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Hello, is it possible to hide the vertical lines?

Have a nice day…

greets roland

Hello, yes it is. You can do this by editing the “style.css” file under the prevision plugins “css” folder. Commenting out “background: url(’../images/slider/overlays/03.png’);” by revising this line to:

/background: url(’../images/slider/overlays/03.png’);/

Please PM me if you need more help with this request.

Thanks works fine :)

Great. Glad I could help and thanks for your support with your purchase


1.Does it send the correct HTTP-headers 503 Service Unavailable + does it has a Retry-After option ?

2.Can we set specific user roles to have access to the site even under maintenance?

3.Can we set specific ip to have access even under maintenance

4.Other thing, are there other layout options than with the big sidebar on left (a more classic layout without sidebar for example)

5. Is there an option to login from the maintenance front end?

If one of this feature is not integrated, do you plan on doing so soon? Your maintenance plugin is the only compatible (at least officialy) with WPML?


Hello, Thanks for your questions.

1. It does not send out 503 Service Unavailable. I believe this would be an incorrect header as the server is not unable to handle the current request or being maintained, it is still functioning correctly. This idea behind prevision is that it will be used when making changes to your website that you don’t want visitors to see until complete. That said, we can talk personally about customizing preVision to suit your needs.

2. Currently it is only administrators that can access the site, but I can customize it to handle other user roles for you.

3. This is not a feature of the plugin as access to your site while under maintenance is based on the user role in WordPress.

4. Currently this is the only layout, we can discuss customizing it to match your specific site.

5. No there is no log in from the maintenance front end, as the users that are editing your site would know the /wp-login.php path to log in via.

I can customize preVision for you. If you are interested in this option, please PM me via my profile page and we can detail out what you would like and what the associated costs would be.

Thanks, Darryl

Thanks for the answers. As you can imagine i won’t pay for customisations. 1) because almsot all the others maintenance plugin on this website have the features i mentioned in their core (didn’t see theme on plugin page, that’s why i wanted a confirmation) for even a lower price most of the time. 2) I was quite surprise to see you mention paid customisations for this… because hoenstly, any serious developper will add at least important features to their to-do lists oif not included from the beggining, and not ask for paid customisations…very specific features ok, but basic features, seriously? oO )

What made me interested about your plugin was the WPML official compatibility, but if your plugin don’t even have the basics features others maintenance plugins on themforest have then it’s clearly not for me. I’ll just pass on the official WPML compatibility (i don’t even think it has an importance for a maintenance plugin when i think about it) and go for one of the other plugins here that have all the basic features any customers would need in a maintenance plugin.


Thanks for your feedback.

Hi, looks nice but two quetions

1/ Can I put as a shortcode on a site I choose 2/ Can I chnage colors

Best Regards J.


You can currently change the colors of the fonts and the rings. A few user have change the colors by editing the actual stylesheet.

Currently there are no shortcodes built into this plugin. I have not tested it with plugins that add shortcodes. If you provide me the link to the shortcode plugin you are using (if it’s free), I’ll be more then happy to test it’s functionality with preVision for you.

Cheers, Darryl

Is it possible to add a subscribe feature where using enter there email for a newsletter type thing? Like right under the logo would be awesome.

That sounds like a good feature. I will try and add it in the next day or two. Thanks for the suggestion.

Sorry for the typo (using) *users anyway that would be awesome i will purchase real soon if you add that feature i will be using that in tangent with mailchimp so subscribers could get information while i do my thing. :)

Sorry I had a delay in adding this. I hope to add it this weekend as a widgetable area so that users can add a widget of their choosing. This will be the easiest way to interface with mailchimp, campaign monitor, etc.


I have a display problem in the plugin. On the mobile version in particular, how to make a scroll can appear to read the quote?

It is therefore possible quote automatically rotate?

In addition, under firefox mail envelope logo does not appear, why? How to make this poster?

URL: www.merio.fr

Thank you very much. EG

I’m looking into your scroll issue. I’ll try and have fix out for this.

The Firefox issue seems to be with your hosting provider. If I visit www.merio.fr the Font Awesome font does not display, if I visit merio.fr it does display. It only seems to happen in Firefox so I’m going to see if this is a bug introduced into Firefox.

Hy, The Contact form does not work any more for this morning ! But I don’t know why !

Just a precision with the screen problem. In fact, when the Contact form works, Messages : “SENT” / “VALIDATION” or “ERROR” are not visible because under the form and seen which there is not a scroll we cannot reach it. We see them if we reduce to 90 % your screen.


Hello, I just tested your form and received the “Message sent” message. Can you contact my on my support site: https://wp3sqrd.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

I’ll be able to better server you there.

Hello Great plugin I have some troubles. I need to put the pv slider text over the counter’s rings. ¿It is that possible? The other problem I have is that I need a picture on the pv quote, but the image doesn’t appear, only the text. Is there any way to show an image in the pv quote? Thanks

Sorry, I didn’t mean that. I meant to put THE TITLE over the counter’s rings. Thank you

To move the title, you will need to know how to edit the plugin CSS. You should be able to do this under “appearance->editor”.

The image in the text, you would need to edit the plugin as well with php. Currently the quote slider is set to only show text.

Thank you. I’ll try!

Hello WP-3Sqrd,

Just purchased and installed the plugin as I liked the video background feature. However there are a few issues I am having with it especially on a smartphone.

1) I cannot see the ‘meet us’ icons on the smartphone version? 2) The video doesn’t play on the smartphone version and I have just seen that the demo site doesn’t play the video on the phone either:


3) Also, send buttons don’t seem to work after filling in the name, email, message boxes.

Could you please help?

Best, Kris

Hello Kris

1) The plugin is currently coded to hide the meet us icons under a certain dimension

2) The video will not play on mobile devices. This is a limitation of mobile browsers as they are not currently allowed to support “autoplay” of videos and audio files. They are not suppose to consume large amounts of bandwidth without the users authorization (ie: clicking a play button).

3) I’m going to assume you updated the plugin options for the contact form to send to a valid email address. If you are using Microsoft Exchange server, Google Business Apps, or other 3rd party mail service, you will need to work with your hosting provider to make sure the mail is being directed correctly. The plugin sends mail the same way that WordPress does.

Hi, WP-3SQrd,

I understand that the video might not work on mobile devices. I should have checked this before purchasing… it would be great if it was.

Concerning the send button. I am using Chrome and have tried safari as well. If the plugin sends mail the same way WP does, should it do something after I press it at least?

Any help appreciated, best, Kris

Glad we could sort this out for you.

Hi, thanks for coming back to me.

1) Send Button

Yes, I have added the email address I would like to receive the email to.

The problem is that when I press send, nothing happens. I’ve tried Chrome and Safari and I have added the plugin to other sites with different themes. By the way, on your demo, it doesn’t do anything after pressing send either, but I guess this is on purpose.

2) Video This is really a shame. I wouldn’t mind not having the video on the phone, but the problem is that if I have the video background, I have to have the video image as well. On the smartphone this image is stretched and it looks really ugly.

It would good if you could help me finding a way to have the video playing on computers and nothing but a black background and the timer on phones.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Best, Kris

Unfortunately the video on mobile is out of our control due to regulations.

Can you send me a PM with a link to your site, to see if something is interfering with the send button.

Glad we could sort this out for you.

Hello I have a problen with the contact form. It doesn’t work. I dont mean that I dont recive the email, I don’t even know if I recive mails because the button “SEND” doesn’t work. By clicking “SEND” nothing happens, it’s as if the button wasn’t a button. Any idea?

Please download the plugin again. We just released version 1.33 which fixes this.

Thank you!! The problem is fixed now. Although I have made a test from an iPad, and I don’t see the message “Your message has been sent. We will contact you soon.” But the mail is send. Thanks.

Hi I have just bought this as my website is screwed…. I have installed it and filled in all the information correctly including the date and time but it still does not show.

Can you please help out.



Can you submit a support ticket here:


with your site address and a log in username and password for your site, we’ll take a look to see what’s going on.


I installed your plugin, but the email will not be send i checked all settings, but no succes hopefully you can help me www.omis.nu

hello, when i test the email with different email adresses the form is not sending. just the text part will be red and still nothing is happening. i tryed hotmail, company mail and also a other mail adress

Thanks for emailing us directly. We didn’t hear back from you, so I believe your issue has been answered. That you were not entering the form fields correctly and that was triggering the data validation to keep the form from submitting.

Hello, sorry for the late reply, yes the problem was to less word in the form field, i didnt know that this was limited. its working perfect, thanks.

This plugin does’nt work with chrome and wordpress 4.0.1 !! The image background is not responsive and many issues on mobiles Not good !

We can only provide support to a certain point in the comments. We cannot help you troubleshoot #3 via these comments and you must PM us.

For #1, yes we did set our server to function as yours is so you could see. We failed to mention this in our previous response. We have set our server back to it’s normal settings. You can see the security errors your server is sending back in Chrome Developer Tools on your server, this is why we asked you to talk to your hosting company about fixing this.

2 – We are revisiting the responsiveness. it looks like something has possibly changed since the iOS8 update that we missed. Thank you for flagging this. Once we have corrected this, we will release the updated version to CodeCanyon and you can download it.

3. As mentioned before, please PM us so we can gather private information from you to trouble shoot this as we cannot duplicate it without this extra information

4. Pricing is set by Envato Marketplaces and not the Authors of the items. We are only paid a commission on the sale while providing free support on this commission we are paid. We appreciate every purchase and strive to help anyone having difficulties with our item.

We have investigated the responsive issue. The site we sent you (http://threesquaredstudios.com) was not running the most recent release of preVision. The most recent version responds correctly.

The most recent version is 1.33, which we just downloaded and tested from CodeCanyon.

We currently are receiving a 500 error on your provided site. We will try it again later. In the meantime, please PM us.

I was able to reach your site this afternoon (EST).

Here is the security error your site is sending on the fonts

Font from origin ‘http://marsyphotography.com' has been blocked from loading by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘http://www.marsyphotography.com' is therefore not allowed access.

I also ran your site through responsivetest.net and it seems to be correct: http://responsivetest.net/#u=http://www.marsyphotography.com/|640|1136|2

Please PM us so we can help you with the one remaining item hours and seconds not changing when you set them on the plugin settings.

Just like the slides, can I make the quotes to slide too (Automatically) ?

The social media link is not working. Instead of redirecting to www.facebook.com/abc/ it is redirecting to mydomain.com/facebook.com/abc/

There is no option currently to have the quotes automatically slide like the “slides”, you can adjust the scripts yourself to enable this. I can help you with this once you have verified to me that you have purchased our plugin. Currently the comments are not marking you as a buyer.

How do I allow Editors and Authors to still work on the site while it is in Maintenance Mode? Currently, only Administrators can see the site.

Sorry for the delay. We are looking into this now and will release a fix on CodeCanyon shortly.

Hello Chicago, we’ve released an update for this. Please download version 1.35 which allows editors. The plugin does not allow Authors to view the site while preVision is active.

Hello, i have the problem i cant change anything. No Logo nothing, because: http://prntscr.com/8gzfq6


Hello LeaBN,

We are submitting an update to CodeCanyon today to fix this issue

Hi, yes WordPress 4.3.1. Ok im waiting

Hi LeaBN,

Version 1.36 which fixes the issue you are experiencing is now available for download in your downloads section.

Hi Darryl, sent you a message on Facebook too, so if you get it twice I’m really sorry.

I totally love your plugin and use it on all my clients websites, but lately I’ve been getting a few clients with very strong Instagram profiles.

I was wondering if there is anyway that you can allow for additional social media links, especially Instagram, Pinterest, Dribbble and Béhance?

Hope you have a great day.

Ciao Mariechen

I am working on updating the social media links to preVision. Thanks for contacting me here and on FB about this. I appreciate the feedback!

Hi I just bought the this cool plugin, but its not visible on my WP site.

I have logged in and out, and used different devices but still nothing.

Please help.


Can you DM me and I’ll be able to take a look for you.


How can I add Google Captcha to the Email form of the Plug-in?

Thank you


can I add 1 additional countdown on the maintenance mode page, means 2 countdowns on maintenance page , 1 for website, 1 for upcoming event, Thanks