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Hi How do I use the sword on mobile devices? I’m talking about your live preview. On my iPhone 6S, sometime the sword appears while tapping the bottom right part of the screen, but most of the time it does not… Sword does not appear at all times in mobile and computer, please solve this problem ..?

Hi. I’m going to check the code, but I find it difficult to do something that I can solve. This game was the most complex I ever did, and I tested it several times. But I’ll check. Thank you.

how match level in this game and can i use this code source in andriod studio or not please i want buy it

Hi! The game has 8 levels, and was developed in the Construct program. I do not think it’s possible to open in Android Studio.

hi, I buy your game!

One question: we would like to change the little jewels into something else, but we noticed that if we change one of them, then it modifies also the ones in the other levels. We would like to put a different object for each level, how can we do?

Hi, thanks friend. The change you want is complicated because it does not only involve changing images. I would have to change the jewelry counting code.

It is not simple to do this, and you must have the license Construct program. Because you have to put several conditions to get different jewelry.

See if this change is really necessary for the game you want. Because it can create other bugs in the game.

How do I do to change the light blue background?


Hi, I’ve seen your email, I’ll respond.

Can i delete some stuff so i can export as on free licence? I need it as a demo…thanks!

I do not know all the details, but check this page:


There you have all the license information.

Best regards.