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hi image not show on server side. anyone help me plz fast

I cant use any o the cde and i uploaded the cde to the server of hostgator but showing forbidden and also i cant use it in xampp..please help me

Hello, I can not open the print center

firebug are following error from

Error: can’t assign to properties of (new String(“printableArea”)): not an object fabric.StaticCanvas<._createCanvasElement@ fabric.StaticCanvas<._createLowerCanvas@ fabric.StaticCanvas<._initStatic@ fabric.Canvas<.initialize@ klass@ $scope.init@ @ invoke@ instantiate@ $ControllerProvider/this.$get</<@ a.$get</<@ qFactory/defer/deferred.promise.then/wrappedCallback@ qFactory/ref/<.then/<@ $RootScopeProvider/this.$get</Scope.prototype.$eval@ $RootScopeProvider/this.$get</Scope.prototype.$digest@ $RootScopeProvider/this.$get</Scope.prototype.$apply@ ngEventHandler/<@ jQuery.event.dispatch@ jQuery.event.add/eventHandle@ Line 9997

I desperately need help or I can not execute my orders

How is your wordpress work coming along? is it done?

Any updates are coming soon?

  1. How to install sample data?
  2. How to add a New Option eg: Select A Brand? in Change Product
  3. When change Width in Orientation dimensions, Height also adjust itself, but I don’t want that? How to do this?
  4. How to Add curved text

why printpixel not create database in my server vps? my printpixel design is loading, and admin not found. please help me.

i’m using ubuntu 14.04. please help me.

i want to draw again of Editable area, do not you? It will be any area, not rectangle.


hg3 Purchased

Can’t seem to get it to work. Whats the first thing do I need to do, apart from uploading to my localhost.

Hello Your script is apparently interesting and I want to buy the extended version. On the other hand, I notice that many of your customers left unanswered comments on your part, and that the script was buggy. Have you corrected in the current version. If I order the script and I encounter worries, could you refund me quickly. Thank you Mr Jean

Hi, your email from the support section doesn’t work…i have a problem with this product with who do i talk to?


Mskazza Purchased

Is there a way to add specific prices for each price break, not just discount off each price break

Hey, I can´t print the order out!! can you help me out? thanks

hey again, I also don´t get an mail that customer order some Item… It is only an Email to customer… what can I do?

hi you mentioned there is no sql then where the purchase details will be saved??? will it be saved in your website??? do you have an indirect link to your website? if not at which file it will be saved??? i am ready to purchase it if the script is independent from your website…

please give your reply…