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how to use this in saas react builder? and am i have to buy this normal or extended version for the same?

Hi tans06

Sorry for late reply.
The Builder have itself preview screen directly on the web, additionally if you want to test the apps on device you need to buy the preview app which is not required and that’s why it’s separated product. For installation please check our article

Feel free to write us again for any additional questions.
Kind Regards

Good luck with sales :)

Thanks BTechWares :)

Hello This app will be under our brand ?


I want to know what this app exactly ? how can I use it, does it mobile app builder ?

Hello sanayar2008

This app is additional plugin for our main product React App Builder.
This product have already integrated preview option directly in the web for the apps that are created but if you want to test the apps on real device you need to buy this Preview App.

Feel free to write us again.
Kind Regards

Hi there! If we plan to buy the react APP EXTENDED license+landing page, can we buy/add the regular license just for the preview in our platform if we are not going to resell it?

Hi newmediaprojects

Yes absolutely.

Can this app integrate with your wordpress website?

Hello GMLDigital2019

For now there isn’t option for integrating with wordpress site but we were working already on that and we think that we will release that plugin in the first week of January.

We are suggesting you to wait until that update.
Feel free to write us again for any other questions.

We are already in February, is it for wordpress? What will you implement for wordpress will be in SaaS or just the visualization?

Hello christianse

Do you refer to comment on the react app builder?

We have release this plugin for wordpress

Worpdress to Firebase.

But we can’t say it s ready for production yet.

hi, can user use preview app to do real transactions, like fill form, click on call button, or do ecommerce transactions end to end

Hello abhisinha

The preview app is for offering your clients of the React App Builder to preview the app on their devices. And yes. the app will do all the actions.


1. May I know if it is a React Native App Builder? Or only deploying React UI libraries / features?

2. May I know if the apps template is bind to database? Or link to database by drag and drop?

3. Could I modify the app by code after it is generated?


Hi joshchong

1.This is React Native + app builder. So it produces native apps.

2.Apps are not linked to template. You can add any section you want.

3. Yes, when you make the apps, you have the app source code. So you can do modification on the code.


Thank you so much for your reply.

1. Could you clarify further on “Apps are not linked to template”?

2. May I know if you have any audio book template in this solution?

3. Does this solution enable binding to database “automatically”?

4. Does it come with any user sign in template and feature as well?

Many thanks!

Thank you

is this still active and working .. i havent seen a change in any of your plugins in 3 years .. whats te status

2. does this app template still get passed on the ios 14 and 13?

and the new andriods? i wanna hire you for some further customization

i need automation

Hello followeuphoria

Yes this plugin is still active, at this moment there aren’t any changes on this plugin but we have made several improvements in the main product.

Yes until now all the apps created with this product are passing with these versions.

Hello, Are you still providing & supporting this product?

Hello nikolasngs

Yes this plugin is still available for the product React App Builder.

You are unpresentable. These people do not fulfill what they offer. I changed my mind about you and they automatically stopped responding to my queries and giving me support. I really imagine that they will not do this with other clients, I see that they continue to sell their product. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong for them to treat me this way, but my patience has run out. You have behaved in a crawling and very unprofessional manner. I have waited 2 months to see if they answered, but I see that you do not intend to, so from now on, my attitude towards you will change.


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