Pretty-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script

Pretty-Theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script

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Now Pretty Theme Update to Version 3.0.1
Required WoWonder Version 2.3.1

Pretty, is a theme for WoWonder Social PHP Script. To have this theme, first you must have WoWonder Script.

What is Wowonder?

WoWonder is social media platform, Developed by Deen Doughouz. You can get WoWonder Script here.

Pretty Theme, also compatible with WoWonder Timeline Applications for Android, Developed by Elin Doughouz. You can get it here. 
Demo: Here
(User: testuser Password: testuser)
See online documentation Pretty Theme Documentation,



  • COMPATIBLE with WoWonder latest version
  • COMPATIBLE with WoWonder Timeline Applications
  • FOLLOW CATEGORY: Users can follow categories on the blog page. Articles from each category, which follow, will appear on the user timeline.
  • SINGLE USER: Display user whose status is single, in Find Friend Nearby.
  • TWO WELCOME PAGE: Having two welcome pages, you can choose on admin panel.
  • TWO STYLE PRO MEMBER: You can change the pro member style, easily on the admin panel, there are two styles.
  • TWO HOME PAGE: Pretty theme has two home pages, with different layouts. You can choose in admin panel.
  • THREE LEFT SIDEBAR: You can choose in admin panel, there are three left sidebar.
  • TWO STYLE SIDEBAR CHAT: If you get bored with style one, you can switch to style two. All can be selected in the admin in the panel.
  • GOOGLE MATERIAL ICON: Using google material icon.
  • FONT AWESOME: Also uses awesome fonts.
  • TOTAL DIFERENT STYLE: All styles are new. With UI soft layout.
  • USE FULLPAGE.JS: One of the welcome pages, using fullPage.js, is beautiful.
  • VIDEO WELCOME PAGE: Upload video, welcome page from admin panel.
  • BLOG IS WELCOME PAGE: One of the welcome page, displaying the blog.
  • CHANGE COLOR: You can change the color on the admin panel, not manually.
  • HEADER ILUSTRATION: If you are bored with a solid color header, you can replace it with an illustration, upload it via the admin panel.
  • MUSIC IN WELCOME PAGE: You can upload mp3 files via admin panel, to appear on the welcome page.
  • AND MORE: Go to the demo website, and see it now, because many features with beautiful style.
  • Well Documented

Special Thanks for Deen Doughouz and Ellin Douhouz
For demo site: I get permision to use preview video and sound from author in videohive and audiojungle. I also use photo from photodune.


Version 3.0.1 (05 June 2019) Version 3.0 (22 April 2019)
  • Added Car Market System with many features.
  • Added Smart Page system with many features.
  • Added New Article system for car market.
  • Added New comment system and style for articles car markets.
  • See Update Guide to version 3.0
Version 2.0.4 (16 April 2019) Version 2.0.3 (8 April 2019) Version 2.0.2 (17 Murch 2019) Version 2.0.1 (1 Murch 2019) Version 2.0 (29 November 2018)
  • Minify beloved.min.css (for fast load).
  • Minify beloved-sticker.css (for fast load).
  • Added allow full screen for youtube iframe post.
  • Added My Point in Left Sidebar.
  • Added night mode menu in header (desktop version).
  • Changed body font family.
  • Fixed problem load group.
  • Fixed Background Colored css problem, special mozila browser.
  • Fixed some problem.
Version (4 November 2018)
  • Fixed problem css for welcome page two
  • Fixed messages send sticker problem.
  • Fixed read more advertise problem..
  • Fixed general settings page for display promotion user radio buttons.
  • Fixed promblem css for bacground colored.
  • Fixed footer problem css.
  • See Video Tutorial Update Guide to Versi
Version 1.1.9 (2 November 2018)
  • Maket it compatible with WoWonder Script Version
  • Added read more for advertising in post.
  • Added Welcome Page Default WoWonder (pretty have 6 welcome page).
  • Combination style setting page with wowonder default and more.
  • Combination style create page, group, product, events and more with wowonder default style.
  • Back to default wowonder market style, movies, and forums.
  • Fixed Bug for Random Display Advertising in Posts.
  • Fixed problem css in messages pages.
  • Fixed problem in my pages url.
  • Remove default reaction pretty, and added wowonder default reaction, dark mode and all function version
  • Improv style for wowonder native app timeline.
  • Improv style change site design (admin panel).
  • Improv Speed for fast loading.
  • See Video Tutorial Update Guide to Versi 1.1.9
Version 1.1.8 (21 August 2018) Version 1.1.7 (28 June 2018)
  • Make Pretty Theme Compatible with WoWonder Script Version
  • Added Colored Solid Background Post (user can create status with solid color background).
  • Added Colored Gradient Background Post (user can create status with Gradient color Background)
  • Added Colored Images Background Post (user can create status with Images Background)
  • Added Colored Font Post (user can create status with font color)
  • Added for admin Ability to can delete images background, delete font color, delete gradient color, delete solid color.
  • Added for admin ability to cretae or add font color, gradient color, upload images background post, and add solid color background.
  • Added for admin ability to enable and disable all Colored addon, and ability to disable and enable one by one (example: admin can enable or disable only for solid color, or only for gradient color).
  • Added button send for reply comments in post and lightbox reply comments.
  • Added loading icon from (under CC0 Lecense).
  • Added wowonder default previes or lightbox multi images.
  • Added wowonder default previes or lightbox images product.
  • Added wowonder default previes or lightbox single post images.
  • fixed css problem at reset password pages.
  • Improve language welcome to pretty, automatic to website name.
  • Improve Style Icon Pro Member In Right Sidebar.
  • Improve trending style info (if no any trending, bar trending not display)
  • replece some awesome button with material icon.
  • See Video Tutorial Update to Versi 1.1.7
  • Note: (All photos background images posts in folder “background” also in demo site under CC0 License source:, costumer can change it in admin panel with easy, using just for demo).
Version 1.1.6 (14 June 2018) Version 1.1.5 (13 June 2018)
  • Added Reaction for Post (user can haha, love, sad, angry, applause, wow).
  • Stabilisation buttons like-wonder.
  • Fixed Problem Register (start-up) Pages.
  • Fixed Problem box chat.
  • Stabilization style timeline feed for wowonder apps
  • Improv style mobile version (like button, wonder, comment, share button).
  • Stabilization some class css.
  • See Video Tutorial Update to Versi 1.1.5
Version 1.1.4 (28 May 2018). Version 1.1.3 (23 May 2018). Version 1.1.2 (18 May 2018).
  • Add Related Articles (Display related article if same tag. Display in read articles page)
  • Add animation fadin after load, for thumbnail read blog.
  • Add fade in after load to all pages.
  • Add popover related articles if same tags (pure css).
  • Add redirect url to change user avatar in mobile version
  • Add footer to about-us page
  • Stabilization guest right sidebar, Graph, Developer, Apps Key pages..
  • See Video Tutorial Update to Versi 1.1.2
Version 1.1.1 (8 May 2018).
  • Add 3 Welcome Pages (now pretty theme have 5 welcome pages)
  • Stabilize css movie pages.
  • Stabilize css story-post for market.
  • Added Message Button to Friend Birthdays
  • See Video Tutorial Update to Versi 1.1.1
Version 1.1 (2 May 2018)
  • Add new style for group—> add your friend to group).See Style
  • Add hide show footer in welcome page for fixed mobile version problem css (hide show footer when user click input password/username:only mobile version).
  • Fixed problem css style button like/dislike-wonder in lightbox.
  • Fixed problem autoload posts timeline/group/pages.
  • Add prretty button in group and page for load more posts.
  • Add My Profile in Dropdown Header Navigasion.
  • See Video Tutorial Update to Versi 1.1
Version 1.0 (30 April 2018).
  • Release