Prev - Multi User Extended Social Profile For Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok (SaaS)

Prev - Multi User Extended Social Profile For Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok (SaaS)

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Prev is a very fast multi-user Saas product. Prev helps your users create an awesome profile. Users get to add their unique profile link to wherever they want and get to do everything under one shareable link. Users can create Links, Portfolio and an About Section on the same profile with a beautiful profile design.

Prev Demo
Password: prevadmin
Some options are disabled in demo for better experience


This product is easy to install. We’ve provided an installation wizard to guide you through. You can also check the Docs for detailed info


If you’re having issues with this product don’t hesitate to leave a comment or give us an email on

Product installation

We provide This product Installations and also Full Server Installations. Check our Docs for full details


Update 2.0 – 24 November, 2020

- Fixed edit profile template not showing selected template
- Added multilang dropdown on footer to select lang
- Added user role changing, Normal, Admin, Super Admin

Update 1.0.9C – 6 November, 2020

- Fixed edit profile page showing error 500 on script installation
- Fixed user profile showing 404
- Set default user template on account creation
- Minor changes to template selector
- Provided english translation file for easier translation
- Copy translation file / duplicate, edit translation name
- Auto detect rtl text direction and switch to rtl on all input fields, add rtl direction if text is rtl - Basic rtl support

Update 1.0.9B – 12 October, 2020

- Fixed some user template's not showing avatar

Update 1.0.9 – 12 October, 2020

- Fixed multidomain showing profile all multidomain's when admin selects "dont show on all multidomain" option
- Added links scheduling
- Added 4 new user templates for extended license users (Check demo)
- Added check for registration and account settings on usernames like (register, dashboard, login... etc)
- Fixed dashboard menu overlapping on some devices
- Few modifications on purchase plan page
- Added disable link option
- Increased the desktop columns of all links and all portfolio on the dashboard
- Fixed dashboard all portfolio's items description overlapping or moving out of the box
- Changed template selector, now a popup modal with short description of templates
- Removed placeholder on images if you create a page without an image
- Removed images in pages categories
- Fixed admin users page being slow if users are many
- Login as user now have an admin bar where you can login to other users
- Changed admin edit user, now logs you in to the user with admin rights for you to edit or change things like user status, package due, user package.. etc
- Few modifications to admin user search
- Fixed all payment gateways recording stripe on payment history

Update 1.0.8 – 19 August, 2020

- Multidomain on user package (Set Domains to Access on user package)
- Portfolio image url (User can use hosted images on portfolio)
- User banner image url (User can use hosted images on banner)

Update 1.0.7 – 17 August, 2020

- Add user from admin panel
- Login as user from admin panel
- New MidTrans payment gateway
- Fixed css styles
- User can remove banner
- Fixed skills
- Show featured users on home page
- Pricing page price selector
- Trial package now available

Update 1.0.6 – 8 August, 2020

- New user google analytics
- New user facebook pixel
- Fixed profile css error

Update 1.0.5 – 8 August, 2020

- New multidomain option
- Multidomain option on packages (users can select preferred domain if available)
- Fixed payment pages error

Update 1.0.4 – 5 August, 2020

- New user qrCode
- You can now translate / Edit site texts from your admin dashboard.
- Minor fixes

Update 1.0.3 – 1 August, 2020

- Admin home redesign

- Payment system bug
- Edit package 404 error fixed
- Css fixes

Update 1.0.2 – 30 July, 2020

- Bug fixes
- Fixed Stats bug (Fixed wrong country stats)
- Fixed profile css

- Added Razor pay, Stripe, Manual payment.
- Picture captcha and Google recaptcha
- Facebook, Google logins
- Profile links / social clicks. Get views and unique views.
- User can disable, edit profile menus.
- Admin can add custom user social links.
- Overall ui changes
- New dashboard design and more stats
- General dark mode

Update 1.0.1 – 1 July, 2020

- Added new templates (dove ui, dove kart)
- Advanced dark mode
- Bug fixes