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Awesome. I love this game. Great work.

You know i just login to send you an email to see if you are going to do a new game but i just saw this game i give you 10/10 i will purchase this game today :) I hope to see more great games from you

Just a note, the sound button ta not working in mobile, but now I will go up and fix the updated file today =)

Thank you i always check for update and download the latest.Also i will work on changing some layouts color

Great game ! Awesome . Will you update and add more levels ?

Not at the moment, but in future I think I will make a new adventure with the Princess. Thanks!

Cool. Looks awesome.

does it include c2 file?

do you include documentation on how to add more levels ? I have c2 and i will love to add more levels.

No friend, no teaching how to add more levels. It is very difficult, must have an advanced knowledge of Construct. But I left almost everything ready, as a template level.

Hi, Very nice game. Can i wrap it with Ludei or Phonegap to export to native app?


Yes, yes you can. It even has a version Construct included ready to export to Ludei.

Great news! One last question: What do you use for level design? Is it easy to create my own level?

Look, I left everything ready to create new levels. It even has a level template. Create the level is not difficult, the difficult is to create the actions, which are many. I advise having a good understanding the Construct program =)

When i saw there is a new game from you, i did expected a great game, and of course… Great Game! Will certainly buy :)

Thank you friend =)

Just a note, the sound button ta not working in mobile, but now I will go up and fix the updated file today =)

If I buy the game would you remove the Twitter and Facebook links?

Friend, to remove the social networks is simple. Simply remove the xml. I made an action for social networks appear only if xml =)

Thanks so much! Just bought the game!

Have any tutorial on how to export to Android and Windows Phone?

It is very simple friend, check out this page that contains some tips:


And it comes ready to put admob or there is a tutorial on how to do?

It does not come with Admob, because it has many customers who do not want to put. And also because there are many banner options, so I thought it best not to put.

In the www.scirra.com site there are many tutorials that teach everything about Admob. But one must be aware of Construct. If you are interested in the game, recommend first doing some tutorials Construct. So it will be better to know after putting Admob =)

I’m having problems with this on my iPad – the screen is flashing and won’t show the full game – it underlays it to the bottom right side.

I thought it was working before…

Strange tris problem… Please send me the link of the game for me to try here.

Ok, I get it. Please remove CodeCanyon bar upstairs. In some cases, the problem is this.

You can use some of the graphics that are on the template in my game?

Thank you for buying my game!

Sorry, do not understand your question. Which graphics are you referring to?

I mean if I can use the graphics or I have to change?

Yes, you can use the graphics. I see no problem with that.

Hi there, what had changed in the latest update? Cheers ????

New music during gameplay. Composed by a professional =)


hi..can i have demo for android apk..


Sorry friend, I can not do that. But if you open the game on your Android device, it’s the same game APK =)

thanks.i really want to buy it but dont have c2 personal edition. If i buy it and change the image, would you help me to export to publish version so i can export to android using ludei becaus i have ludei premium account

Sorry buddy, but I once had a very bad experience with a buyer. I went to help him, but helps lasted several days, and in the end he even became negative to me.

I can only provide the file, the rest is up to you. Construct buy a license, it is not very expensive. And you can buy several and put my games on Google Play. I always I provide the Construct file!

Hi. Keyboard tutorial appears on android devices, such as:

Samsung    P5210 Galaxy Tab 3    Android 4.2.2
Samsung    I8190 Galaxy S3 mini    Android 4.1.2

Could you please fix it?


Hi! I have a Galaxy Tab, here there appeared to me. I check your game? Send me a link, or Construct your game so I can verify.

Friend, next to your name not “Purchased” appears. And you do not send me the link of your game.

If you bought the game, know that the file was recently updated, download and try the game again.


i do not possess the construct game software on my mac laptop,

can you reskin the app for me, i will pay for extended license for android and iOS


Hi friend.

Sorry, I did not understand what you want. Please explain better =)

i was meaning i do not have c2 software so can you reskin the app and submit it to google play and app store.

i can send you my accounts and images.

i have a budget of $100

Now I get it! Please send me an email to

filippileonardo @ yahoo.com.br

It is best to talk it by email!

Sir i want to know can i upload the game to google play store and app store with some minor changes..Please Note i am doing so solely for a religious purpose and no sort of commercial transaction would be involved…IT IS SOLELY A NON COMMERCIAL RELIGIOUS PURPOSE…Thank you

Hi friend. Please take a look at the license page:


On that page you have all the answers. But for each final destination, a new license is required.

hi, is it possible for me to internationalize the game? i’d like to change the english words that appear to thai words. thanks.

Hi! It is possible to change all the texts only replacing the images. Just knowing a little photoshop = )

Hi How do I use the sword on mobile devices? I’m talking about your live preview. On my iPhone 6S, sometime the sword appears while tapping the bottom right part of the screen, but most of the time it does not…

Hi friend. The sword appears dragging your finger down. Then send me the video =)

your games are awsome i am going to buy Christmas Furious love it

Thank yout, you’re amazing too!