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Awesome module! GLWS :)

Thank You!

Nice module! I want to ask you 2 things: 1. in the near future can you make the module to be responsive? 2. I need to modify the width in css so that the module is displayed in full width of the screen, but when I add “width:auto;” in the css it gets overwritten by the value of “width:100%;”. All other css works just fine.

Thank you!

Hello, 1. Image and video from background are responsive, but they maintain the aspect ratio. 2. You can try “width:auto !important;”. I do not think it solves the problem with width. Can post your site url?


Hi, I solved the width problem. it was template related. Good extension!

HI, my client purchased this module. i have installed and added video in admin. And assigned to home page, Video not loading .please help. Item ID: 8096429

Item Purchase Code: [removed]

Hello, I’ve responded to email. Please remove Purchase code from comment. Regards,

Please check this link, http://beta.cindykate.co/media/cindykateVid.html this is my video, the video displaying full height and clarity, but in home using module http://beta.cindykate.co/ video not displaying properly not clarity. half of the video only displaying. please set full height.

Interesting FX. Bookmarked! GLWS


Hi,I bought this module, but only after I saw it was for 3.3.x, my joomla is 2.5.22, will it work?

Does anyone knows another video background module for Joomla 2.x?

Hello, Please send your site administrator access via my profile page and I will try to make module to work with your site.

Already did it.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. I am interested in your extension, but all image and video demos look the same when you click on the links: http://demo.devpri.com/?product=pri_parallax

Can you look at this so that we can see the different demos? Thanks!

Hello, On demo site is used same image and video for all styles. Differences are observed during on page scroll. For smartphones and tablets parallax effect is disabled.


(deleted! double post due to browser hickup)

Hello again, would you mind to add a full set of backend/parameter screenshots? I have seen the existing screens, but I am missing some information about the following/possible features:

  • 1.) What type of contents can I put above the background area? Just HTML custom content?
  • 2.) Can I select or load a certain Article? Either by modal dialog or plain ID input?
  • 3.) Can I load a certain module/position?
  • 4.) Semi-transparent Overlay effects? i.e. a color chooser, image tiles/pattern?
  • 5.) Anim effects in demo: How to choose and configure them?
  • 6.) Height control: What options to configure the height? i.e. px, %, fixed or relative to viewport?
Thanks in advance!


You can use any image. Patterns from demo are semi-transparent. Possibly these options will be available in PRI Background (Unfortunately I can’t say when they will be available)


Hello, me again ;) Is it possible to have an interactive parallax fx? I mean, something like multiple layers that move related to a mouse/touch action? For instance, the unite revolution slider has a similar effect and mode: http://www.unitecms.net/joomla-extensions/unite-revolution-slider-responsive/parallax-slider

Hi, Sorry, this feature doesn’t exist Regards, Paul.