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primarius does not currently provide support for this item.

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cant seem to log into the demo

demo not working for me

demo not working for me too

@infrared and @onlyuaibe can you tell me what is happening?

We just tried the demo (backoffice and frontoffice) and everything looks ok.

i have blank page or server time out for front et back

@onlyouaibe: Please remember that demo website link ( should output XML code only so what you should see depends on the way your browser handles XML .

As for the backoffice everything still looks OK from our side. Maybe it’s a problem with the ISP and the server.

I’m impressed and excited by what you have here. Could you illustrate the functionality of it further with a basic Flash site that pulls the XML demo in?

Impressive indeed. Brilliant work!

I can not connect to the demo at “” same link I get an error server not accessible

I can not login with Admin / admin

Thank you for the heads up.

We have reseted the demo so everything is back to normal.

i try to log in toyour demo page, but the demo demo for user and pass is not working any advice ?

Can you try again?

I just checked and I was able to login without any problems. (using demo:demo or admin:admin)

I setted up the entire system some days ago and it works fine. The editor can be better, it didn’t allow to create or edit specific XML nodes. Its way of use is very limitated :(

WOW !!! I just purchased this and it is AWESOME !! This is going to save me MONTHS of programming and development. Thanks so much for putting out this great file. This is a GREAT structure for building a content management system.

All the demos are down.

All the demos are down

pls update your demo’s

can this work for NON -flash websites???

i need a script that will help users sign up and create their own pages with their on images and text, using some sample templates.

please let me know if this script can help me do that


Demo not working