Primarius XML Multiple SiteBuilder

Primarius XML Multiple SiteBuilder

Primarius XML Multiple SiteBuilder is a PHP script created for designers that need a simple way to create and manage multiple Flash websites for their clients.

Each website outputs its contents as a single XML file (with customizable structure) so it can be imported into a Flash script. And each website can have a different XML structure to accomodate different Flash scripts.

All paths in the XML output (for documents, images and thumbnails) are absolute so you can host your Flash site in a different location.

One script can manage unlimited number of individual websites and each Client can manage his/her own website through a simple interface.

Each website can have:
  • Multiple pages
  • News
  • Image Galleries (with thumbnails)
  • Documents

A website can also have a disk space quota, a custom XML template and an expiration date can be set, so the site can be automatically disabled.

Each website is created in a custom named folder (e.g. and all website contents are available in one XML file for easy import, for example on a Flash site.

A simple XML template is included as well as detailed instructions on how to create your own! See the Demo website output below for a example.


  • Unlimited number of clients.
  • Unlimited number of websites for each client.
  • Client can manage his/her website from simple back-office with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Unique XML template/output for each site.
  • XML templates are valid XML files.
  • Simple Instalation

Try our demo!

Admin login: admin Admin password: admin

Client login: demo Client password: demo


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