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your plugin is great. Unfortunatly, I’m using Avada for my Wordpress theme and I have somme problems. There’s two bugs, only when your plugin is on. If you go to this page : http://www.zamaleo.com/wp/portfolio/ . And use one of the filters (“All”, “3D”, “Graphisme”....), the plugin open a new page instead of staying on my portfolio page ! ( http://www.zamaleo.com/wp/portfolio/undefined ). When the plugin is off, there’s no problem, the filter just changes the thumbnails order and do not open any new page…

The other point is when you click on one of the images, your plugin make a simple opening of the image and do not use the classic Avada interface iLightBox.

Do you know how resolve those bugs ? Thank’s a lot.



thanks for the good words first of all!

I faced similar issue, when I was testing Bootstrap elements before releasing PrettyLoader. There is a JS filter triggered on click event, which seems to ignore the portfolio filters you are using. I will need to dig the code a little and will let you know of the results so you can test it out on your website. Can you please provide me your email address or type me a short message at support@webembassy.de? Thanks

Yes, sure. Thank’s a lot. Here’s my email contact : laurent@zamaleo.com

Please check your email, I worked on a solution for your case ;)

Hi! We need a plugin like this to fade in a full screen that has our logo and then fade out to reveal the homepage.

1) Is fade in and fade out both supported ?

2) can the background color be a custom image or gradient colors?

3) can we set the timing for how long the logo is shown before fading away?

4) we’re using Avada for the theme – will this be a problem?



fyxi Purchased


I have purchased and installed the plugin but am having an issue with alignment on the background image. Would it be possible to set the background image so that it’s not full screen or, even better, so that it is responsive to resize according to the screen size? I presume this will need to be done with CSS but I can’t find the code in the main.css file that effects background image size.


first of all thanks for the purchase! Could you link me your website please, so I can take a look? Send it please to support@webembassy.de


Hello, Uploading and installing fails. I downloaded the purchased plugin. I first unzipped the archive. It contained prettyloader_plugin.zip. This I tried to install with the regular upload and install routine to my wordpress 4.5. Every time I tried, I got the message that it failed. Is there anything wrong doing it this way? Is it not compatible to WP 4.5?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

regards Peter

First of all thanks for the purchase. It does support WP 4.5. I will take a look at your case and contact you back per email. Cheers

Hi there, the plugin does not seem to be working on my site, could you lend a hand? Thank you! http://share.dilyar.ca/2J3g383B2M3M

Hey there,

it looks like the get request is failing to load the dynamic CSS file for PrettyLoader. Make sure you have the order & file permissions set up properly for wp-content/plugins/prettyloader folder and contents. Looks like it is failing to read the file. A link to your site could help in finding the issue, although it looks like it seems to be it. If you wish privacy, please contact me at support@webembassy.de Hope this helps!

I have emailed you, thanks!

Hi I’ve uploaded custom logo to pulse, but sometimes the default loads instead, when I look at the code, the code looks like its set up for custom logo. Also is there a way to force load on certain browsers, loader is not showing up in firefox. Thanks you

Hey, first of all thanks for the purchase. I’ll reply on your email.

Hello I’ve just purchased this and wrote you an email. It breaks the javascript on my page. I would also like to add on single page only, and on my site it loads at the very last second before the page is nearly done loading.

Hi. Pre-sales question here. I see that plugin can use custom images as preloader images but is there any size limitation since these images are supposed to load prior to site content. What would be the ideal size of preloader images? Thanks


I know it’s a long time ago since I contact you for the problems between the plugin and Avada. I don’t know if you have found the solution ? Thank you ! Laurent

Hey, could you remind me what the issue was, please? support@webembassy.de


your plugin “pretty loader” doesn’t work on my Wordpress website. I don’t see the preloader.

Even, with all other plugins desactivated, it’s the same.

I use Wordpress4.6 with Divi-theme-2.7.10

What can I do ?

thanks, Daniel


Is it possible to add custom text under loader image? Thnx in advance! toma

Hi there I’m using WP Job Manager with Listify theme. When using your plugin the ajax powered upload image field on the “Job Submit” form of the Job Manager plugin is throwing this error….

SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 399

Any thoughts? thanks.

Hello, could you please give me a link to your website, so I may take a look? support@webembassy.de

Hello, I’ve purchased and installed the plugin. In ‘tools’ tab i can see ‘redux framework’ but nothing else. There is no ‘prettyloader’ tab, so im unable to customise anything. But loader works on site with default settings. Im using DIVI theme 2.7.8 Please help :)

Never mind… It’s under ‘appearance’ tab :p Great plugin which exactly maches my requirements ;)

Alright, thanks! :)

Nice work web-embassy. 5 stars…

Hello, PrettyLoader is conflicting with woocommerce checkout. When it is trying to load the payment options during checkout with AJAX the payment section is stuck with the woocommerce loading spinner. When I disable PrettyLoader, the payments work. I have disabled PrettyLoader on the checkout page, but I think that it is maybe seeing the payment section as a brand new page so it’s trying to load the preloader. Website is https://www.sollohubmusic.com

Please respond to my previous inquiry, my website cannot take payments right now because of your plugin

Hello hhuffake, looks like PrettyLoader is currently disabled on your website. If you don’t want to have the possible downtime, you can provide me temporary credentials for the admin, so I can quickly give it a check asap. support@webembassy.de

Hi, how do we make it only enabled on our home page?

This plugin doesn’t work? In the inspect element I get error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < with script /_auto.js?_req=Lw%3D%3D&ver=4.7.2&x35247


I have a problem with your plugin. When the plugin is active, the loader is blocked on my loading page. We can see the loader background image and i never access to my website.

How can i unlock the loader to access to my website please ?

Thank you in advance for your time.


Hello Olivier, could you please provide a link to your website? support@webembassy.de I’ll be glad to help you out


I’ve been having issues with my custom logo appearing twice when viewing on Chrome. I’ve tried clearing the browser cache already but the problem persists. You can see the problem here: https://imgur.com/a/imRkv

The issue is solely on Chrome.


Hey, could you please provide me the required credentials or turn the plugin on so I may test it? This issue appears to happen for the first time, so it does require some debugging. You might contact me via support@webembassy.de