to get full picture. People selecting server storage especially for performance.

If you do staging test and you experience any performance issues during that test we will fix them with high priority asap. Regarding question when do we plan to implement database storage for private messages, i do not have eta for that release.

Ok, thanks,

I think that’s good enough argument ..

1. Does the message has a autorefresh ajax function? I don;t want users to refresh to see new messages. 2. Can I see users messages?

Yes it works like whatsapp. You get instant message.

No. I have to close the chat to receive new message

Hello, could you please explain your use case in more detail?

Hello! I have a couple of questions before buying.

1. Where are the messages (history of messages) of users stored? In the database of the site on which the plug-in is installed? If yes, are the messages encrypted?

2. Messages in the chat are displayed like this – the last messages from the top. In all modern messengers, the latest messages are below. Does your plugin have the ability to display the latest messages at the bottom?

Hello, thank you for being interested in our products.

1. Messages are saved in the ftp server – wp-content/uploads/userpro. There is encryption, but users can’t access it directly.

2. There are no such functionality, this requires code customization. We can provide it to you if needed.