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Are you able to create a HTML and css version?

hey mate , it’s made to run on WordPress platform only :)

finally, a plugin that gets pricing table the right way. will buy for the next project no matter what. thanks

thanks mate appreciate it :)

Hello Artillegence,

congratulations on the release of your new plug-in – looking forward to using it in a future project!

Hi Michel, thanks please do let me know if you have any questions or feature suggestions :)

Is it possible to create pricing table with the sticky headers, so for example names of the pricing plans sticks even when the visitors scrolls down the features list such as this one


Hi, thanks for your interest the sticky headers are not available by default and comes under customization as making it depends on the site.

How can I control the speed at which the price increases from monthly to yearly or how can i shut it off so that the pricing increase effect doesn’t increase, rather just shows the yearly price.. I’m specifically speaking about the Photographer one.

hey mate contact through profile I will send you the code, it requires a bit of work.


i need to do a table as the following one (below the calendars) :

i need three inputs: arrive date, departure date (a calendar must be shown to click the date) and Price….¿is it posible to do it with your pluggin? thanks

hey , we have a custom input in the pricing tables where you can add your own html, so you can increase your date related inputs there :)

i’m looking to purchase this … 2 questions. is there an option to add another button for each column? also does this support shortcode?

hey mate thanks for your interest, you can set link and stylings to each button of the column and yes all tables are added via shortcode only

is there any payment option? like payment gateways

sorry mate only links are supported where you can add payment links, there are already tones of payment plugins which you can use directly .

Hi! Does plugin work properly with wp 4.5? It`s something strange at “Manage plans” page..

hey strange it is working fine, can you contact through profile with wp admin details I will quickly take a look

Looks like there are some stacking and spacing issues on some of the example tables on your site. What’s the deal with those?

hey mate thanks for notifying us , I noticed 2 of the tables are breaking.. I will update them.

Also on your website, the link to view examples that’s embedded on the home page doesn’t link to anywhere. Only the link in the top nav works.

Hi! The question about priceselector counter animation. In my country prices are in thousands so it takes counter too long to show final price) Can I speed up counter animation or turn off animation at all?

hey sure it is possible, can you please head on to our forums , regsiter there and post the question there. The staff will give you the solution.

Seems a nice work! GLWS!

Hi we’re looking for a pricing table with more columns, does your plugin allow for any amount of columns?

hey you can add unlimited amount of columns :)

Hi, I am having rendering issues with Firefox. Content ist not being shown in the center but on the left corner. I opened up a ticket, but as it seems my account is not properly setup and tickets from over 3 weeks ago are still unanswered.

When I press save changes on the pricing table and refresh the page, my table disappears. Is this a bug?

I’m trying to go through item support and it isn’t working.

Hey!) is it plugin working yet?)

Hello, Is it possible to have more than 2 tab buttons (above the columns) to select a plan? Hope to hear from you soon. Regards.