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Nice style. Can I see the documentation first?

give some minutes for i made upload

hi check this url

Can i help with something else?

Awesome, Good Luck

Gday, is it possible to have five or six columns?

Hi the column two like you said give you the possibility to add 5 or 6 columns so i will add an update soon to turn grid system even more flexible but for now

you can go to grid structure.css file find grid container class and add font size:0;

 .grid-container {
      margin:0 auto;

in the same file find and remove float left

 .grid-container .column {
    padding:0 1%;

then go to settings.css file and add text align center and margin:0 auto in the pricing tables container

.pricing-tables { 
    margin:0 auto;

then you should have your columns center in the wrapper let me know if i can help you more

thanks for that! also, how would it be possible in the horizontal version?

Can these be implemented onto a wordpress site?

Yes, but manually

Hi there,

With this is it possible to generate pricing plan like this

Where it says “choose your plan” on the left hand side

Cheers, Mel

did you receive the example?

Yes. I got it. Thank you

you welcome :)

While the demo versions look fantastic… actual use of the pricing tables are harder, specially when putting them onto a site the already uses the div classes used in the pricing tables…

I need the CSS you used completely unique…. no .wrapper, .header, .footer classes as they clash with my site’s css

can you send me your url for i check your implementation

I have sent you a message via your profile message.

Hi i hope you can help. I am very interested in this and looking to purchasing it, but first can you answer:

1) Will it work on Wordpress? I have only added in code or plugins before not sure how adding framework works.

2) Can I add images to the top of each pricing table? My plan is to use them as ‘review’ tables instead of pricing.

thank you

Hi yes you can use this in wordpress but you need to install it manually since this is only html and css

About images yes you can replace text by your images for sure let me know

Hey there,

What the hell is this? Your css files are defining styles for main elements of the site like body, etc. Check this screenshot.

Are you kidding me? How could you sell a product like this on Codecanyon with styles for your website?

Send me completely clean code stripped out of all the styles.

Hi there,

A bit of education is not wrong at all,

the maiority of my products are defined in this way, settings in one side, theme in other, of course if you don´t need body setting just remove it since i don´t see nothing wrong there,

also if you don´t like product in this way just ask for a refund for we analise it.

Have a nice day

I’ve bought many pricing table scripts here before and none of them sell with the styles of their site with the table code. They have a little sense that the code will conflict with the theme code as user’s theme will already define color for background of body, etc.

Instead of suggesting to improve your product, you are saying your customers to ask for refund. That’s great. I don’t want a refund as I’ve sorted this but not all the customers are developers here to sort this issue. Hoping you will add proper instructions for your future customers.

I need to know how to make the price table show up in my wordpress page?

Hi good morning :)

First find header.php inside theme you have activated and paste links to css and font

Second copy paste html code inside page you need that pricing table appear

Let me know if i can help you with that

If it is not a WordPress Plugin, then where can I install it and access the amin panel please?

please allow me to recommend you to wait some weeks to use this plugins in wp since i will convert it very soon


JED9 Purchased

Hi there!

I need assitance installing this on my site, thank you!

Hi, please let me know what is your url and tell me what are example you need to install and where you need it


Hi there, i would like assitance installing these on my webpage! Thank You

Sure, just send me your website url and your ftp details to my mail for i help you

Perfect, can you provide your email please? thank you

please go to my profile page and contact me from there


Geemunyai Purchased

Good Day.

Can you please send me the documentation since im unable to install the plugin

Hi, just for let you know that this script is not a wordpress plugin but only css and html files, so the only way to install this at wordpress if its the case is manually

Just let me know if you want help doing that